Full Moon In Scorpio

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Own it, use it, transform it. 



Full moon in Scorpio can be fun if you channel it in a way that is neither self destructive or going to cause a giant mess for post-scorpio-full-moon-you to deal with. Some of the sexiest nights, and the most regrettable nights can be had on this full moon and the day that falls on either side of it. Scorpio wants to remind us that we are alive and that that’s pretty wild. It wants to reconnect us with our senses- our deep, instinctual urges and drive, our unbridled sense of passion and magic. It wants to bring the darkness out and let the lightness in so that we can accept that we must encompass both and so that we can feel more wholly.


Full moon in Scorpio will definitely be felt, as this moon brings all the feelings -and I mean ALL the feelings- to the surface. It’s kind of like dozens of assorted shards of glass (that have been embedded within you, some fresh and some very old) have all made their way to your skin's surface with the build of this moon, piercing and protruding as they begin their exit for this culminating point.

Full moon in Scorpio is intense. It’s a purge. It’s an integral point in your self healing. It wants you to get you in touch with your depths and it wants to turn you inside out.  Scorpio has you feeling hardcore. It will have you feeling pretty tough and indestructible. It will remind you of the cycles of your emotions and the cycles within your life. It will remind you of the array of feelings you have experienced and about what you have and can endure. Scorpio full moon reminds you that you are resilient and strong and will have you feeling like a badass, tempting you to act out a little (or a lot) as you long to rip the glass shards right out of you and hurl them like daggers exactingly. Scorpio full moon brings out the assassin in you. It feels like a sexy character to embody, just ensure that if you start throwing those daggers you are well intentioned.


You are in a heightened psychological state of pleasure vs pain with Scorpio’s energy and you want to throw caution to the wind, you want to experience the freedom of reckless abandon.   

You want to feel and be felt, effect and be effected. Do not avoid or suppress your feelings, even the dark or difficult ones. If possible allow yourself to indulge. Indulge in something that -yes feels intense and good but that- is a little less devastating and destructive than pressing the kill switch. What you can access is catharsis by engaging in your sensory self.  Let yourself feel and be. Do something that’s both physical and psychological and that’s also pleasurable.



Let yourself feel and really get into the core of yourself. Remember that you are growing and healing all of the time, even when you feel out of touch and out of sorts. Enjoy this clarity and clearness that comes after catharsis and remember that purging and releasing creates space to be filled with all the goodness that awaits you.


Scorpio full moon archetype:

Lillith. Embracing the wild woman, the dark feminine and primal life force, intution and shadow self.  Howling at the moon, writhing in the woods types of vibes.


Scorpio the scorpion:

Poison/venom and toxicity as catalysts for transfromation through purging and flushing the systems in place at current to make way for the new.


Crystals to meditate with:

Lapis Lazuli, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Pyrite and/or Malachite.


Horoscopes for April 28th- May 4th



Aries! Enough with the panic and existential crisis'! We are all feeling the uncertainty and the anxiety at present but you Aries more so than others. You are internalizing everything to the point that you feel paralyzed. Rather than freaking out about not having your shit together, realise that this is an open and expansive time to explore and experiment. You can do almost anything you want. Try and do something physical and active this full moon so that you can start to reignite your sense of passion and courage as well as work into a little muscle memory. Instead of fighting yourself in your mind go to a boxing class or learn taekwon do. Try taking authority in your life - you are the author. Try your hand at writing a few chapters and see how the story unfolds. You are more than supported you just need to quiten the self limiting thoughts and fears and listen to the inner voice that wants you to thrive. Harness the self possesion that scorpio full moon offers and let your self let go  of this 



Taurus! This full moon falls in the sign that is your opposite- Scorpio. This energy is potent and perhaps the only zodiac sign that can really stir and rile you tf up! If you ever felt like breaking routine it’s now, so go for it! Do something impulsive or random. Fuck it up a little because work will be there on Monday and Taurus season lasts a month. Allow yourself to have a little fun that causes you to engage with your body. Swimming, dancing, yoga, sex, whatever! Get on it and take charge in taking pleasure. You have been struggling to really dig into your body and enjoy it in new, unfamiliar or forgotten ways. Now is the time to harness your inner strength through replenishment. Enjoy pleasure and release in order to restore.


