Full Moon in Aries

Collage by Lexi Laphor using runway image by Natalie Black 

Collage by Lexi Laphor using runway image by Natalie Black 

October 5th marks the full moon in Aries. 

The last full moon we had was in Pisces, where chaotic tides of change and introspection rippled through our lives and the new moon in Virgo gave us a chance to reorganize and re orient ourselves. 

2017 has shown us that there is no safety in sitting back and that passivity and tapping out leaves us just as vulnerable to the world as everyone else right now. 

This year has been exhausting and confronting for many. At some point or another your have probably said fuck it, and chosen to neglect your personal and spiritual work and growth, instead sitting back and letting your life and futures unfold on their own.  At other times you may have been hyper vigilant and focused working and planning, creating opportunities. It is challenging right now to understand what we are meant to do, where we are supposed to be pushing harder and where we are meant to be relinquishing control. We are all struggling on some level with destiny - what is meant to be, andfree will - what can we create and make happen. 

The full moon in Aries is here and it is all about personal power. 

Full moon in Aries reminds us that there is never a perfect time for action. There is always fear, doubt and indecision that threatens the most capable and successful of us. The full moon in Aries pushes us though our panic and our anxieties towards acting from a place of passion harnessing and personal power. Aries wants us to believe in our self and belive in the things that we do. It wants us to bring out more of our inner child, where we do things that bring us joy and that we believe in without becoming so bogged down in the fears and worries of our adult lives. 

Aries full moon wants us to feel more of the power that we possess and it wants us to use it! Aries full moon begs us to bring our heart, our fire and our passion into play. Its influence will push us togo out to that party, apply for the seemingly impossible,  to show up to that protest or stand up for what you believe is right.  Action under Aries full moon will help our hearts feel pumping and bring more expansion to our minds and bodies in terms of what could be possible. 

Aries influence will have us feeling very open and with our inner child coming out we may seek comfort, guidance and nurturance in whomever seems to offer it. We should be careful at this time not to give away our personal power as soon as it is felt. 

Venus conjunct Mars and square Saturn will have us craving intimate relationships. We may reach out to family, exes, or old and distant friends attempting to repair or recreate the kind of relationships me yearn from with people or figures that are familiar to us. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but we may feel disappointed despite our sincerest efforts. Patience within relationships is what will help us avoid drama these next two weeks. Mercury inOpposition to the moon, as well as Pluto square both the moon and sun means that this full moon is going to feel intensely.  Pluto brings to the surface all that which we have been and would rather deny. Pluto rules the underworld - the subconscious. It will bring to light ugly truths and the buried and repressed. Being reactive or rebelling against loved ones right now will ultimately have us feeling and looking childish. The next two weeks is an opportunity for connection, love and passion, but speaking and acting responsibly with loved ones and in your relationships right now is key. Tantrums will not yield results and playing the victim will get you no where.

Be careful to harness your personal power at this time for creation and growth rather than for destruction. 







This Aries this full moon is great for you! It brightens your seventh house of partnerships so you will see the next steps for you are building collaborations and relationships. This full moon urges you that although you have come so far on your own, the way to get to where you want to be is with the help of and connection to others. It’s a time to start thinking about what you want to build and who can help you. You have so many skills and a lot of charismabut you really yearn for bigger things than the individual can accomplish alone. This month your energy is best spent networking, building friendships and starting group projects. October 10th is a time to be weary of as the Sun squares Pluto and effects your tenth houseof career. Pluto will have you wanting to rebel especially in relation to authority figures, but try not to act reactively around this time as it will pass if you let it. 



Taurus! Today the 5th of October is not just the full moon in Aries, but also a point where your twelfth house is being lit. This means it is your time to focus on rest and healing and this will involve a focus on letting go. There is at least one thing it is time to let go of if not more. Usually your sense of determination is a source of great pride, but sometimes your pride and your determination means that you fail to see where malleability and flexibility on your part is needed as well as when it’s well and truly time to call it quits. If a project you have invested in is not working out, it may be time to leave. The same could go for a relationship. Right now your energy is your most valuable thing and you need to think about where it is smart to place your resources. If something isn’t working out you need to make the changes necessary. There is at least one major part of your life where hard work, determination and force of habit are wasting your energy. You value stability but your fear of making big changes in your life due to the risk of creating some short term instability is holding you back and keeping you in a situation that is going to continue to deteriorate and drain you. The Sun square Pluto is going to bring up some pretty negative and volatile feelings so feelings of instability are right around the corner. Pluto could have you wanting to lash out and act destructively so try and only put an end to the things that are needed and not all of your investments or relationships! Be aware that Pluto will also probably have you wanting to play the victim, but this is only going to cause more pain and take your energy. This month is all about establishing healthy more sustainable patterns for your body and your mind. You deserve to invest in yourself. 



