Mercury and Venus in Aries, Jupiter Retrograde.


Aries is going to turn you into a fucking baby and Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio will have you feeling intense to say the least. The universe is #sorrynotsorry

Mercury and Venus in Aries

Yesterday on March 6th there was quite an acute energetic shift.  If you read my Full Moon in Virgo forecast, you will have noted that both Mercury and Venus were in Pisces, causing quite a trippy and intense last few weeks, filled with beautiful emotional connection as well as the heightened contrast between feelings and patterns of the dissolution of reality vs the desire to self destruct. It’s been a time to dive in deep and let the cosmic flow fill us. We have been cradled and rocked and now both Mercury and Venus have shifted gears into the sign of Aries and things are changing.

Aries is definitely not a subtle sign… Opinionated, easily irritated and at times highly explosive and irrational. If we imagine Pisces is both the womb and the baby within, Aries is the toddler of the zodiac; charming, intuitive, playful, peacefully resting one moment but then the next ... cue the temper tantrums.



Conflict will arise. The great thing is that behind the outbursts that Aries stirs, is the revelation that there is emotion, there is feeling, we are not numb nor not dead - we are alive. Life is full of complications and contradictions, perpetual motion and constant setbacks. Aries reminds us that though there is a lot ahead, we are also explicitly in the here and the now. Whilst our behaviour with this Aries shift, does not and has not always demonstrated our highest self, it has, and it does continue to expose us. Aries will expose those around us, but quite importantly right now, is how it exposes current parts of us to ourselves. Aries will no doubt bring about unexpected and brief bouts of conflict and reactionary behaviour in order to reveal things within we may have neglected or forgotten.

Aries Mercury may cause us to interpret and communicate impatiently and rudely. We will feel we have an impossibly short fuse when communicating with just about everyone.

Aries in Venus can also tempt us to act childishly or entitled, especially when it comes to how we think others should show care for us. If we can try our best not to squabble and lash out over petty shit, we can hang in there for the good stuff, the things that are going to enrich and nourish us.


Aries is a great tool of illumination for our emotional and creative spirit. Aries is fiercely passionate and asks us to identify our needs vs our desires, it asks us think about the value of interdependence rather than depleting codependency or isolating independence.

Aries wants us to care, so that we can take more care with ourselves in our lives.

Aries wants us to care enough to look after ourselves and make changes so that we can find what is right for us in this massive transitory phase.

There’s no more clinging to the past as it has and continues to fall away.

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Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio is going to finalise separations and highlight endings. This will be quite a sharp and releaseing severence in some major part of your life. This is likely in regards to a romantic relationship, a family member or perhaps and ending of your job or workplace as you know it.  Whatever sector this major shift effects you in, finances will be effected also as they become super stringent this month. This will affect us all so hold tight as I touch on that in your horoscopes.



Everyone is in a huge transitory stage right now, but you Aries are really really feeling this. When you look at your life you have let things run their course and departed from what was. You are still trying to conceive what is next. Where will you live or what will your day to day look like. What are your dreams and your goals? Do not let the enormity of possibilities overwhelm the beauty of the expansive limitlessness ahead. Plus if it makes you feel any better, most people are going through this right now; Capricorn and also some of the mutable signs particularly Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius are also really feeling the pressure of the future. You are a risk taker. If you feel passionately about something you give it a go, and you should not fear taking small and everyday action and movement right now. You are allowed to make mistakes. You are good at learning from mistakes and moving through and past them. Plus practice in movement helps you gain momentum. Perhaps your biggest block right now is finding passion and following it into a conceivable future. Another block is finances. Jupiter just begun it’s retrograde and will do so until it stations direct on May 13th. Although small movement, adventure and self expression is encouraged right now, don’t worry about making the big decisions until after May 13th when Jupiter (overseer of work, inspiration, luck and money ) starts to get back in it’s  groove. Be patient with what is unfolding but make the small adjustments towards self care and interdependence in the meantime.



Taurus! You have been working so so hard and you should really be proud of how well you have handled yourself under all the demands of work and of life. Unfortunately (and though you deserve it to),  this next month does not yield. There will be no extra money to be found and you will still be working tirelessly. Stick in there. Even though Jupiter is retrograding in Scorpio and money will be scarce for all the signs this next month, you must take note not to falter in your nutritional needs. Cutting out healthy eating will have detrimental effects for the rest of your year. Budgeting may be necessary but work it out so that you have enough healthy food. You may have to get creative but remember, your body is supporting you and you really are going to be fucked if health issues complicate and disrupt your already very limited finances and ambitious work load this year. So although it’s boring and you already know this, take charge and care ensuring you are cooking grounding and nourishing food for yourself this next month, as you are really going to need it to get you and your body through.