Gemini! You are free. You have been on your healing journey this year doing so much work to become focused on your happiness, your needs, your desires, and your highest self and motivations. You can breathe a little. You have done the hard work, the painful work. Though there is still healing to be done, remind yourself to return to connect with your body. You are safe, you are capable, you are creative and resourceful. You are exactly where you are meant to be in your journey but remain present with yourself and accountable to yourself. There is no longer the need to manipulate, play games or compete with others. Don’t slip back into old familiar patterns at the first point of panic or fear. You have been focusing on yourself and finding greater confidence and independance to that you may thrive. You only need to return to your body now to remind yourself you are doing the damn thing! You have everything ahead of you. You are ever growing and ever changing and that if you can let go of the past and of dear and embrace being embodied in the here and now, you will find your way.



Cancer, you often feel like if you had more money, you would be safe and secure enough to pursue your passion and joy in life. But there is no secuirty, no huge benefactor or lottery ticket win this month. Jupiter is still retrograding for some time making finances a focus and Saturn is asking you to come up with solutions and change within your career and work life. So how do you reconcile joy and passion with work and career? How do you move towards something new that has elements of risk, with confidence. Scorpio full moon is asking you to back yourself. Think of all the betrayals and shit shows you have gotten through. Think about how many times you have experienced the feelings of fear, loss and pain but still come out ok. You are resilient, strong and deeply intuitive and no matter what has happened so far, you have been able to keep on keeping on. Instead of committing yourself to others commit to your own passions and committ to taking the time this Taurus season to go slow and steady breaking down each step to see how you can practically establish a plan to be able to make money in a way that intersects with what brings you joy.


Leo. You are so strong, so brave and so used to others needing you to be this for them. You step into the role of leadership in partnerships with pride as you love and support those who have a space in your heart fiercely. The problem is that right now you have practiced being the strong and brave one so much, that others and possibly even yourself have forgotten that it’s ok to be anything other than. It’s ok to be the one who is the mess, who feels so down or confused, who has nothing to offer, does not know how to repair. The one crippled by fear or inaction, the one that feels despondent or depleted. You show such loyalty and love, give the people close to you the opportunity to learn and practice how to be there for you. How to be your rock, your support, your motivator and your guide. Scorpio full moon is helping you be more in control of balancing your needs with loved ones needs, by asking you to first let go of control.  Let go of the reigns when it feels like too much and let those you love have a go at learning to steer the way. You deserve rest, your deserve to be given as much as you give and you know this. Let yourself let go so that these things make take shape and form and remember to be as patient and compassionate with yourself this full moon and next week as you are with your loved ones.



Things feel so heavy dear Virgo. You are acutely aware of this. You often carry way too much but this time you don’t have a certain point of release in sight. Jupiter retrograde is ensuring that you don’t have spare cash to simply go and access the things that usually help you unwind. This unusual period of financial discomfort paired with a more general existential dread is urging you to find new ways of being. All these limitations you are finding in your life at present are barriers for you from accessing the past. The universe wants to help you evolve and grow. It is challenging and pushing you with Saturns stern hand to try new things out of necessity (for Saturn knows well that you are not motivated by much else right now). For your mind and body’s sake, try to stop worrying so much and let change happen. Soothe and guide yourself through breath and movement. If you can deepen and slow your breath as well as allow yourself to be present in your body and physical movement  you will be able to get out of your head and into more of yourself. Let the universe reveal slowly to you your path and in the meantime let yourself embark on it as you focus on the feeling of movement and not what you can or cannot see ahead.



Libra, things have been a bit touch and go for you. You have tried hard to stay present but sometimes it’s easier to ghost from the world and yourself than twist and bend to the pressures and demands. You struggle at times to find the balance between protecting yourself and isolating yourself. You are so empathic and aware of others and their taxing expectations and never ending needs and you get so drained and lost. But you love to love and you love to give and share and connect. Right now the full moon has you feeling pent up and you want to flow into someone you want someone to flow into you - but without losing yourself. It’s hard to know the difference between what you want and what you need. If you can focus on tapping into pleasure and feeling fully within yourself first, do so. The more you can give to yourself from yourself right now, the better. The more solid and full of yourself, the more embodied you will be when you do immerse yourself back into the grind of life with all of its decisions and demands as well as all of it’s intoxicating creative, romantic and sexual potential. No matter what happens this full moon and the next week around you, Scorpio energy invites you to seduce yourself.


