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This full moon falls on the 9th of June 18 degrees Sagittarius. Known as the rose and also as the strawberry full moon, it is the lowest that the moon will be in the sky all year. 

This full moon is loaded with serpent magic and we have been feeling the tension building. Now is the time for change. Now is the time for us to become the fully embodied serpent and to use transmutation for our own personal healing and expansion. 

The serpent is seen as a threatening figure in many myths and cultures. Ever intense, infinite in existence, this serpent energy forces you to engage with it. Neptune's influence will not allow us to give up on ourselves and our search for purpose and peace. Neptune highlights our need to unify. Unify parts of self that we have ignored and unification in pushing forward to actively forge our future. The planets are not fucking around right now and this full moon serves us a sort of ultimatum.

We are given two options: 

Like the serpent we may continue to slink around in the shadow. We can sleepwalk through our lives, we can deny that last bit of personal work. We can leave things the way they are and rely on our powers of manipulation. Though we think that if we remain the same, things will remain the same; they will not. That which surrounds us is a changing landscape. The full moon illuminates the external pressures upon us now as well as a heightened internal tension. We are due to burst forth, yet if we refuse to shed any skin, we will be trapped and earth bound. Not earth as we know it, but subjected by our shadow-self to a pit of despair and denial. Destructive, obsessive and jealous behaviours will become all there is to feed on. An engulfing snake pit embedded in cold earth with a view of those who have taken flight.

Do we position ourselves for future crisis and shadiness with huge karmic ramifications? Or do we let go of our past pain and self imposed limitations?

If we can push through to channel our higher self we can rise. 

The other option is beautiful. It's evolution, growth and flight! If we can re-align ourselves with our dreams, with our optimism and hope, with our compassion and desire for creation, we can allow ourselves to transmute, transfigure and transcend. Sagittarius moon pulls a firey arrow from their pack, laces it, extends, and shoots us to our very core.

If we allow ourselves to be penetrated by hope and by resolve, we will be aglow. 


Burning and letting dissolve the old feelings and patterns that we have been storing in our bodies, that have been holding us back, we each have the chance to become dragons.  Purging the whispers of doubt and the flickering self deception we will incinerate that which no longer serves us and as it blazes from our bellies through our hearts centre and exits out our throats, as we realise we have evolved into dragons.

Spread those wings baby, because with this path, we thrust towards our future, our goals and may fly towards a better self and life than we had allowed ourself to imagine. 



This Rose Full Moon wants us to dream big! It wants us to succeed and it will do everything to push us towards taking flight. Your wings have been gifted and it's you who chooses to ascend or descend now.  Sag and Jupiter want you to envision, believe in and create your glittering and light filled future. You have always known what the future could look like and now it's a karmic time of make or break. 

Will you show up for yourself? Will you show the universe you will not  simply drift on that which it throws your way but will instead accept, appreciate and choose to thrive on it's gifts and with it's lessons. 

Will is the power here and now. What will you use your will to power? 

To soar we must push through very actively and presently within our bodies, reality and mind. We must lift an internal weight in order to be able to fly. The fixed star Sabik comes into planetary play right now, and it is very tempting to let this occult favourite shelter us from the energies at play and from change and unknown territory. Known as the star on the right leg of the serpent bearer and 13th sign Ophulchus, taking home or finding refuge with this influencer will have us is slithering back into our old selves and patterns and dropped back off hung over in that former mentioned snake pit. The temptation of what we already know, staying in our sleepwalking states drifting around in a semi lucid state will not give the ease or allow us to comfortably stall as it once may have. Refusing to take charge now, mentally, spiritually and physically will determine our next cosmic cycle.

Escapism now only has Saturn buckling down on you more and more

You will wish this force would just crush you however it will only perpetually drag and punish you until you learn the lesson you are faced with. 

You have been afforded enough slow ambling and mental preparation. Change is upon you it's time to blaze the trail through to your next level, your new cycle, you will regret not pushing that one last part, you will regret coming so close and putting pause on your dreams, desires and goals. Now it the time to try, apply and fly!


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Gemini just moved into Mercury. Be super careful with the destructive power of words. Fighting, gossiping or putting others down will not be so easily extinguished. Your apologies and well-intending heart will not get you out of any messes you might make right now.

Try not to combust because explosions even small or aimed elsewhere will only return to cause you trouble and harm. Music and movement are your ally right now. Be present in your body and mind and push yourself and your passion towards sex, art or exercise.

Taurus is moving to Venus so your time and with Jupiters influence you will be indulged and relished very soon!



Taurus! Push yourself towards patience and understanding right now. Rather than micro-aggressions, or the opposite, stoney silence, you are urged to feel and release through music and through nature- particularly water.

Allow yourself to cry and to ground rather than containing every feeling and thought making yourself a prisoner within your body.

Release these blockages, for you have some control over them. Financial blockages right now are out of your control and this is temporary. Do not fret. Taurus in Venus will have you feeling indulged soon.



