Chiron Retrograde


This forecast is a special edition focusing on Chiron, most commonly known as the wounded healer. There is much to explore and understand about this force, and today marks the beginning of its retrograde.  Chiron aids some of our most vital and deepest healing. Chiron helps our wounds reach the surface, as this retrograde helps us bring the subconscious into the conscious. This is forecast asks you to investigate and acknowlege where Chiron falls in your chart, and the ways that you are, as well as the ways that you can be, responsive and adaptive .

  Photo by Mireya Acierto 

  Photo by Mireya Acierto 


What is Chiron

Chiron is an asteroid/comet/minor planet... the debate into what it is exactly continues still. Mysterious Chiron was discovered only 40 years ago. Like human consciousness expands and evolves, so do the planetary and astrological guides and forces that come into our material sphere to interact with us. Most astrologers believe that Chiron is here to help us acknowledge the psychological fractures created by being human in the world as it exists today. It helps us identify and process the spiritual and emotional wounds that have resulted from fragmentation where we have become disconnected from our own divinity. Chiron is physically in between Saturn (our material limits and objectivity) and Uranus (our higher consciousness and subjectivity). Chiron can aid us by acting as a bridge between our material world and our immaterial realm of possibility and expansive consciousness.  


How does Chiron Manifest

Chiron as a wound sits in our spiritual body, our psyche and our emotional body. Left buried in the subconscious, Chiron can also become manifest through the physical body as it desperately attempts to connect with us. Chiron is symptomatic of the current state of the world. It has come into our plane at a time of fast paced, rigorous capitalism. It has revealed its self to us to connect us to what has happened in the past, what is currently happening as well as to make us aware we are charting the future (both collectively and individually) whether we do so passivly or actively.


Chiron as Karmic

Chiron is connected to our karmic path, it links us in our lives now with our past lives and our ancestors. Chiron’s relevance serves not just as another planet with a lesson to teach. Chiron is here to help us heal so that we can move on. Chiron manifests as a wound in our spiritual body, our emotional body, and sometimes even our literal physical body. These wounds are symptomatic of the karmic, of the psychological, and how this is interconnected within a larger societal problem. Chiron acts as a bridge from our past to our present, makes us present in our present bodies, and wants us to access our potential for the future. Though Chiron wants to help us access the future through acting as a healing bridge, it is up to us to use the bridge to carry ourselves across and through our pain.  

So! Chiron can act as a positive and healing force of both individual and collective change to which we are each called upon to become active and responsible. Chiron helps us integrate and deal with our psychic and material pasts and psyche’s, in order to be able to access a new materiality and evolve and grow our spiritual paths.


Chiron retrograde

On July 1st Chiron turns retrograde and it will not station direct until December 5th of this year. This retrograde will make fresh, very old and familiar wounds which we thought were left in the past. This retrograde is quite long and so we have the time to properly be present in our own heal if we show up for ourselves. We are supported as we begin with the sun currently placed in Cancer. We were already going to be sensitive, vulnerable and emotional, so we may as well really go there, while we are being called and while we are so fully supported.  

Health is to be prioritized during this time as Chiron retrograde can effects your physical health, especially if you resist what is attempting to surface. The retrograde will affect everyone, however Chiron shows up differently for different people and will be placed in one of the 12 planets and houses. This means the types of wounds it brings to the surface will differ depending on your natal chart. It is very simple to find out where Chiron occurs in your chart if you can access your birth time.

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You will need to enter your date of birth, the location that you were born and your most accurate as possible known time of birth so that you can integrate information below with this retrograde.


Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries affects your sense of self worth. Psychologically this wound is seeded in your mind with constant fear and doubt of not being worthy of love (from others and from yourself). Sensitive to criticism, Chiron in Aries means that you prefer to mask any pain you are feeling, being defensive to the point sometimes of being mean or insensitive. Subconsciously you would rather someone be hurt by your words to deflect and distract from the hurt their words may have made or to see the pain or fear below the surface of your charismatic persona. Chiron in Aries people have often suffered physical injuries too that have manifested in their mind, head or in close proximity to the head. Always the most dramatic, Chiron in Aries people often suffer more extreme injuries but are also the quickest to heal or the best at masking them.  


Chiron Taurus

Chiron in Taurus is rooted in early childhood with neglect and feeling like you never had enough of something. It could be emotional or financial security that lacked or it could have been both. This manifests with an eclipsing emotional focus on/value in financial and material security and an emotional ineptness to expressing affection without sex or material goods. Feelings of neglect can manifest physically as mental issues around body image and self esteem, or as physically being undernourished.