Scorpio, you are actually back on your bullshit this full moon. You feel energised, like you've been struck by lightning and now you get to spend the next few days being Zeus. Enjoy the sparks and use you optimism, precision and charisma to get things in the works really going. You have put in so much focus and work, and it’s all coming up Milhouse. You are sowing the seeds of your future and building incredible work ethic and people are taking note. You will be most successful at placing your energy into work or creative projects or proposals this week but you will also be able to spice up your romance and sex sector this week should you so desire. Enjoy being the golden child of the zodiac this week. Let go of feelings of deserving or undeserving and allow yourself to give to yourself.  Give yourself all of the love and attention that you devote to your friends family and lovers this week. Ride the high and let yourself go after what you want and need.



Sagittarius. You are in a FUCK IT kind of mood. Scorpio full moon has ignited your desire to get into the shadows (of yourself and also of anywhere simply to prowl and  lurk). You want to be that mystery stranger that breezes in and out. You want random excitement and unforeseen experiences that take you out of your everyday life that at current has you feeling cagey. You are yearning for a deep and at the same time sexy opportunity or distraction. One that inspires and ignites your soul fire. You want this so badly with the pent up full moon energy that you may just have to project and use your imagination so that you can find some healthy and practical scenario that works for right now. The future is going to open up and swallow you whole soon enough. For now work on ways you can work in balance with your higher and shadow self to create excitement for yourself, instead of looking for an outlet and escape in others or self destruction, You have a direct channel with the stars. You are divinity and euphoria and you deserve to give yourself the love and care you wish to give to/ receive from others.



Capricorn. Allow yourself to centre your joy this full moon and for the next week. You feel grounded when you work, produce and provide, but Saturn and Jupiter are challenging you to become present in your body and your feelings in an effort to seek out pleasure. Pleasure that comes from exploring your senses and sense of self outside of others and of work. Allow yourself to feel selfish by discovering your desires and your needs, your boundaries and your capacity. You usually go along with what makes sense or what feels responsible or obligatory, but you do not take the time to climb into yourself and sit with what is there. Often there are other pressing issues or others eclipsing needs, but prioritizing you this week and your sense of joy, passion and pleasure is going to help you sustain the longer term. Get out into nature, go swimming or dancing, try something crazy, buy a vibrator- idk and idc Capricorn. Whatever you need to do to be present with yourself and invigorate your sense of living in the now.



Aquarius. Usually you don’t give a fuck what other people think of you. But this full moon has you craving validation and reassurance. You hate to admit that you, the chillest alien of the zodiac, are craving a little approval and acceptance from others. People view you as independant and self sufficient and you certainly are, but for some goals take a village. If you want to be more collaborative try connecting with those who share your values and interests. That way you won’t feel comprimised joining forces and energy with others. Suss out those you can fuck with from those you don’t fuck with and then go for gold! This full moon breaks you out of the Taurean routine that paired with that Aquarian introverted chiller creates resistance to trying new things that require you to leave the house. This full moon moves you to want to get out there and do something out of your ordinary. There is no reason you gain so much from this so push yourself to do more of the weird and wonderful things you dream up.



Pisces you are fairly equipped to weather this tumultuous Scorpio full moon. You almost thrive on all that pent up moody swirling water energy although this moon will have you feeling more emo and melancholic than usual. It will also fuel your creativity and desire to create something that sustains you outside of romantic/sexual partnerships. For a sign that is perhaps the biggest love addict, this is big for you! To want to focus on a sustainable and healthy outlet for long term independence is incredible. You have so many ideas and are always able to tap into that cosmic flow. Let yourself go there and explore new possibilities and ways of creating and expressing that can help you financially or  that can help towards building up a more varied sense of self and identity. You are pretty much great at anything you try and with some practice, intention and focus success is bound to come!

Lexi laphor