Femme as Fuck's Equinox Forecast

March's Forecast as seen in Love you to Death

A highly charged month of eclipses has culminated with a full moon in Virgo. Full moon's are always a time for change and expression with subconscious and emotional illumination.

This time can feel impulsive or surprising for some, while it can feel long awaited and reliving for others. Virgo is a sign purification, devotion, of integrity and integration. Often this is misinterpreted as chastity or prudence, rather this Virgo full moon urges you to get out there to squelch your feet and get your hands dirty in the (maybe) metaphorical mud. The equinox, the zodiac new year and for the northern hemisphere, spring is just around the corner. The full moon has you watering all the crops you have sewn. Virgo full moon wants you to prosper in the next coming months. It wants all of you to flourish and blossom. It does not want you to work in devotion or servitude without purpose and intention and it urges that you practice belonging to, and serving yourself.  Right now the universal forces wants you to appreciate and tend to each part of yourself, so you can see and feel yourself more wholly now and for the next months.. Virgo wants you to enjoy the essence of who you are and it wants who you are to be reflected and integrated into every aspect of your life. For your truest and purest self to become more present in every part of your life. This may sound like a lot, but with Virgo energy, simplification is the key. During and for the week after, this full moon will force your subconscious, emotional and spiritual parts into focus, perhaps in the form of small conflicts, but however manifested, it is with the aim of helping you re balance. Most major work and change has already taken place throughout february and early March. All you need do now, is simply have clear and honest intentions and to notice and be present in the change as it ripples through your professional, physical, sexual, spiritual and emotional sectors.

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Aries! Last month was pretty chill and this month can be too if you can remember to be patient. Patient with yourself, patient with the pacing of your life this month - so that what you have in store can unfold, and patient with those around you. The next two weeks you must be very careful what you say. Resist the urge to act out and create conflict and drama out of restlessness. This is the time of movement and transformation internally. You are redefining your relationship to yourself with all of this Virgo energy. Additionally Mars has moved to Taurus so you have a lot of grounding energy. Try to be grateful for this rather than thinking that you are stuck. You are practicing how to be more practical with money right now through Taurus’ influence, and you are building stable foundations that will help you have a lot of fun and success in the next coming months! Venus has just gone retrograde and this can increase your feelings of impatience and restlessness. Saturn is also trying to help but it's heavy feeling force of imposed parental teaching will make you feel more and more like acting out. Instead of being baited into this behaviour, try to trust your intuition and instinct which are very strong right now. Pour any petty grievances and feelings of restlessness and frustration into physical activity such as sex or a new sport/hobby and it is also a really good time to start or recommit to therapy. The new moon at the end of the month will help you feel refreshed and reinvigorated so you can feel peace and commitment now, and renewal and the fire blazing burn later!!!

Pulled card: The Opossum

Helpful energy for you to call upon and harness these next few weeks is that of the opossum. The opossum plays dead in times of conflict and combat, and in this way it raises its defense and asserts its boundaries with ease. Through strategy and refusing to engage or react to any antagonizers,  you will avoid any conflicts and drama and come out on top with your peace in tact!

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Taurus! I'm sorry to say that this month will continue to feel very flat with that nagling low key and constant frustration. There will be no major crises, but there will continue to be small roadblocks with work and projects and things will feel arduously slow moving. Working alone when possible is key right now, as co workers will drain you and slow you further. Do not let this get you down. This slowing unproductive energy is affecting everyone, not just you. The new moon at the end of March will be a great week to finalise small details and to capitalise on astrological momentum. Seize the couple of days before and the few days after the 27th of March. Until then try and put some of your (limited) time and energy into socialising. I know you probably want to resist doing this Taurus as it goes against your hard work ethic and nature, but it will give you some inspiration and help you feel more your integrated magical, funny, loved self - which you can then feed back into your work. Go out, flirt, social butterfly it up - BUT- don't let your guard down romantically! There are a lot of metaphorical fuckboys lurking out there right now that will be very attracted to you. Do not let them suck you in, but also do not let them put you off socialising either! You are collecting a lot of experience, information and secrets right now and this will continue through to April, helping you to be super productive professionally and creatively in the future!