Whilst most of the other signs are moaning and groaning with the added weight and pressures  of Jupiter retrograde, you are lucky enough to feel lighter. For you, some sort of immense weight and pressure that has been crushing your health, feels like it has finally lifted. And the benefits are rolling on in this month because of it. The changes to your health - both physical and mental- are going to be immense. What a relief to feel clearer and lighter. You should still be making sure you give yourself more rest and time for pleasure than you have done in the past. If you can lighten your workload for the next month do it. Allow yourself to really immerse yourself in your healing for the next 3- 4 weeks. Lots of things you felt attached to in the past will continue their process of leaving your cells, your life. Do not worry where this leaves you. You like everyone else will have less money or a less secure materiality this next month, but consider it a sort of cosmic purging. Abundance is a cycle, focus on your wellbeing, your holistic health, and enjoy the month the planets have curated just for you!



Dear Cancer. You have had quite a strange past couple of months. This next month will see you feeling financially strained and a little frustrated that all your hard labour and efforts are not paying off. Try and be patient with yourself and with the process, as this next month money is shitty for everyone. Sometimes we can forget and de-prioritize things that bring us emotional wellbeing, peace and joy, because they do not bring us money. Use this month to tap back into things that do not pay the bills but which make you feel good! Music, arts and crafts, whatever it is that you love doing - DO IT! Also use this time to catch up on some much needed and much deserved rest! This flunking of finances will pass and you may as well bunker down and enjoy and rest up in this prolonged period, because time will move at the same speed whether you choose to tap into yourself or not.



Leo, this month ahead is difficult in terms of your career sector. Unfortunately, this is the case for all of us while Jupiter retrogrades through Scorpio. Just because you aren’t at your peak, doesn’t mean you have failed. Energy, work, opportunity and inspiration ebbs and flows. It’s a continual process that isn’t linear and it isn't reflective of who you are, what you are capable of or what you do or don’t deserve. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams and passions, just because you can’t see it paying off right now. Use this time to hermit out with family or loved ones. Build up your sense of self worth and purpose through remembering what an incredible capacity you have to give and receive love. While this is not something to rely on in the long term, this month you are allowed to ask for support and attention from those who you love most. Let yourself enjoy a bit of a love in knowing when the time comes to spring into force you will be fuelled and ready.



Virgo! Much like Aries, you are feeling a little lost and untethered right now. On the surface you see calm waters but you know that everything can change at any time. You are yo-yoing between a feeling of whimsical joy, possibility and lightness and on the other hand discomfort and fear of what you want for yourself and how you want to achieve it. The problem is not that there is a problem. You are resourceful and knowledgeable and you know how to apply yourself and work hard for what you want. The problem for you right now is you are not really sure what you want. This is an unusual predicament for you as you are so often so acutely aware of what you are trying to create, and where you want to go. You are the captain sailing your boat in the sea of life and sitting back and simply letting the waters guide you has you thinking either you’ll be adrift forever or swallowed up whole. Instead of freaking out about not feeling so sure in yourself, not feeling like you are doing enough or worrying so intensely about where you are heading, put that obsessive detail oriented energy into small confidence building tasks. Can you busy yourself with a small and relaxing arts or craft project? Or try learning something new for the sake of simply learning a random new skill? You will probably be tempted to take on more work as a coping mechanism and a distraction. This is fine but also don’t neglect other parts of yourself. Now is the time to experience more joy, peace and creativity in your everyday. Experiment and explore spirituality or creativity- trying new things without the pressure of what they will lead to. Jupiter is retrograding and there’s not much the next month that you or anyone can do to avoid that. It will mean you have very little money to spend and travel is highly unlikely. Epic adventures and insight will have to wait. It’s a transitory time for all. So accept that you must wait. Surround yourself with nurturing people and experiences so that you can let go of your reliance on control, stability, linearity and let things take shape around you. You are often a facilitator for so many things and so many people, you need to apply this to yourself right now. Facilitate ease and exploration and let others step up and facilitate for you. Know that your are deeply intuitive and protected and that you will sense when something is actually wrong without having to keep such a vigilant look out. You cannot see the future right now, you can not see where you are headed, but the universe wants you to let go of sight and let yourself feel it out.



