Equinox Report + Horoscopes


Equinox Forecast

Northern or Southern hemisphere, it’s the time of the equinox, a transitional point and a reminder of the processes of cycles and life force. For some, Spring is upon you, the birthing of something new will unfold as it has proceeded a loss or death of some type. For others Fall has begun and so begins the process of letting go. Either way, the constant here is change. Equinox’s are a special time that remind us that we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves in this moment. It’s a time to take in how not only ourselves but all that surrounds us is subject to cycles and seasons that are out of our control. Sometimes being present in our own journey and growth requires us to focus within, and with Leo and then Virgo season that has certainly been the case.  Right now marks a shift, it is the time to take stock of everything around you, and to let everything within emanate out. 

It can be very difficult to accept where we are at in our lives right now. It could be with career, family, finances, partnerships, emotionally or psychologically. Practicing acceptance right now is key. This does not mean you must accept abuse of power or situations that oppress or disempower you. Whether its the spring equinox or the fall equinox for you, the planets are asking you now to practice some acceptance of your self and current situation in a way that gives you some peace. It is always important to stand up for what we believe in, to be critical thinkers, to fight for our personal growth and our dreams. The equinox is not asking you to cease this, rather it is giving you permission to take pause. To take some time to simply process what has happened and is happening and to catch up with yourself and your surroundings. You have done so much work and the universe is asking you now to let go of judgment and to let your breath and your life be filled with some moments of peace. 

What does peace look and feel like to you? 

What is something beautiful you wish to experience? 


 Ritual and Affirmation for the equinox

Find a space in your home or nature to be without distraction and where you are able to lie down. 

You will need: 

  • 3-10 minutes
  • A candle preferably white, pink or orange. 
  • A glass of water with salt. 
  • A relaxing sound without words-  eg animal or nature track, meditation or ambient track, Tibetan singing bowl or track, orchestral/classical music. 
  • A piece of paper and pen/pencil. 
  • Flowers, sage and a crystal if you have them. 
  1. Take a seated position and take five deep breaths in and out. 
  2. As you do this think of filling your body with golden light on your inhale creating more space in your body for yourself and for renewal. 
  3. Let the golden light wash through any areas of tension or anxiety. 
  4. As you exhale let go of what you are carrying. Let go of what you know you can not control. Let go of the worry of the future and the believe that you are not or will not supported. 
  5. As you continue to inhale feel how it is to be full of your breath. Full of new energy and the universe expanding you from within. Feel how light your body feels when you feel supported and full from within. 
  6. You are going to take your glass of salt water and gargle it! 
  7. It’s going to cleanse your throat and aid you in purification and release.
  8. While you are gargling think ofhow you are disinfecting any toxicity that you have been left with.  
  9. You should spit out the water on the ground or back into the glass when ready
  10. Begin to play your music track if you have chosen to do so. 
  11. Take your crystal in your hand if you have it as well as lighting your sage if you have it. 
  12. Take your candle and light it. 

Repeat out loud: 

I deserve peace.

I deserve love. 

I release all that which no longer serves me, and i practice acceptance here now and forwards of that which I can not change at this time.

I call in my higher self to help guide me. 

I open myself to the universes support. 

I will love myself fiercely and try to be more gentle right now. 

I thank my past present and future self for being.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

I let peace into my breath and every part of my body. 

I am loved. I am growing always. 


Lie on your back and continue your breath work. 

When you are ready, sit back up and write down on your piece of paper one to five things that you wish to let go of as well as call into experience.

Put this paper in a vase or cup of water with flowers or bury in soil. If it is the fall equinox for you you also have the option of burning the paper. 







