Once In A Blue Moon

Horoscopes and full moon forecast

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For the first time in 150 years, a trilogy of lunar events are occurring - the super blue moon plus total lunar eclipse!

Before we get into how that’s going to effect us and our respective signs, here’s a quick break down of what exactly these simultaneous events are:


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Blue moon:


The second time a full moon occurs in a calendar month. Can also be known as a wolf moon.



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Super moon:


Where the moon is full and at the same time at the closest point in its orbit to earth, making it appear larger.




Total lunar eclipse:


When the sun, earth and moon and are aligned and the sun’s light is blocked by the earths shadow. The moon will become completely darkened for a few minutes and the refracted light makes the moon appear red, which is why this is also known as a blood moon. This eclipse will only be viewable in Australia, Asia and western North America and begins at 9.50pm in the East Coast of Australia and 5.30am in the West Coast of the US. For those in places where it’s not viewable, trust that it will be felt!


These three events are due to happen simultaneously producing some pretty powerful and potent energy.

As if that were not enough, this full moon is in Leo!

Eclipses bring change and illuminate our fears, spiritual shadows, as well as things dwelling in our subconscious. This can feel uncomfortable but denial at this point is futile. We must allow what is meant to arise to surface, and give acknowledgement before we are able to move on through. Eclipses also come in threes, so luckily for us this eclipse should bring a bit of closure as it is the third installment in the series of eclipses that occurred in February and August of 2017. Anything that was brought up with these past two eclipses that may have been ignored or forgotten, is sure to come through very strongly as the planets urge us to deal with these themes in our lives so that we can move forward and begin a new six month cycle in our lives.  


The main theme that this moon brings is taking charge of our own lives.

Invoking courage, pride, compassion and strength and being the leaders, guides and mentors we wish that we had.

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This moon is going to force us to confront and analyse our feelings of pride and honor, asking us to interrogate what we value and why, and how we can become reconnected with our heart space, reconnecting with our inner truth, strengths and passions.

Leo’s influence will also be asking us to forgive or let go, so that we can feel embodiment with less pain and weight than in the past. It’s the perfect time for affirmations, self believe and empowerment.  Now is a great time for asking for what we want and need. Though nothing will come from trying to force the things that are not meant for us, this moon is ushering us to be bold, put ourselves out there and to really try.

Leo’s energy reminds us that it’s ok to try and to fail. In fact it’s probably necessary. Failure is not absolute, it’s a stepping stone. Failure has the power to teach us helping us to move closer and closer towards our goals and our destinies. The bravest thing that we can do right now is be brave enough to try. Try new things, try and be present in our heart space, try and be more compassionate with ourselves and with others. If we can brave the thought of failure, and move out of our headspace and anxieties  - and all those thoughts that are telling us that we are not good enough, that we don’t deserve happiness, or that we can’t succeed - then we will be able to move into this next six month cycle more self empowered and ready to receive all that is meant for us in our next chapter.


Shutting down our passion, desires, hopes and self expression because of fear and worry, we have become meek and small, continuing that development of a pattern of feeling trapped and unsure. This full moon tells us, no more self fulfilling prophecies and crippling self doubt.

Imagine and envision yourself as a lion or a wolf. Powerful, loyal, resourceful, brave, strong and untamable wild. Step into the role of leader. Let yourself rip through self limiting obstacles.


It’s 2018 and it’s time to start tearing it tf up.


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Your horoscopes



Aries! Everything is being shaken up for you. This past month will have seen changes in almost all areas of your life, particularly around the last new moon on the 16th. Your home, your work, your relationships have been revamped somewhat over the past few weeks and are in for more change yet. You are feeling impulsive and are yearning to be in a setting where you feel your creativity and sense of freedom is sparked and where your individuality and sense of self really gets to ignite. Leo full moon brings the confidence and bravery to go with your heart and make big changes in your life. It will have you feeling more romantic than you have felt in a while. This is great for you Aries, really let yourself go there and express that whether it be with loved ones, on new dates, or simply for and with yourself. Saturn has just recently moved into Capricorn where it will stay for the next three years. This shift will allow you to grow and succeed, but only if you are will to create initiative, take direction and work pretty damn hard. Pluto is also effecting you and shifting you and your life into a transformational state. The emotional, spiritual and possibly literal death of some things will soon come to pass and you will get to start a fresh. Jupiter in combination with Pluto, is going to help you realize your goals and ambitions from now through to September. New friendships and creative pursuits are coming in the last two weeks of February and are going to help support and boost your confidence and lust for life! Trust that good things are ahead Aries, even if you do not yet know what they are!