Chiron Gemini

Chiron in Gemini is reflective of struggling to express yourself. This probably started in childhood and has been an ongoing issue in your life. Being highly sensitive and perceptive in combination with loving company and desiring the social leaves you feeling unsure where others end and you begin. Integration of self in the material plane is the biggest struggle as it feels emotionally, psychologically and spiritually difficult to find and express your sense of self as separate from others. In an attempt to explore boundaries you have often felt rejected by friends, family and lovers feeling emotionally cast out and a paining sense of isolation. This can manifest in the psychological where too much focus on how your thoughts can effect change in others can turn in an addictive and mind imprisoning obsession.


Chiron Cancer

Chiron in Cancer deals with issues of the mother and sense of home and heritage. Pain left over from the childhood relationship with your mother are locked up, protected and hidden from view, from your emotional processing and from access in interpersonal relationships. As well as carrying this, you carry genetic memory of trauma from your ancestry in your mother’s side of the family. Feeling unloved, traumatised or like you were unable to feel safe in either your childhood or in your relationship with your mother, as well as ancestral memories of trauma and loss of heritage, manifest as an adult as isolating yourself, keeping your home life solitary and private and withholding most of your emotional self from all others in an attempt to regain/reclaim a sense of personal power. Materially, this protecting/hiding/storing of memory and pain can develop into not ever creating a family as an adult and can result in psychological dissociative patterns, and an overly developed feeling of being alien and in the extreme even in psychosis.   


Chiron Leo

Chiron in Leo struggles with ego integration. Expressing yourself creatively and passionately often comes out as either sexual or childish, and are denied as acceptable forms of your self expression as an adult. Chiron in Leo people struggle to integrate  ego- your strong sense of self and passion, into most area’s of your life. Creativity, passion and self expression in the visceral, raw and sensory can be viewed as extreme or destructive to others. Feeling denied and deemed inappropriate in the way that Leo in Chiron try to express self, you feel trapped in being either expressive but inappropriate and rejected, or gaining accepted at the cost of no self expression which leaves you feeling numb and disconnected. This results in feeling extremely self conscious and cause a fracture in how you feel internally, in relation to how you feel you are perceived externally. This can manifest in psychological body image issues and severe depression, affecting self worth and confidence which builds barriers to making friends and interaction with peers in the workplace.


Chiron Virgo

Chiron in Virgo struggles with integration and form with karmic fixations of wholeness and perfection. Struggling with making yourself work within imperfect systems and structures leaves  those with Chiron in Virgo with extreme feelings of discomfort, which can cause you to avoid these systems all together, as you move further and further away from integration and purpose. Simultaneous to your avoidance of systems and structure on the large scale at a societal level, your compulsive need for participation in structure and systems manifests on an individual level. This happens through an unbalanced focus on enacting order, control and obsession in the realm of health, particularly with food and exercise. Rather than avoiding systems and structures that make you deeply unsettled, Chiron in Virgo people can try to critique/transform/improve the already pre-existing. If left avoiding your feelings of discomfort and fear of the imperfect world and being an imperfect human in it, excess fear and anxiety can build and manifest resulting in severe stomach issues, self medication/addiction of drugs or alcohol, injuries in joints from physical overexertion and/or disordered eating habits that control the everyday and negatively impact on your intimate relationships.


Chiron Libra

Chiron in Libra marks a highly perceptive and intuitive being. You are so perceptive and intuitive to the point that you have no problem shifting to echo the things you sense and observe a partner wants and needs. Similarly in trying to psychically convey your desires and needs to a partner, you end up confusedly interacting with a partner that is merely mirroring yourself back at you. With this convolution of desires and needs your sense of self is distorted and confused. Chiron in Libra not only comes out in romantic partnerships but probably occurred with a parent or both parents when very young, possibly also in recent past lives. A lack of boundaries in childhood could have left you to rely on sensing desires and observing and predicting the reactions of others before acting. This leaves a wound of feeling hyper reactive and unsure of how to create healthy boundaries and relationships where you feel safe and empowered. Physically this psychic, psychological and emotional convolution involved with signalling, can manifest negatively impacting your endocrine system.