Pulled card: Dolphin

Do not forget to breath! Really. Harness the spirit of dolphin each time you feel spun out, overwhelmed, run down, or annoyed. Deep, intentional breaths are super simple and super effective in filling your body with ease, strength and reconnecting you to and within yourself. Release and renewal through breath is your gift and key to yourself this month.



Gemini! The full moon in Virgo really has shifted your mind to notions of familial home. Perhaps you simply feel homesick or maybe a bit out of touch. You will be (if you haven't already) reaching out to mother figures and feminine figures, both in your blood and in your chosen family. Looking to the past and craving reconnection will be rather comforting for you right now. I know you have been craving comfort and love in a romantic sense, but this is not going to happen right now Gemini. It's okay to be disappointed but try not to blame or be resentful. You are not owed anything and when the time is right you will have all the love and romance you so desire! Venus is in retrograde and so now is not a good time for new love or sexual relationships. They will feel cold and lacking and the other person will have feelings of being undervalued/unappreciated. This will put people you are entering new relationships off. They will think you do not really care or value them and you may even also feel that way about them! Try not to analyze the details too much, as Virgo as well as your ruling planet of Mercury may have you do! Do not take alarm or offence as after Venus goes direct, this will change! Right now you have so many professional opportunities coming your way. So, focus on your work! Focus on finishing projects or strategizing to market yourself/practice/project/work right now so that you are ready to bask in the warm glow of your achievements.

Pulled card: Squirrel

If you are feeling scarcity in areas of your life right now, be careful not to hold on too close to the feeling. Hoarding resources or clinging to people or feelings will not serve to comfort nor help you. In this scarcity mentality is the potential to become tied to something from a place of fear and a self imposed idea of necessity. The season, as with everything, changes and you do not want to project these feelings of scarcity into your life and self actualise this further. If you are feeling worried, overwhelmed or confused at all, break things down into tiny parts. It is okay to collect acorns in preparation, but do not do this from a place of fear and do not forget to share!



This month can be really enjoyable for you Cancer! It's not the time for any big decisions, especially to do with your home or your appearance! This is because Venus rules your 4th house of home and Venus is retrograding! Like all most all of the other signs you are urged not to start any new romances right now. Venus a planet of love, romance and values , so retrograding means you will feel a real lack of these things from people your are trying to sexually, romantically or maybe even platonically, connect with right now. Rather than take this personally or project and re enact this with others, try and let it go, for it will pass when Venus goes direct. To feel that  warmth from others, as well as feelings of mutual value, loyalty and affection, now is a great time for parties and socialising in groups. Going to karaoke, the spa, camping or a mini vacation is ideal the next few weeks! You can have a lot of fun and you Cancer deserve all the fun and vacations in the world! Be present and enjoy this month.

Pulled Card: Crow

Crow is an omen of change. Crow time travels, it is integrated with its shadow self, and it is not afraid of the unseen or the void. Allow your personal integrity to be your guide this month and channel the power of crow. Allow yourself to shape shift into your future self, and also set yourself the space and the time to do so.



Leo! This month is a great preparatory month for the months to come. Mars enters your 10th house of boldness. This house often associated with fame means that you can channel all this boldness, courage and charisma into your creative self and into your career. With all the energy you have received from the full moon in Virgo, you are able to use it to deal with the details of finances, agreements, setting up interviews/ meetings and generally tending to admin and networking that will creating more optimum opportunities to follow! This may sound boring but it's like people are wanting to buy you stuff off of your amazon wish list and you haven't put in a shipping address! Like most of the signs are experiencing. Right now is not a great time for new relationships. You may feel undervalued or like the person you are trying to connect with is very cold. These feelings may also arise in pre existing relationships. Try not to delve too far into these feelings, because with Venus retrograding right now this is just how it is! It will pass before too long and is not a reflection of you, the other person, or the potential of the connection you could share in the future.

Pulled Card: Rabbit

Rabbit is the cautionary tale of fear. What you resist within will persist and what you fear most you will become. This does not have to be so if you can practice being more appreciative of the people around you and more honest with your own fears. Overcome with panic, and projecting fears onto loved ones you are close to is only pushing them further and further away slowly over time. In acknowledging your fears, you will not become distracted or overcome by them and they will cease to cause interference with your work or relationships.



