Femme as Fuck's Valentine's Day February Forecast

What brings you joy? February Forecast as seen on Love You To Death Magazine

This is the question the planets are giving you the time to contemplate. It's Valentines Day, maybe you have been thinking of what to give a loved one, or what they might get you. Asking what are you worth to someone and expecting a material measure of your relationships or love. You might be sorely disappointed, lonely or resentful when this occasion like so many others, can fail to reflect what you desire or feel you deserve. It's the perfect day to start thinking about what it is that makes you happy, blissful, excited and passionate. What it is you are working towards and why. And how to bring more joy to your life NOW and more each and every day. Love is another word for bliss, joy, passion and it doesn't have to be delegated to only one single stress filled, and price inflated day each year! Spooning with giant teddy bears, gorging on chocolates, taking hot selfies in pink, finally enacting that role play scene you dreamed up, or having your bedroom smelling of fresh flowers can be a good place to start.

February is a major and jam packed month for the year 2017. In the Chinese zodiac the new year has brought about the fire rooster. This means we have a lot of motivation and passion that we can use to fire our career or personal growth goals. On February 10th we had more fire with 2017's first eclipse - a lunar eclipse - in Leo. This eclipse was lunar and revealed our shadow selves with undesired flashes of ego, jealousy and competitiveness. Maybe it was a fight you had with a friend, lover or family member out of no where. Rather than dismissing the undesired and the repressed, the planets have given us a warning and an opportunity: Illumination is power. We are not weaker for possessing these feelings but we are more empowered when we see and feel our selves more wholly.  So the planet's want us to work towards a more empowered whole and expansive self this year through realizing more joy. How do we want to change to find a joy and happiness within our selves and our lives, how can we bring that about now? Self centered leo is asking us not to be selfish, rather to look at our lives and centre our selves. How do we express ourselves and how does that affect our surrounding community? What is it we allow to surround us and what do we need to call in to find more joy?

Lexi Laphor photographed by Morgan T Stuart

We have almost four months to consider and work towards our expansion with Jupiter just beginning it's retrograde. This retrograde is going to slow everything down in an attempt to help us take more time for our happiness. Choose to fight this and you can expect a very arduous, torturous period of conflict! Rather than resisting our self, we can resist what society is telling us we are and what it thinks we deserve. With the sun in Aquarius and the Jupiter retrograde, we have more time to allocate towards dreaming, planning and visioning our happiness and our individual and our collective destiny. We are in charge of our future and we have the potential to start creating it now!



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