Sagittarius Full Moon - Rebel and Bloom

Photo's by Liz Ham

Today, May 29th the moon is full at 08’ 10’ degrees in Sagittarius. This full moon will be intensely felt now and for the next two weeks until around June 13th.


Heart of a Scorpion vs Eye of the Bull - Pick your Battles

The full moon is positioned within the fixed star Antares (in the position of the heart of the scorpion) which is in an almost exactly direct opposition with the fixed star Aldbaran (in the position of the eye of the bull). These stars are both red in colour and have a similar energy to that of Mars- intense, passionate and ready for battle. Both your heart and head are heavily activated and there is the potential for them to battle with on another if you are not mindful. Conflict is enevitable, but rather than letting this placement pitch your desires and impulsive nature against your strong ideals and visions, you have the opportunity to say fuck unhealthy, petty, or self/community dividing competition and take on greater and more productive battles. This opposition in combination with the full moon in Sagittarius inspires your inner rebel and vigilante to come to the surface.  

This strong positioning of these stars and the moon really can be inspiring and empowering as you feel strongly impassioned and have the opportunity to channel this in a way that opposes injustice. This positioning will call you to question oppressive systems of power on both a large scale, as well as illuminating off-balance relationships and power dynamics at play in your work and personal spheres too. You will be ready to more fully recognize any relationships that have grown unhealthy, abusive, or exploitative in your life and will finally be ready to make the changes you need to oppose and shift these power dynamics. Sagittarius is there guiding you towards expansion and positive growth and will help ease the more volatile and destructive aspects of the Antares and Aldbaran opposition.

This Sagittarius full moon unbinds your mind. It asks you to take a step further and unbind yourself in a holistic sense from the outdated and unhelpful ways of living that are holding you back from launching into the the magical realm of infinite possibility.  


Full Moon Sagittarius

Sagittarius is not messing around with this full moon. Though it falls within Gemini season - where anything could happen - Saggitarius wants these anythings that could happen to be of the fun and fufilling variety. At times a dreamer, Sagittarius is here to do more than simply have fun and inspire. Sagittarius full moon is shining the spotlight on what no longer works in your life. There are areas in which growth and production is not happening because it's being blocked. This will be most strongly felt by the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces though on some level felt by all. There are areas  in which your heart and your visions are not able to be activated and at least one key area/thing in your life that has run its course that you must now kill off. Though you have known this for some time, you have let this death drag the fuck out.


Flower Moon

This full moon is known as a flower moon and you could look at your life at present as a garden. You have a substantial part of your garden which has had many cycles of bloom but now there’s just a large patch of rotting foliage. The birds have stopped visiting and even the slugs and caterpillars have long left. Your garden has become a graveyard to the past in some way. Old plants that have ceased their bloom are taking up room in your life, preventing you from being able to sow new seeds until you are ready to weed and actively remove. Ask yourself - What things in your life have ended but are still lingering? How are outdated ways of thinking, working, or loving blocking you from joy and prosperity? Sagittarius full moon is the key in your hand to an un-imagined portal within your reach, but first you must close the door on something behind you.

Sagittarius full moon wants expansion and success for you. All of the signs will have a growth enhancing experiences these next two weeks if they can make room for inspiration and nurture new patterns. Sagittarius is the sign of abundance and bloom and though growth takes time, we have the chance now to plant for a new garden! All of the signs stand to prosper in this full moon if they embrace letting go and clearing the past, in combination with taking the leap of faith forward into new ways of living and being. Sagittarius is not a complicated energy. It will bring you a feeling of having more energy by sparking your sense of adventure and invoking excitement, inspiration and the drive needed for success. It will help you experience interesting things you had not dared to dream until now.

This full moon will renew your sense of passion, possibility and hope. Sagittarius in combination with the heart of the scorpion opposite the eye of the bull, makes us highly impassioned. As this falls in Gemini season we feel extra creative and open  to possibility. Sagittarius wants to do but can get lost in day dreaming and this can be dangerous being in Gemini season where though our minds are engaged, we find it  difficult to sustain focus and follow through with plans and goals. So all of this creative, invigorating energy does not necessarily translate in a long lasting way nor to a reality of prosperity and abundance unless we first really take on what hasn’t been and is no longer serving us. It's so beautiful that we feel inspired and hope-filled, but we must also make real and committed steps towards the change that we seek. This full moon is a great time to write down goals and break down the steps that are necessary practically to get there. We have great things ahead if we can invest in our health and happiness.  It’s the time to really shift from survival mode into a place where we can begin to again thrive.


Your horoscopes will come out next week,  until then get clearing so that you are finally ready for your new chapter and for prosperity.  I have left each sign a gif to drag your ass while you procrastinate. 

What your sign needs to hear to kick your ass into gear as Gordon Ramsey gifs:









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