The last eclipses helped you finalise a lot Virgo, whether you realise it or not. This full moon in your sign should help to highlight the work you have done the past year in building strong relationships and letting weak ones go. This full moon will recharge and remind you of all that you are and all that you desire to feel fulfillment and personal pride and satisfaction. If you have been neglecting your creativity you will be pulled to projects, if you are neglecting your physical self you will be pulled to exercise, movement and/or sex. If you have been over exerting yourself you will be forced to rest! Simple things like recommitting to therapy, writing, meditation and healthy eating will go a long way right now. If you seek more intensity in your life call on your spirit guides, trying a guided meditation or carrying crystals (labradorite, lapis lazuli or spirit quartz) is going to help you re access/open your psychic potential. In your professional world, you are being asked to collaborate. Preferring to do things alone, you may attempt to resist this however it's going to be a great time of skill sharing/building as well as learning and achieving if you chose to collaborate.

Pulled card: Beaver

Beaver is all about channeling your inner builder. Beaver energy focuses on community building, interdependence as balance as opposed to independence (virgo’s favourite feeling), or co dependence. Choosing to move forward with a greater focus on interdependence allows your to reach your goals and to build something more epic and truly rewarding than you could have done alone. Within beavers life, beaver is always safe. They have strong teeth for creating, and a strong tail for defence. They always build many exits within their homes which they can use when they need. You are safe. You are capable. Don’t forget trusting and investing in community and interdependent relationships can be truly rewarding, now is the time!



Libra! Now is a great time for you! Creatively and professionally there are lots of options and opportunities that are floating toward you. You will be in demand and are encouraged to put yourself out there as much as possible. Right now is also a great time to break habits and let go of any negative patterns that have been distracting you or holding you back. Seeking help or counsel/starting or re committing to therapy will go a long way! A family or housing issue may arise but do not let it derail you. In fact throwing yourself into creative work right now is also the perfect solution through any conflict in the next few weeks. Now is a slow time as Venus your ruler is in retrograde. Now is not a time to channel your creativity into nor search for validation or affection through sex and through romance. Like most signs you may find people to be colder and more uncaring sexually and romantically because of the retrograde. Try not to dwell or take this to heart. You have done a lot of self reflection and your intuition is very strong right now. It will guide and support you but don't forget to reach out to friends or a counselor too and prioritise building your work and creative self.  

Pulled Card: Raven

Raven is the messenger, carrying the magic in the air. Raven is an omen of the void, the unknown, and all that is to be gained by courageously diving into the unknown, and into your own unknown depths. It’s time to tap into the unknown or perhaps forgotten abilities. It’s time to dream up that which you have not yet seen, to face the potential of your future with eyes alight.



Scorpio! Unlike all of the other signs now is a really great time for you to meet a romantic partner! There's only one problem. With Venus in retrograde, the ways we feel valued and the ways in which we express love and appreciation are impacted! So while you potentially have your head in the clouds feeling all of the magic and romance, the other person could be having a very different experience. Mars is in Taurus so it is a great time for partnership, but because of Venus retrograde even if you don't want or feel you need to, you should go slower with any sexual or romantic relationship until Venus goes direct! Mars in Taurus also encourages you to (if you haven't already) make creative or professional partnerships. Money may be difficult right now because of Saturn, but Saturn is teaching you to really appreciate the value of money and hard work. Later things will flow more freely and you will be more appreciative for it!

Pulled Card: Mountain Lion

The mountain lion is a card of power, strength and leadership. Mountain lion’s power does not lie in simply its hunting abilities nor in it’s teeth or claws. It’s power is mother-like leadership. Leading by example within the pack and with intention. Power not for the sake of ego, but power with responsibility. Power through growth and the ability to respond to anything with grace. Not to waste, and to keep peace in your mind and heart.



Sagittarius, right now is a really beautiful time for you. You may have just realised with the Virgo full moon that you have transformed. You have evolved so much and you can see that really paying off right now in your sense of home and family. Perhaps a domestic partnership, family member, or physical home in general feels very rewarding and you are relieved to feel such a profound sense of home within your life. At the end of March around the new moon (March 27th) it is the perfect time to celebrate love. Take a loved one on a special date or make them something special and the gesture will be very meaningfully felt all year. There is a lot of change in your work with Venus in retrograde. It might be disruptive or strange right now but it will balance out if you let it and remain super present in your own sense of self and joy. The full moon in Virgo has provided you with a convenient time to do admin work, network or tie up any loose ends/ tend to small details, so if as a workaholic you must work, focus on that!

