Venus Square Saturn - Hung Out To Dry


March 14th - May 14th forecast as seen in Love You To Death Mag

Spring or Autumn is upon us and the seasonal shift is palpable. Flowers are blooming or perhaps leaves are falling yet despite that which surrounds us, we are finding ourselves in unyielding states of stalemate. It could be a feeling of stagnation or stifling self suppression with seemingly no cause, or it could present as some sort of tense and stubborn standoff at work or within our more personal relationships.

I'm sorry to say the chances are that with Venus squaring Saturn, if you are not already experiencing this, then you are probably about to experience a disconnect and some sort of series of tension and/or conflict. But! We are all going through this right now, so if u r hardcore fml-ing, know at least that you have plenty of company as we all are expected to navigate this jam packed month of planetary action!

Image by  Kate Geck

Image by Kate Geck

We have just experienced Libra full moon. Some of you got to really enjoy it, whilst many of you struggled emotionally overwhelmed and blind sided. Venus is just finishing ir’s retrograde that felt arduous (and perhaps even at times agonizing) but we will still feel this for another two weeks as Venus takes time to ramp back up and reach us energetically. Just as we kind of got used to how that felt, Venus has become square with Saturn.

Venus and Saturn are two very different planets. Venus as we discovered mid February if you read the valentine's day forecast, has been asking us what we value, what makes us happy? What is it that we want to commit ourselves to and how can we find more beauty, joy and wholeness in our every day. Venus is all about values, beliefs, joy and self care. Right now it's retrograding in Pisces so Venus is extra dreamy trying to access divine love and spirit.

Saturn however is almost the opposite. Rather than dreaming and ideas of wholeness or divinity, Saturn tries to help us articulate our self within the framework of reality and the structure of society. Saturn encourages boundary making and practicality. Saturn would like to drive us into a more productive realm and confronts us with lessons we are to learn. The square just formed between Saturn and Venus is sure to mean we will feel the tension of these two planets in a standoff stalemate.

Venus Square Saturn

Conflicts and tension come about as this square highlights our differences with those around us. Saturn's influence can have us running to a state of separation as a survival reflex as we try to keep what we believe or value intact. But is that what we are really doing or are we overcome by an unbalanced and unchecked ego?

This square means we will be forced to question what it is that we are committed to and what it is that we are no longer committed to. Rather than arguing and clinging to who is right, or who is to blame, now is the time to push yourself to take the high road. Can you talk through or solve the issue? Likely not at this time. You are faced with the option to continue enduring un-resolving conflict, but you are also being asked if you have it in you to let go. To really be compassionate and kind to those around you at this time even though it is uncomfortable or angering.

Venus is conjunct Chiron. Venus conjunct Chiron in combination with Venus square 90 degrees Saturn means that we are being hung out to dry.

Chiron is the wounded healer. The martyr and if you are not careful you can take on some of this woe is me, always the victim mentality.

Wounds are surfacing right now. We are all likely quarreling in part due to feeling Chiron's effects that mean we are in an almost constant  raw, exposed and overwhelmed state. Yes we are all suffering in some way at this time. We have been given no option in that. But if we can acknowledge and accept our suffering just for right now, we do not have to project and create more suffering on those around us and for ourselves. Take the emergence of these wounds or old behaviours as an opportunity to heal, improve and grow- not as punishment or condemnation. These wounds/behaviours/situations may feel the same as they have in the past, but this time as you are experiencing them it is you who is different. You are growing and you are supported, even if it does not feel that way right now. Saturn is full of tough love and right now we are being hung out to dry, but we are being asked to learn, grow and evolve. If we can sit through what has and is surfacing we can give the wounds the air, the time and the awareness that they need to be healed.

Suggested Stones to carry, meditate or bath with:                               

Black obsidian, Amethyst, Smokey quartz.

Great for protecting yourself from projections and negativity that come from others as well as from and within ourselves at this time of mega planetary tension. 

Burn: Sage or Palo Santo. 