Right now with all of this Gemini energy you will find you have tired of some sort of energy. it has been spent or somehow escaped you- physically, mentally, emotionally or financially.

Ground yourself in this move that Taurus has made to Venus and enjoy clarity with Mercury in your sign allowing messages and truths to both arrive and be sent, seen, heard and understood with integrity and intention.



Your energy has been boosted by Mars entering your sign, Cancer! Don't waste this energy on gossip, secrets, processing with or for others or anything even remotely shady and unnecessary.

Take this special boost to focus on yourself work. Your time is now. Your priority for the next 7 days MUST be you!

Get your shit in order and let others do so for themselves. 



Leo! Careful how you come across right now. You have honest intentions however Taurus in Venus, and Mercury in Gemini could have you acting more ego-driven that you realise, or at least coming across that way.

This could damage your relationships or hinder the opportunities afforded to you right now. You do not want to be seen as a detrimental diva, there is time later to indulge in your divine diva!  



Listen now to you innermost intuition and emotions. If you have been experiencing an existential crisis and hushing yourself, now is the time to speak up and create plans or solutions to the problems you have been storing.

Work overtime now to get your shit in order. You will feel at ease later



Allow yourself to be vulnerable and intimate. Share your emotions and be open for connection support and love.

You have all the answers within right now, enjoy your relationships but ask yourself your questions and trust your own answers right now.

You have inherited wisdom that you have been stowing into submission and hoping others will unpack. Right now you are your solution, your teacher, your muse, your mentor. You hold what you need.



Do not waste anymore time worrying about the material world. Saturn is here with this full moon and he will ensure you can succeed within the structure of capitalism.

Obsessing about the material right now will simply close you off to others and you will miss out on really great opportunities because of perceived instability, anxiety and shallowness.



Moving through physical and mental obstacles right now is key. Do not over commit or overspend, do not surround yourself with things or people that will allow you to avoid yourself and what you really need this week.

Cancer has just moved into Mars and may have you throwing a pity party or deciding to dwell. It's time to let go of the last pieces of emotional baggage that you have been doing so well in processing this year.

Do not hold them in your mind or throat any longer. It's time to let go! 



Resentments and pain are surfacing with this moon. Rather than resenting their presence or those who helped create these feelings, let these feelings be purged. 

Mars has just recently transited to Cancer. Your urge to be passive aggressive is at all all time high. But pooling with these feelings and behaviours only leaves you in that aforementioned snake pit. 

Allow your more negative and painful feelings to surface so they can exit. Allow them to exist outside of blame clinging to them so you can pass them onto their perceived source or rightful keeper. Let them be present right now and them let them leave you so you can be released and yourself and enjoy Venus' flamboyant and sensuous time in Taurus. 



Aquarius! Social connections are important for you at this time. Spending time with family or with woman is going to be nourishing and inspiring and you will really appreciate the intimacy and clarity these connections bring you.

Ever a hard worker, you are being asked to pause and instead re map out your path/really start to hash out the details of a plan so that you can continue working with a sense of direction, purpose and longevity.

Harness Gemini in Mercury and talk it out with friends and family so that you can gather more ideas and information as well as starting to materialize through words and mentally formulate. Emotionally letting go of the past and focusing on you future and work through dance or something physical like wrestling or kickboxing is a great way to expel residual angst and anger from your body. Mars in Cancer may have you clamming up but now is the time to release! 



Pisces now is not the time to lead with your inner child. Pettiness, defensiveness and immaturity will isolate you and have you feeling trapped in an energetic naughty corner all alone.

Soon you will get to play with out ego or past patterns taking hold. Cancer just entered Mars, so the way you pick fights or perceive others picking fights are largely based in your own insecurities.

Mercury in Gemini paired with your mutability makes things murky right now but quite magical soon! Your inner child will soon feel pleased and loved with tactile and sensory exploration with Taurus spending time in Venus!




Self-belief and focusing on goals is what is being called into sharp focus this rose full moon - tune in, not out. 

Shedding the self imposed limitations and beliefs that are holding you back and causing you weighty unease is key.

Self-affirmation and trust is what takes your forward now. Behind you is a snake pit filled with viciousness, lies and betrayal. Dwelling traps you in that pit filled with poison but no cures, leaving you only to dig further and further into your toxic tomb. 

Ahead of you is the support of the universe - growth, luck, success and happiness. Starry expanse, ancient sun rays, mystery, awe and adventure! Charter a new spiritual, professional and interpersonal territory. 

Embark onto the next part of your life so that you can feel a sense of optimism and purpose. 

Unite with your future-self through self-respect. 

Say no to the toxic trying to creep its way into your day and mind and keeping you trapped in the past as your present feeds your future into past loops. 

Integrate imagination and hope into your everyday and seizing your future unchartered success.

Lexi laphor