Pulled Card: Wolf

Wolf is the card of the teacher. You hold all of your own secrets, knowledge and wisdom. You have so much to share, and also so much to learn. If there are things that you have forgotten, simply ask. There are teachers and teachings everywhere. Your intuition is strong always, but especially heightened around the full moon and the new moon. Adventure can be found within your mind and you are tasked with accessing more of your dreamer like quality as well as your imagination to bring more magic to the mundane and the everyday. You are always on your path, whether you are howling alone at the moon or with your pack. You are always with the moon and it is always with you.



Venus in retrograde is difficult right now for others in terms of new relationships, but for you it will impact your career goals. Things are going to be a lot slower and onerous. However there is great transformative potential for you at this time with Pluto in your sign. If you can remain patient with work and be a little more flexible than usual- you will be able to reassess things the next few weeks as conditions change and through that patience, flexibility and continual reassessment you will be able to achieve your creative and professional goals! Saturn definitely wants you to achieve and learn and grow and is stationed to help not only achieve goals, but also realise the greater process of doing so. You may have some decisions or changes coming up near the full moon on March 27th with either your home life or possibly your parents home life. You will be supported by the new moon in Aries with lot's of energy and momentum to aid you in these changes. This month is a great time for you to start making new friendships and to generally push yourself to socialise a little more! You've done lot's of hard work and it's time to start enjoying who you are and what things you have to look forward to. 

Pulled Card: Reversed Badger

Reversed badger is asking you what it is that you fell helpless about? It warns you that there is need for reflection and getting in tough with your feelings of anger, jealousy and envy before you express them in unhealthy ways! Reversed badger can be hard to accept as it asks us to reflect on difficult feelings and acknowledge that we are their source. Putting badger back into balance is possible however with reflection and a healthy aggressive action! Chanelling more aggression into your creative practice or finding a creative outlet for these feelings is key. Inactivity will cause pain but putting together a plan of action to exercise and express these feelings will leave you feeling a lot lighter and happier. 



Right now things are really slowing down for most signs with Venus retrograde. Especially for you Aquarius this is not a good time for change to your home or appearance! Neptune urges your creativity and the virgo full moon fuels you with intention and motivation to learn or re start a practice in which you apply your creative talents by making more for this in your every day. You will be wanting to do things in groups, go to events or perhaps you are throwing events and collaborating. This is your nature but Saturn will make this financially challenging. So trying to apply a little more creativity and expression into each day rather than a big blow out will be more rewarding for you this month. Small things like camping or family vacations are the exception to this! 

Pulled card: Whale 

Whale is a card of ancient knowledge. It helps you access ancestral memory and urges you to find your voice so that you may feel connected, supported and in tune with the melody of the universe. Whale encourages sound healing to release tension and emotion. This may be through finding the courage to say something you need to assert, making experimental sounds and music, singing or compiling a playlist. Whale also encourages lucid dreaming so if you have questions you would like to explore listening to a youtube whale recording before sleep could help. Whale is asking you to commune with it any time you seek reconnect to your soul record/path. Through finding your personal sound you will be united in wholeness to you self and the universe. 

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Pisces! This month is brimming with opportunity for you! Neptune is calling out helping call attention to you and your talents and others will take notice. If you can build on this energy, then do! Send out your work to press contacts or simple send out your work through more self promotion, because people will want to praise, consume and congratulate all that you are and create right now. Express creatively and tangibly now more than ever. Financially the next few weeks are stable and all your relationships are successful. Saturn may bring about some minor conflicts but nothing that you haven't already faced, nothing that you can not resolve. Do not forget your innovative nature. Now is the time to push outwardly, now is the time to explore and create things that have an element for newness for you!

Pulled Card: Deer

Deer is the card of gentleness. This month should be breezy for you if you can apply the force of gentleness. Push yourself to accept and love your work and creations with less doubt or self criticism. Now is the time to be present in where your work and creative processes are at, giving all the gentle nurturing and comforting love and reassurances that you would give to others. Keep pushing yourself back into gentle compassion and you will expand with ease.

Lexi laphor