Overarching card of guidance: Ace of Cups

Good things are coming. It is in your best interest to remain focused on what you are grateful for and the things you want to call into your life. Reminding yourself that you are abundant will create more abundance for yourself in mid May. Let go and let these next two weeks be raw and uncomfortable but start manifesting what May could look like. What do you want to commit to? What do you want to call to you. What and who do you want to be? The Ace of Cups is saying there is so much that is going to come and fill your cup.

Good omens: Flowers, birds and birth are good omens for the last two weeks of the month of April. Keep your eyes open and appreciate the promise of future abundance, passion, freedom, joy and bloom.

The planets are asking us to band together and to recognize right now that we are more similar than we are different. So for this reason, and because there is so much going on that will affect us all very similarly, this forecast’s focus is not it’s divided individual sign forecast. Instead this month, below you will find only a short piece for your sign with some positive and helpful dates to look forward too once Venus has geared back up and how to best harness that! It is advised that instead of thinking about the whole month ahead, that you reflect and focus more on just the next two weeks!



Aries! There are some things to look forward to! Mars will leave Taurus on April 21st. Mars is a planet of action and doing. So if you feel that simply doing your shit right now is costing more than usual, do not fear this is when your expenses will become lower and calmer! On April 26th the new moon in Taurus will energise you giving you refreshing new ideas as well as helping you ground and indulge in sensory experiences. Mid May is when things really start to fire back up and so next forecast you have so much excitement and fun to look forward to!



You are perhaps one of the luckiest signs right now. Things are relatively chill and pleasant in comparison to the chaos the other signs are experiencing! You will find your personality in particular your sense of humour really enjoyable for both yourself and those around you and your sense of self if positive and optimistic with projects slowly advancing, progressing and closer to completion/your next level. April 17th is a great day to get into all the tiny details and really organise. You should focus more at this time on how you are going to start making more money that you will want for the next coming months! Mars will help you do this and will help your projects/dreams/endeavours as well as helping you execute mental and physical health! April 26th the new moon will give you an extra boost of energy a couple of days before and after. Use it! Mid May things get exciting and your pacing picks up so enjoy these next 3-4 weeks. Your only warning for this month is protect your health. Strive to let that to start or keep being number one priority. You can and will still be successful and loved when you put your health first.




Perhaps you have felt in the shadows spiritually, emotionally, physically or professionally. There has been lots of time to practice and reflect and work on yourself and your passions. The time for reveal is nearing! On April 21st Mars will move from Taurus to Gemini! This is your time!!! Reveal the new and improved you or a project and you will receive a lot of interest! You are aided in an additional energy boost with the new moon in Taurus on April 25th. Any releases of work, art, or any expressions of self are fated and met with engaged and peaked interest!



Now is not the time to rush. You will get recognition, opportunity, attention, affirmations and ultimately success. Start putting yourself, your work and your passions out there slowly and surely. Do not wait for validations or invitations, reveal yourself and let yourself air out with no expectations . Let yourself heal and protect yourself best right now by letting what is within, out. Exposure has many forms and feelings attached but do your emotional cleansing and groundwork now that when you expose your work and art and passions and projects in May they do not come with unhealthy and outdated baggage.  Your time in the lime light is fast approaching and you want to allow yourself to fully feel the glow.  



Leo! It’s all happening! You are working hard and putting yourself out there and people are loving it! There is a market for all that is you right now and you are encouraged to keep focusing on how to market and showcase yourself and your talents even more! Media attention is encouraged and travel is great. The planets are telling you now is the time to reach out internationally whether that be to learning more through foreign people or by extending your reach to cities and countries outside of your usual focus. Travelling this month is highly encouraged and supported through signing any contracts or making new international travel plans for the next month is too risky. With Venus not back in full swing, Mercury due to retrograde and Uranus’ effects being highly unpredictable, you are urged to connect and reach out but not to cement anything yet. From the 26th of April onwards your work or projects are going to start gaining massive  momentum that was held back during Venus retrograde and you will find a massive increase in pleasure and growth in the friendships and sexual relationships you chose to put your time and energy into late April and for all of May!



Hang in there! Your time is not now but it is fast approaching!! You have very slowly been assessing your options for your future in professional and creative terms. On April 21st Mars’s movement means that you will have your time in the spotlight!!! If you’ve been building up your contacts or resources, writing a resume or making a website, April 21st or soon after is the time to launch! Self belief and organisation combined is going to help you catapult towards achieving goals, opportunity and dreams! Put it in motion! Apply for the gig/job, creditor promote yourself release your work/project!!! You want acknowledgement and recognition and success?! Go for it!!!