Taurus, a change to your routine is the best possible gift you can give to yourself right now. If you can travel, or make new connections this is going to be great for creating new possibilities and opportunities for you life in the longer term. You are shaking off feelings of guilt and patterns of self sabotage and by March should be blazing ahead on your path. Saturn has shifted into Capricorn where it will stay for three years, emphasizing the upcoming need for hard and diligent work. You are always such a hard and diligent worker especially in your career sector Taurus, but by focusing so much on this area, you are missing opportunities (that could certainly feed back into your career) by having blinders on. This is why shaking your routine up now is paramount! It’s going to shed those blinders so you can see more peripherally for now, and help you to know where is fruitful for you to focus on in this next six month chapter! Change begins with you deciding that you are looking ahead and around you, not dedicating yourself entirely to the task you have laid out right in front of you.



Gemini! Communications are more impactful at this time for you. People will listen and really take in what you are saying, however you should endeavor to use these powers to clear the air, leaving an openness for new beginnings. It’s really important that you let yourself be in a clear and new head and heart space. You will be very tempted to fill what might feel like a void with things, people and patterns from the past. Meditate and ground instead. Sit in that uncomfortable empty space and allow your future to form. You will be blocking your blessings by clinging and calling in anything from the past now and for the next few weeks. Being alone, feeling alone, it’s your challenge right now to trust in yourself that you are enough and that you deserve to feel that empowerment that comes from being willing to stand tall in yourself and your decisions, even when you must stand alone. If you can manage to do this, come February 10th and onwards, you will be super attractive to lovers, friends and creative opportunities!


Feed your spirit, grow your inspiration. Things are going well for you Cancer. Your horizons are shifting and expanding as you break barriers build up in the past with patience and determination. You are feeling less dependent on others and old or set ways of being. You have a real opportunity here to forge ahead and become more of a boss and mentor to yourself and in your life. Saturn shifting into Capricorn bodes really well for you and your goals as you are no stranger to hard work and brutal reality. Saturn will stay in Capricorn for the next three years meaning that if you put in the hard work, this can pay off in a big way for you and setting up your future. Now is the time to do the groundwork. The meticulous details or paperwork that you have been putting off or have been distracted from are all calling for your attention. February could be a little stressful for you in your friendships, business partnerships or with your co workers, and this will pass quite swiftly if you can try not to be reactive or defensive. Trust that you can have disagreements and they can be just that - a disagreement of opinion and not an attack on your character, or a roadblock in your relationship or work. Your time is coming Cancer, so do the boring work this next week so you can leap bound and roar with pride and pleasure in the next coming month!  



Leo! This is your moon! It’s going to really poke and prod at your sense of independence (or lack thereof) in terms of your most intimate relationships. Who are you and what roles have you been playing inside these relationships? Who are you and what roles do you want to take on outside of these relationships? You are one of the most compassionate and loyal signs of the zodiac. You love so fiercely in your partnerships, but in the process you have completely neglected to fiercely love yourself. You know this and have been struggling to spark passion outside of sex and love. Finding more joy and empowerment in work or creative endeavors is still your challenge and you are closer than you think to pushing through this barrier! Start by having some damn fun. You know the kind I mean. Not a nice night out (or in). Have a truly wild and crazy time. Really let yourself go in order to get back access to a part of yourself you feel locked out of. Smash down that door or wall and really invoke your most passionate, extreme, performative and expressive self. Trust that you will not lose yourself to past addiction or excess and let yourself have one big day or night of adventure and spontaneity. If you can let your wild lion self out of its pen, you will open yourself to all the opportunities and epiphanies that February wants you to receive!



Virgo. You are gaining momentum. Changes have been occurring for you since last August’s eclipse. You have been reconnecting to your roots and family and resonating with people from your past. This is surprising to you as you like to think that things are linear which ties in conveniently with how you see and make sense of yourself and the world. They are not often linear however you are definitely making progress!  In this case this delving into family and formative relationships and bonds allows you to reach a sense of peace that you had perhaps forgotten or thought not possible. Reconciling the past has been and will allow you to heal and create more peace and stability for your emotional self in your future. You are able to move forward shedding the self protective shield you have been wielding for the past year. This is an important change to embrace as you are now more equipped to deal with intimate partnerships and your emotions with more awareness and wisdom. You have been protecting yourself from intense and potentially volatile emotions the past year but there is no need to hide out now. Diving into your emotions with some creative self expression coincides perfectly with this moon. Dance, make art, write a love letter or go to karaoke! Whatever it is do something fun and expressive and tap into the flow of the planets as you allow yourself to tap into yourself. There’s plenty of time for dutiful organizing and creating more structure that suits your creative and career growth. Saturn is here in Capricorn to help you get all the work done, so make sure you take some time this full moon to let loose and be inspired by Leo’s passion and exhibitionism.