Gemini! Things have been going well on your own especially with the help of Virgo, and now with Libra. You have made some great realizations and progress and now the focus shifts a little more towards community and collaboration. You yearn to create but you want to make something that is used and useful and this Aries full moon really highlights that. Something with a community focus will be the most beneficial for you at this time in terms of work and projects. You may have to use your sense of innovation to help you find new people to team up with as you may have outgrown your former peers and resources. Remember that not everyone shares your visions and goals and that is ok, you just need to find like minded people. Work on putting into writing what your goals and ethics are in terms of collaboration, your process and what you want to achieve. Better articulating and defining your business proposal/mission/values are going to help you better identify those who share in that. Writing down your qualities as well as the qualities you lack and are in need of will also help you find the missing pieces. Starting off on your own while you search for people who can share in your goals is going to help you get a better sense of who you are and what you want and need. Do not be afraid to start from scratch you are resourceful and flexible.  The Sun square Pluto stirs up the repressed and the ugly for everyone. Be careful not to follow paranoid or destructive thoughts and impulses at this time as it will only derail you. Jupiter is moving from Libra to Scorpio this month, so you can be sure your sense of curiosity and exploration will build with this shift. 



Aries full moon is a great time for you in terms of feeling passionately and investing in your home life. You will find yourself enjoying domesticity and solitude more than usual right now and ready to make major changes that enhance your long term comfort. You are encouraged right now to think more about what you envision for your home life in you future, what would you really love. Whether it’s a dog, a big bathtub, a partner or children, dream big and be honest. No matter if you are in spring or autumn, now is a good time to really vision what you want and plant the seeds. October 10th brings a square between the Sun and Pluto which will bring up unexpected and unconscious resentments. This square could get ugly. If you don’t take time to process before reacting you might find you fall into unproductive behaviour of refusing to listen, playing the victim and being mega defensive. This Pluto square tends to have this effect on everyone but Cancer more so so keep this in mind in your interactions this week! Jupiter will be moving from Libra to Scorpio which will leave you with less chill but way more thrill. Buckle up for the rollercoaster ride! 



Leo! Today the full moon in Aries sparks your third house of communication. This means it's a great time to pitch ideas and projects either verbally, through social media or in written form. Your curiosity and yearning for connection and community is sparked as you are feeling more motivated and capable than in a long while. Similar to last months horoscope, teaching and learning is highly important to you right now. Taking classes to build skills is encouraged and so is taking on some formal role in teaching. It's time to expand your horizons and sense of what is possible by taking on another job or hobby. You are always everyone elses biggest support when it comes to encouraging the people in your life to take on new things, now it's time for you to be your own biggest support. Focus on you and your expansion this month, and be prepared for some potential conflict on the 10th. The Sun will square Pluto and bring up repressed and ugly feelings creating unavoidable clashes, tension and conflict. Try to resist lashing out or putting importance on who is right or wrong. Simply release your feelings as responsibly as you can and move on. Conflict is a healthy part of life and relationships, trust that your relationships are strong enough to endure some bumps. 



Today October 5th, is a great day for you virgo as Venus and Mars meet to make you extra assertive and magnetic. You will be more seductive than usual but be careful as this full moon lights your eighth house which is an intense one. It will hit on your sense of security vs sense of freedom, which will bring into play your finances and home as well as your intimate relationships. It will ask you what you want and need to feel supported, and also what you need to feel free. Jupiter will be moving from its yearly station in Libra to Scorpio. This will effect you in a truly wonderful way. It’s going to spark your curious nature and will have you putting yourself out there in relationships, trying new things and picking up more writing, publishing and/or diy projects that peak your intellectual interest as well as your creative urges. Be excited for what is ahead for you Virgo! This month really kicks off a new cycle for you. 



This Aries full moon gives you fire to fan. Your energy and skills will find focus and be backed with a renewed sense of passion, motivation and vigor.  You have spent a lot of time contemplating and sitting with yourself and Jupiter will soon finish its almost year long stay in your sign Libra. This does not mean your blessings and opportunity end. As Jupiter shifts into Scorpio, you will find your intimate relationships as well as your finances start to bloom. It's time to articulate your values and your sense of self and really start acting from that place. It's a great time to remerge and to show the world the transitions and changes you have undergone. Acknowledging you are different now than before, and honouring and celebrating your growth is great for you in this process. It could also be time to let go of people or practices in you life that have served you in the past, but have no place in your future. Letting go of things that may make you feel safe because they are familiar, but are also holding you back. Starting something new, or moving somewhere new is going to help you remind yourself that you are capable as well that you are worthy of giving your dreams and goals your full support and energy, just as you do with others. 



Scorpio, your journey this next month is similar to that of Taurus. You have been holding onto something and now it's the time to let go. Today October 5th the full moon in Aries, illuminates your health and well being. Your focus the next two weeks will be your mental and physical health. You may need to make changes at home to facilitate better systems and support for your own wellbeing. With Jupiter moving from Libra into your sign on October 10th, it's marks a year dedicated to your growth and expansion. Take this next week or so to make the difficult changes so that you can start focusing on your passions and your creative self over the next 13 months. Let go of the cycles that have preceded over the last 12 years as the changes you make and the things you shift your focus on as Jupiter enters Scorpio, are going to determine the next 12 year cycle of your life. This is an epic and rather seamless transitional stage for you if you allow yourself to let go and flow. 