Aries! You are starting to feel restless and impulsive. You want to feel like your charging fiery bold self and you want to feel it now! You are settling into new growth patterns and if you go charging ahead blindly right now, you may just charge back into old habits which you've worked so long to shift. Be patient with yourself and that around you, and ask yourself more about how you can channel your creativity in ways that aren’t sex or a new date. On October 14th Venus moves from Virgo into Libra and relationships will become more free flowing and fun, but for now while Mercury, Venus and Mars are stationed Virgo, build up solid foundations with friends. It’s the perfect time to ask for and to give counsel. It’s also the perfect time for new projects or hobbies. Sparking your imagination and ideas, lighting your own inner fire from within is what is going to satisfy you right now and propel you forward. Even if it’s tempting, searching for a sense of excitement through someone else is just going to distract and disappoint you right now. Who are you and what do you want to create? With the equinox you have fresh new energy to aid and support you, so take advantage of it and create, create, create! 



Taurus, right now with all these planets in Virgo you may be feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Tho the sun is just shifting into Libra, Mercury, Mars, and Venus remain in Virgo. Though all this Virgo energy is helpful for detail oriented planning as well as goal setting, things have been and will continue to move at a pace that does not suit you. This is because Virgo is a mutable sign, where as Taurus is a fixed sign. Neither Virgo nor Taurean energy will make you feel inclined to reach out for support or help, and with Virgo’soverly critical nature and tendency to play hermit, you should be careful you are not too proud or stubborn to ask for help or support when you do need it. What these two energies do have in common and in your favor is that of grounded linearity. This means the ways things have been going the past few weeks you are getting used to and starting to be better able to anticipate. This is helpful with your finances as you can build bit by bit and with the sun moving today into Libra, you will have people who you are able to collaborate with and incorporate into your plans and projects that will want to be useful to you. 



Gemini! Now is a good time for you. Growth, inspiration, compassion and adventure. It’s all coming up Milhouse! Virgo season has been grounding and connected you to your roots, so family and home have come up and you have been feeling quite nostalgic. The equinox and sun shifting into Libra will help you make some vital changes connected to family, home AND career. It’s a time for new and bold change so do not be afraid of this. Pluto connects with Mercury today and so a deep and transformative revelation within you has begun. Act now and come September 27th you will be feeling a greater sense of freedom as the impacts of Pluto become more clear to you. Personal truths are powerful and the choices that you make this next coming week are going to effect the future that you chart in an important and diverging way. Embrace change and keep your sense of freedom in your mind and your heart and do not be afraid to meditate or interact in nature to help you chart your path at this time!



At the risk of sounding like a broken record dear Cancer, it’s time for you to cut loose a little and to try new things and new places!!! This isn’t meant to be an epic voyage, rather an urge from the planets to try incorporating newness sporadically but frequently into your everyday. You are also urged to do so on your own. Of late you haven't bothered to do new or special things for simply for yourself and you have stayed very much in your comfort zone. With this equinox people are growing and changing, cycling and transitioning all around you. You deserve also to grow, expand and allow yourself to change. But you are not facilitating that for yourself. I’m sorry to say but sticking to familiar people, places and patterns has got you (whether you are feeling it or not) living in the past. New opportunities, perspective and joy awaits you! Now is the time to let go of the past, of your comfort zone, and take a chance on the unknown and the yet to unfold. It’s the perfect time to change things up and break out of routine. Spontaneity and exploration are calling you, let yourself answer! 



You are slowing down and this is to facilitate your creative energy. You are a wonderful leader, teacher and student and you will be starting to think of how you can use your qualities, skillset and wisdom in creative and expansive ways. Now is a great time to apply what you know or what you do in a slightly different way. If it’s your career you may be considering where to go from here and what shifts you can make to get to your next level or goals. Your relationships will also require some tweaking. What is are the next goals in your relationships and how can you start to approach them. Try not to feel overwhelmed or disappointed in what hasn't happened or isn't happening. There is so much time and you are so capable and strong. You will get where you need to go if you can give yourself a chance to work slowly and steady practicing patience. Do not give up on yourself or your abilities and do not give up on the possibilities of change and new opportunities. If you condemn yourself to live the same thing over and over exactly as it is, it will cease to inspire joy or love in you and you could become trapped in complacency. Short bursts are recommended ahead. For example if you can do a short course or break down your goals into short term steps that span a few weeks, you will find you are expanding and evolving towards your future self and all the opportunities and goals you have in no time! 



