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Full Moon Aquarius, Lunar Eclipse

Open your crown chakra and let this Aquarian moon connect you to your bigger picture. Let this eclipse wash over every memory in every cell in your body, let dis-ease be dispelled and let yourself be cleared so that you can give your body over to your higher self.

This is the time to begin our brand new lunar cycle. Our sense of self right now hinges largely on our yearning to expand our horizons, as well as our overwhelming passion and desire to succeed. So let’s actually do this.

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This moon is a particularly intense one.  The full moon in Capricorn is going affect our value system as well as material systems that we engage and are entwined with. It has the potential to infiltrate everything, for better or for worse. With Pluto coming into play as well as a lot of opposition with Cancer, things are going to get ugly- brace yourself!

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Chiron Retrograde, July 1st - Dec 5th

Our deepest and oldest wounds are resurfacing with this retrograde, that will last until the beginning of December. This forecast is a special edition focusing on Chiron, most commonly known as the wounded healer. There is much to explore and understand about this force and this report helps you identify where it falls in your chart and what is going to be brought up.