Sagittarius, these next 13 months are going to be an intense spiritual hibernation and growth point. In 2018 Jupiter will move back into Sagittarius for a year and you will start a new 12 year cycle. This means that these next 13 months as Jupiter is in Scorpio, you will be visiting your subconscious, and processing the cycle from 2006 up until now. You will be letting go of a lot, and getting ready to birth new things that serve your spiritual self. The next 13 months you will have important dreams, and will be drawn to holistic practices. Healing and nurturing will be your focus right now and you have probably felt more introspective than usual. Keeping a journal of your thoughts, dreams and experiences is a great practice to get into now and for the next 13 months. Do not be afraid of new things and identity shifts. Everyone will be called upon to let go this month and this will be easier for some than others. Aries full moon sparks your sense of exploration both physically as you may travel, as well as spiritually, intellectually, psychologically and psychically. Do not be afraid to shed your old self as you allow yourself to cocoon now through next year. As cliche as it sounds growth awaits you and your butterfly self is more beautiful and joy filled than you can imagine. 



Capricorn! You have been more adventourous, open and chill than in such a long time! You have done a lot of hard work to put your personal growth ahead of all of lifes responsibilities and you are finding that you enjoy yourself more when you let go of your rigid and linear sense of how things should be. Libra has aided this as it has been in Jupiter the past year- the planet of gorwth and expansion. Soon Jupiter shifts into Scorpio. Scoprio can be very extreme and when out of balance, vengeful, destructive and stuck in the role of victim. October 10th you will start to feel this as the Sun squares Pluto. The repressed and unconcious will come to the surface and stress and throw everyone out of harmony. It is an important opportunity not to fall back into old reactive patterns. Try to identify feelings of anxiety and fear before you lash out at loved ones, and ensure that you do not let your sense of authority or accomplishment diminish your compassion and ability to show respect for those around you no matter how different. If you are not in counselling around the 10th could be a good time to honestly access if this could be a helpful support for you as you tap into the past and things left unresolved. The past year your relationship with a male figure that is significant in your life has evolved, but you may need help with where this relationship is headed for the future. You will also reconnect with a significant female figure in your life, and you may also find useful the help of counselling in terms of navigating this relationship. Emotional and psychological challenges arise this next month as of the 10th of October so preparing support for your self is a really great strategy. If you are already in counselling perhaps reconnecting with friends who have given you great advice and been avid listeners is advised. Judgement will be a big theme that arises for you this month. You may fear the judgement of others or find yourself feeling highly judgmental. Counselling, support networks, mediation and movement/exercise are going to help you as the planets shift and dredge up past memories and behaviour. 



Aquarius! This month you are being called use your leadership qualities as you become more authoritative in the action and direction in your life.  Innovation as always come naturally to you and right now you are being asked to innovate so that you become more adept at freelancing and multitasking taking on many different jobs and roles in your life. It's time to hustle and Aries full moon is lighting a fire under your ass. Your sense of self belief will deepen as Jupiter shifts into Scorpio mid month. You will find you passion and desires demand your focus and force as you create more ways to express and apply your creative self. Your sense of security and stability has been in the forefront of your anxieties as your finances has been the most obvious manifestation of this. There is more to this than your finances however as your whole pace and way of being is being called to adapt and evolve. Bold decision and putting yourself out there more will aid you in networking and creating solutions and avenues to explore. Sitting in your comfort zone and doing the same old will not help you achieve a sense of security or peace at this time and will only infringe on your sense of freedom.  As Scorpio and Sagittarius season are on the horizon, there is no need to doubt your self. You will be feeling extra charismatic and bold and you will be supported by the planets as you make changes and shift the gears in your life. 



Pisces! Even though the Sun is about to square with Pluto and Jupiter is about to shift from Libra to Scorpio, you are emerging from a dark place to a more light filled one. As most other signs are faced with the opposite journey, you are coming out of the underworld- the subconscious with a renewed sense of depth and vigor. You will be called to travel, probably solo, and will have a lot of new things to explore and learn. Your sense of curiosity and wonder is reignited with Aries full moon as your inner child pushes you to view the world with a different perspective.  Scorpio will boost your personal charm and make you extra alluring and magnetic and you will enjoy a sense of being more seduced by life!  The only things that could get in your way are competitiveness and jealousy. For so long these feelings have come up and you have self sabotaged. Now is the time to try new ways to tackle these patterns of behavior as they will cause more problems than usual if you attempt to ignore them. They beg you to take your adaptability and passion to tackle new and challenging things and apply these capabilities to the ways that competitiveness and jealousy shape your behaviour and your life. 

Lexi laphor