Libra. It’s time to sift through thoughts and feelings. Issues of duty and loyalty come up in regards to loved ones or a family member. You are not expected to have the answers or solutions, but for now you can help others and yourself by figuring out what burdens and weight is yours to carry and what in fact belongs to someone else. If you can unpack your feelings and decipher between what you have absorbed from others and what is emanating from you, it with help you to create some clarity and create boundaries and resolutions in the future. Helping you sort through your inner world will be having light hearted and intellectual conversations with strangers and eccentric characters this next week. This will broaden your awareness and world without others heavily imposing on it. With shifting and expanding perspectives it’s not a good time to follow impulses or make big decisions but it is a  good time to get in touch with your feelings and let everything within you and around you come to the surface.



Scorpio! Over the last year you have gained momentum in your work world. You have been working hard and consistently in your endeavors, so much so that you may have been getting a little bored the past month or two. But now is a good time to recommit yourself as you continue to gain momentum and rank. It also would help to reconnect with your immediate network these next couple of weeks as you may not have realised that you have fallen a little out of touch or taken them for granted. With Saturn having just moved into Capricorn, your next three years of work could really set you up professionally. Your horoscope is a little boring this month but try and think of this as a good thing. No drama, no roadblocks. You will make progress if you keep your focus and attention in work and more and more opportunities will snowball your way! Take the night of the full moon and lunar eclipse to let loose and use the energy from the moon in the days to follow to organise your finances and write down some goals! 



Sagittarius! Now is the time to think up ideas and devise plans of new and more lucrative ways of making money. With Saturn  just having shifted into Capricorn you have been thinking about your future as well as in context to family, relationships ,or personal goals. You are going to need to experiment with what works best for you moving forward when it comes to your finances. Unfortunately ideas are not enough you are going to have to try a few new things before you find the right balance. Don’t be deterred by the thought of risk or change. Now is the time to harness courage and move forward knowing that you must take charge in your financial future despite what those around you think or say. You are ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter will always help you make ends meet. But it will also help you thrive if you decide to try new things as your sense of what is possible shifts with ambitious Capricorns influence.  



Capricorn. This month your self expression and behaviour has come to the forefront. You are being especially attentive to how you come across to others both intimately and at work. This a great time to reflect and refine and shed past patterns that have caused conflict, pain and misunderstanding. This new cycle is a great opportunity to apply what you have learnt from the past without carrying the entire weight of the past with you in the future. While being more mindful of the way you say things will definitely pay off, try to pair this with passion and confidence rather than dwelling in guilt. Take pride in how far you have come and stay in touch with your sense of compassion both when dealing with others, but also with yourself! The more you allow yourself to love yourself, honestly and deeply, the more love you will radiate and the more love you will invite and receive from others. Collaborations and alliances are in your future, so though you will be busy, try to maintain your light hearted and youthful disposition, and allow yourself to start a new and fresh chapter in your life, remembering you are a great leader and a valuable teammate.



You are feeling more discreet and private than usual and that’s just fine with Mercury transiting your 11th house. Let things play out at work, at home and in your relationships and allow yourself to focus on your ambitious drive, new connections and creative surges. Collect your thoughts and ideas, visualise, draw, write, socialise! Saturn in Capricorn over the past month has left you feeling a bit weighty in all that you must let go of. There are things in your life that have reached their conclusion and it’s time to accept that. You are fair but may be viewed as harsh or cold, and at this time that’s okay, you know what you need to do and why even if others aren't in the space to see or understand.  You need to focus on calling in new things that support your physical and mental health. New beginnings and stable and healthy influences are necessary right now. Make it happen Aquarius!



Pisces! You are on! Intuitively in touch, inventive, great conversations and an adventurous spirit. You love when you are like this and so do others around you! You are a bright light right now and you should use this boost in mental energy to plan an adventure or travel. Some newness will bring longer lasting envirogration for your body mind and spirit, helping you call in happiness that helps your grow in this next cycle of being. You are more thoughtful and heartfelt with what you say and this is a really good time to express your feelings and opinions healthily, especially in partnerships or friendships. Meetings, proposals, relationship talks- now is the time to have them! Sorting out what is old and can dissolve, and what is going to bring something new and illuminating to you and your future is key. New friends, relationships or travel is going to help you grow immensely and coincide perfectly with this moon.


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