Libra what are you doing? Really what are you doing and also why? These questions will come up in nearly everything that you do this month especially as you may not achieve your desired outcome. The people that you usually turn to for comfort and support are going to be too busy for what you crave. Adding to this, money will be extremely tight with Jupiter retrograding. Don’t freak out that you’ve lost your magic or that others don’t care about you. This is not the case. It’s just a tough month in a lot of ways for everyone. The best thing you can do is try and wait it out. Can you get by on what you have and find some peace in the meantime. Hard work and hustling is not going to pay off, so instead give yourself some love and let yourself relax and enjoy solitude until it all blows over.


Scorpio! Jupiter has just begun it’s retrograde and this is going to be shitty for everyone. You will feel stalled within your career and like everyone else, cash flow is an issue this month. This is not permanent or linear. You have worked so hard and come so far and that will continue. Take the month to focus on family or loved ones. Let yourself be emotional and supportive as well being surrounded by the love and support of your nearest and dearest. If you see this month as an opportunity to strengthen blood or chosen family bonds, you will be able to stay in a productive and grateful headspace as you remember abundance comes in many different forms.



So Pisces influence has been intoxicating and detoxifying for you. Now though with your ruler Jupiter going retrograde, things are going to feel differently. You will feel grounded in a way that is nurturing but maybe not comforting. Sometimes the universe gives us tough love so that we focus in on what we are meant to. This is one of those times for you! So with Jupiter retrograde, money is going to feel extremely tight for everyone this next month. It is the same for you as small luxuries and travel are just not really happening this month. What this month does provide for you is what you need, likely different to what it is that you want. This month is the time to focus on your health. This may sound boring but that is to be your priority. How can you be more healthy in your everyday? Is it working on something physical, psychological, spiritual? All of the above most likely as you will need both practical and creative methods to enact change. No one can do the work for you. Surrounding yourself with healthy influences, people and environments is a start , but it’s you who has to tap in and make the adjustments. Health for you right now is slowing down and beginning a series of small repetitions. You will have to create small practices and routine that are focused on building your health, and you have to do this all month before you start feeling or seeing the results. You have self belief and you have faith in the universe, so now it’s time to prove you can put in the focus and effort before you can again pick up your bow and arrow and shoot for the stars.   



Capricorn. It’s a huge time of transition currently. I know you’ve been feeling it in a big way over the last few months and especially in the last few weeks. Much like Aries and Virgo, you are feeling overwhelmed and lost, confused and unsure of what you want your future to look like. You are smart and resourceful. Even if you feel out of sorts, down or waylaid, trust that time has something to teach you. The next month everyone will be feeling anxious and stressed about having less money. This is because Jupiter is retrograding for a month. You are not in this alone as all this planetary action is affecting most people in a big way right now. You may feel bitter or victimized over the next few weeks, but try to remember you are loved and in feeling these emotions there is a path way through to acceptance and love. If you can face your feelings instead of blaming them on others or feigning denial, you will be able to better understand them and move through them. What you resist persists Capricorn. Emotion isn't your enemy right now, it’s going to be your gift if you let it transpire and transform. You are such a precious and uniquely beautiful being and you will be able to feel this and a sense of peace soon to come.



Like every other sign, Jupiter retrograde brings financial challenges. Sorry to say it Aquarius but setbacks and cutbacks are happening this month. There’s nothing you can really do about this except for use any extra free time doing things that keep you engaged and passionate. This will help you stay present this month rather than spralling into dark emotional chaos emotionally or mentally. There will be some sort of ending or split in a relationship which is likely a friend or family member, affecting your home life. Instead of thinking about this month in terms or loss and what is going wrong, try focusing more on the things you do have to be grateful for in your life - all the skills, resources and support you do have.



Pisces. You maybe feel like you are experiencing loss this next month. Things will definitely be stripped away as you are to experience an incubation period. Things in your life will change and simplify so that you can focus on work or art that makes you happy. Getting back to the basics, the foundations of you this month will allow abundance and love to to flow in the near future. Unfortunately like everyone, your finances will be effected this month as Jupiter retrogrades in Scorpio. You are perhaps the best equipped to handle this but the way that this affects your loved ones and those more generally around you will impact you more than you may have thought. You want to provide for and comfort loved ones, but at this time most people will need time and space to hermit away and work their shit out for themselves. Try not to take this as a personal rejection, and instead try to take this opportunity to fall back in love with yourself and your gifts.


Lexi laphor