Chiron Scorpio

Chiron in Scorpio affects the way you access and use shared resources. Do you seek resources to monopolise or control them, or do you share access to transformation?  Do you gain power and pleasure at the expense of others? Or, do you gain power and pleasure and encourage and empower others to do this too? Chiron in Scorpio people will always value change, however there can be a danger of becoming addicted. Transformation and transmutation are heavy plutonian influences, but are you engaging with positive, creative change? Or are you engaging in destabilizing and destructive change? You should be constantly checking in with yourself in regards to your intentions,  your goals and the consequences and the effect on others of your efforts. When feeling overly drawn to the plutonian force of change and transmutation, helping and teaching others is advised. This way you are access this energy you are karmically drawn to, but accessing it through others in an ethical and supportive way, rather than forcing the process of transmutation on your body, psyche and soul without spiritual guidance. If you do abuse your access to power by dominating and monopolising shared resources for your own pleasure, you will become cruel, twisted, and unworthy of the nurturing and wealth that others would normally want to extend to you. You run the risk of trapping yourself in a form of only taking where you can not receive. Physically this can manifest in blockages and complications in your reproductive and excretory organs.


Chiron Sagittarius

Chiron in Sagittarius can be pain from feeling someone with authority and who was responsible for you in your childhood, denied you access to imperative knowledge. It could have been a dismissal in your higher education/institutionalised learning, or it could be that you were strongly discouraged from accessing or forming trust in your deep knowing/belief in your own psychic visions and dreaming. This disconnection from mysticism and your natural wisdom at a young age, causes feelings of extreme and constant anxiety that only build greater as time passes. This manifests as deep emotional and psychological feelings of distrust of/insecurity in the future. To alleviate this, you choose instead to cast your mind in the security of reliving the memories and stories of the past. This can inhibit you from building confidence and taking authorship of your future which you must at some point become present in. Devotion to learning, expansion means letting go of what has been in order to make space to gain greater wisdom and knowledge. This refusal to dream and leap head first into the challenge of the unknown and the mystic, can manifest in the physical body as toxic growths, tumors and cysts.


Chiron Capricorn

Chiron in Capricorn is rooted in early childhood feelings of being ignored and unrecognised. Their subconscious resolution of this pain is to work in overdrive so that they can one day achieve the greatest status and success, to be afforded feelings of self worth and respect. They hold onto their pain in the meantime, and become highly resentful and burnt out by all the work they do. They put so much value in the desire to be witnessed and validated by others through success, that they dismiss that the nurturance and healing they need that comes from their own practice of self reassurance and in that truly acknowledging oneself is more than enough. The pain that comes from the self denial and refusal to accept and embrace oneself manifests in the physical body as knee and hand joint and nerve pain, poor vision, and even chest problems as you deny your own love to flow from and through yourself causing blockages.


Chiron Aquarius

Chiron in Aquarius reflects an ever present inner tension. You need to be in large groups to be inspired and to learn and grow, however the more people you are around, the greater the feeling that you don’t fit in grows. Growing up, feelings of self consciousness and heightened awareness of you difference to others left you feeling disconnected and alien. Rather than simply reading text to activate intellect, your challenge is to ground and connect in the earth, as you experience the material and not simply the theoretical. You need experiential growth and so being in groups or an intimate community gives you the opportunity to listen to people’s lived experiences as well as creating shared and generative experiences that act as catalysts key in greater ideological change.


Chiron Pisces

Chiron in Pisces highly spiritually based, as with Neptune’s influence you are used have access to a state of perfect oneness and connection to collective consciousness, as well as your own sense of divinity. Chiron in Pisces people are no stranger to crisis. When they are denied access to reside in this blissful astral plane, everything ruptures and collapsing, as you feel as though you are personally plucked and placed into the confines of this material reality. This leaves you feeling emotionally injured, with unresolved feelings of disillusionment and being personally victimised and betrayed.  Though Neptune’s influence helps you flow in a divine and altered way, it is a gift that cannot always be accessed. Different to everyone else, when Neptune connects with you, you are able to connect to your own healing and flow effortlessly on your soul's purpose/path. Operating in intuitive truth and innate wisdom you experience perfect bliss.  So when you are abandoned by Neptune’s magic and called by Saturn to ground, you feel everything promising and beautiful collapsing as you spiral and mentally descend into destructive and negative thinking patterns. This can manifest behaviorally as substance and alcohol abuse, or as love relationships that follow a similar cycle of bliss and destruction, insomnia, as well as lymphatic issues.



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