You need space right now to air all that has resurfaced. Space to be and space to grow. Giving yourself space may feel scary, like floating in the void. But it is here you will be able to conceive new ideas for change to your home and work life, to your professional and creative self! Jupiter is in Libra and this only happens every 12 or so years. You are going to be extra charming and expand so much this next year. Allow yourself your space and solitary time now, and thrive all year enjoying the enchanting and charismatic energy that Jupiter bestows and baths your in!  



Projects have been steading gaining momentum since February! You  are leading yourself into new terrain creatively and professionally and all you need is to remain focused and committed! Keep working hard and your time to play hard will come! You are evolving and any delays in your finances or payments owed are going to come but you must keep being patient to be rewarded. You can not feel out the future at this time, which as a naturally prophetic and intuitive sign you usually can. Patience again is the answer. Signs and indication will come to you in mid to late may but right now the future could blow any which way.



The wind keeps changing fanning your fire to epic intensities one moment and the next completely extinguishing it. I’m not sure if you are loving this rollercoaster ride of emotions or if it’s disruptive and unsettling but know that things will level out more consistently the second or third week of May. What you can focus on now and in May is teaching. You know you are a teacher. Not just in one field or way. Practise your teachings, channel more and find your students in need. This is your task for evolving and getting back to your ever expanding and etherally explosive self.



Capricorn! Both Libran and Taurean energies are entering you month and majorly affecting you. Just for this forecast I would recommend also reading Taurus and Libra because it will be relevant! Innovation, strategy, patience and solitude are your focus this month before things shift mid May. Additionally issues of family (blood or chosen) will continue to pop up seemingly out of the blue. Let your self feel what comes up but do not follow this tangent as it will distract you from your path at this time. If you can give support to family with out putting your life on hold or making shifts this is advised this month. May brings about a creative, professional and personal birth and so you are urged to stay present in this gestation period as you focus on contemplation and conceiving of ideas for your future. Feelings may overwhelm you this month but that is perfectly ok! Nothing will fall apart you should let yourself feel them so you can move on. Jupiter has your back and is making sure your professional life does not suffer at all while you take the time you need to work through your feelings. On the 21st of April, you will be bathed in light making you hyper appealing to all. Allow yourself to bask in the glow and soak in all the buzzy sexy and dreamy energy. Try at the same time to remain grounded and look forward to from mid May your relationships and professional life start to show bloom!



You are a time and space traveller and you know this! You are being asked to wait. To see which way the wind decides to blow, to see how the future is unfolding this month before you make your move. You are so good at making moves and travelling from one scene/moment/head space/physical space to a completely different one the next, but right now rather than this ability to teleport into any time and space is not going to aid you, it is going to distract and convolute your path. Identifying what are distractions and what is an opportunity to help you with what you are currently doing can be difficult, but you are asked to wait and be as discerning as possible. Anything that takes time and energy away from your main focus at this time is a distraction and the universe is asking can you stay in one space/time for the month? Wait for changes to your home life or space until mid May and do not make any new travel plans or engage contractually for the next two weeks if possible! Good luck aquarius.



The last two months you have been making the changes, assessing how you can create new ways to make money. Trial and error is so important and you are doing so well! The planets, particularly Saturn, are asking you to keep trialing and making changes, you are not where you are meant to be yet. Spending more time strategizing will help you get where you are meant to move to. Sit down and write emails or lists of places you can apply to work or projects or organisations you can initiate or organise. This isn't merely about work because you have always found ways to create a flow of finances, this time money and work is tied up heavily in your sense of who you want to evolve into not just professionally but personally and creatively. Let this be a period of gestation and wait until mid May to launch or birth anything and in the meantime April 20th- 28th is the perfect time to float and let your ideas start to take shape. Suggested is finding a way to relax in water weather a trip to the ocean or a river, going for a swim at the pool, making an appoint at a bath house or hot spring, or simply enjoying a few at home baths.

Lexi laphor