Full Moon in Virgo

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Full Moon

in Virgo


The last two weeks have been a strange and overwhelming time for many. With Neptune, Mercury and Venus in Pisces we may be blinking our eyes wondering what was actually real and where in time and space we have gone, as we’ve been moving through a dream like scape. Pisces is an intoxicating energy. It pulls us deep into and outside of ourselves in order to flush out all that we’ve been holding. When Pisces is in Neptune- its ruler- reality really shifts for us. Psychic receptivity heightens, we become open vessels for change and transformation. Pisces in Neptune is that dreamy, trippy, inspiring energy that washes over us possibly leaving us in a haze. Although we may be a little confused the past two weeks, subtle but important shifts are taking place in our lives. 

Background image art by Adi Luna 

Background image art by Adi Luna 

Pisces in

Mercury & Venus

Pisces has really hit us with a triple whammy as it’s been residing in Venus and Mercury also. Coming into focus the past two weeks are themes of connection and love. How do we give and receive love, how do we understand and express love, and what kind of love do we want for ourselves as we move into our future. Pisces helps us understand that giving and accepting love can feel effortless, it can be a state of being, it can be something we deserve and have access to not only from others but as an endless flow that emanates from our core

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Pisces in Mercury has us reaching out to those around us, letting ourselves be emotional and vulnerable in a way that is not normal for most of us. The great thing about all this Piscean energy is that we have been safely guided the past two weeks. Things have been messy and chaotic and the urge for self obliteration and dissolution is an ever present element with Pisces influence. 



Pisces in Venus and Mercury will shift on the 6th and 7th of March. Until this point try to let yourself be engulfed, held and rocked by sincerity and dream like energy because soon, these two planets will move into Aries, which is where things fire up for better and for worse.


Saturn and Pluto In Capricorn 

Saturn and Pluto are holding down the fort for us as drift to and fro with their stay in Capricorn. Capricorn is ambitious, it wants to build and progress. Capricorn wants us to find the love for ourselves that we struggle to access but it also wants our lives to be stable and solid. Capricorn wants us to build and reform structurally so we can be financially stable and successful, but also participate in communities and systems of power that are rid of toxicity and inauthenticity. Saturn is aiding us in this as Saturn’s main concern is the details and practicality of our everyday lives. Saturn is an enforcer of karma. It does not get swept up in time and space, it reminds us of our duties in this realm only. Saturn is the deadlines, appointments and bills, - Saturn is limitations and restrictions. Saturn is the things that we can’t escape that teach us discipline and responsibility reminding us we have to do the work to keep our lives our lives in motion. Saturn wants us to grow. Like Pisces in its ruler Neptune, Capricorn is in its ruler Saturn. We are lucky to have this overlap this next week as we will find it easy to balance what we feel and what we must get done. It’s a great week ahead for finding truths and getting back in touch with our path. 


Trust that in this last week of Pisces in Venus and Mercury, that Capricorn will hold the fabric of our lives together for us to return grounded back into. We will have the long lasting help of Capricorn in Pluto as it stays there now until 2024, helping us to tear down structures of inequality and inauthenticity, rather than tearing down ourselves. Self destructive patterns will be easier to shift with this planetary shift.


The Full Moon in Virgo

Tonight the full moon takes place in Virgo. We’ve had a chaotic and confusing dreamy period as things dissolve and emerge like waves crashing and receding. Virgo is here to tell you that this is part of a process of purification that is taking place in our lives. Right here right now we are exercising out the toxins, the behavior that’s caused us and others harm. All of the feelings that are surfaced are a detox, as we have begun to identify the pain and the darkness as we start now to really move through it.

Virgo full moon is here to illuminate that you are moving towards positive change , that there is work to do, and this moon will bring some mental clarity and hopefulness in what needs to be done and how we can further commence. 

Background image by Rowan Merch

Background image by Rowan Merch

This full moon takes place at 11 degrees. Let the number 11 guide you as you strike the perfect balance between magic and intuition, and healthy guidance and growth. Your mind heart and soul are all in focus with Virgo’s accuse attentiveness to your holistic well being. Now is the time to book a doctor or psychologist appointment. Now is the time to look at subtle and effective practices you can begin to create healthy habits that shift the way you let stress, pain and dis ease take over your body and your mind.  

Virgo wants you to take care of yourself, virgo wants to you to shift into patterns that heal and allow a deep sense of wellbeing.

This process of purification is not always easy or linear, but Virgo full moon wants to remind you of your divinity and your humanity. That your body mind and soul are connected and all need attention and nourishment. Virgo full moon will have you looking at your life and making small and practical shifts so that you can start practicing healthy and loving habits, integrating more joy and meaning into your everyday life. 


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