Virgo, it is ok to relinquish control without spiraling into self loathing, fear and chaos. There is a healthy mid point between complete control and compulsive destruction and from now through Libra season it’s the perfect time to try your hand at this balancing act. Now is now, not the past. Trust your self to flow more freely into the unknown and trust that you know how to ask for help when you need it along the way. You are capable, you are resourceful, so stop holding yourself back from moving in the dark as your reliance on comforting foresight is holding you back. Admittedly now is not a great time for new relationships or dates, but come October 14th when Venus moves into Libra you will be better suited to find exciting and interesting sex and intimacy. This is because right now you are super guarded and unlikely to compromise or explore. This is not a criticism, it’s simply where you’ve needed to be at and soon more adventure and exploration awaits you, it’s just not now. Try being softer with others communicatively right now, as with so many planets in Virgo, you may be feeling that you are being transparent and fair, but others who are not so in tune with your way of being may be feeling shut out and rejected, or simply like you don’t care. Try being more softer with your self too, try appreciating all that you are, rather than all that you haven't yet done. 



Now is a great time for you Libra. With the force of the equinox and the sun entering your sign, you are renewed with motivation and inspiration. If you can create goals or business and project plans please do so! With so many planets will in Virgo the next two weeks are a great time to get the ball rolling. You also have Jupiter visiting you right now, you are bestowed with extra charisma, gifts, luck and expansion that will help you achieve goals and chart dreams! So use this special treatment to gain some special treatment! Be honest with yourself about your desires and chase and explore them now more than usual. It’s the time to get your hustle on and sew some seeds. You should also start to enjoy a sense of growing inner ease and peace and find that this time flows and fills you with a sense of hope and appreciation that carries you further towards your goals.



Virgoan forces are nagging at you to fly your inner freak flag! Oddities, peculiarities, the weird, kinky and queer are calling you. These kinds of traits, people and experiences are peaking your interest as you find you are more confident and focused on experiencing and expressing the irregular and the non-conformative. Go with it! Time to really shake things up as the regular and the usual is still accessible later. With so many planets still in virgo you are supported and nurtured to express your deep dark selves and desires in a safe and drama and judgement free way. It might feel vulnerable but you must try to be transparent and honest with yourself and with others as you explore and experience. Responsibility is part and parcel with Virgo so be warned, you risk the potential for disaster if you attempt to play others, you will just be playing yourself. 



Sagittarius. You are a dreamer, an explorer, an artist and an amazing manifester. So why are you just putting along thinking you can rest on the laurels of the past? There are most likely two main reasons- being tired and being scared. Both are understandable. But it’s time not cease hiding behind these reasons as though they are some unyielding barrier in your way. You are mind expanding - so why then are you trying to actively keep your mind closed? You are not meant to live small mindedly- you imagine and you create and you are happiest when you are being your larger than life self. You create adventure where it is not expected, and you experience strange and wonderful things unique to the way others do. You are the best storyteller and the most charismatic, effortless and easy going of all the signs. Yet, there is some fear you are holding onto about your future that is stopping you from experiencing joy, growth and evolution. You are making yourself small to fit into your comfort zone, but you will not find safety here, only depression and more wearyness. Rather than trying to cling to the past, or to predict or foresee years ahead, try imagining and planning for just the next six months. The planets that remain in Virgo right now will help you with the details, linearity, and the focus, and the equinox combined with the sun moving into Libra should help you feel inspired and motivated with less and less self doubt. Do think about expectations, judgment or potential. Let that go- it’s not helping you and it’s not you. You've picked it up somewhere along the way regarding it as part of the responsible or of growing up. Forget what you think others want from you and let go of the fear of failure. Remember Sagittarius, you always land on your feet and there is so much that you have learnt in any failure. Failure is a natural part of achievement and growth, and you have so much ahead if you can let so of being so self conscious and start being more yourself. 



Capricorn! Things are looking amazing for you. You are opening your self and your life up to expansion and improvement. You are trying new things and being more open minded, generous, and optimistic and in turn others are viewing you, seeing and feeling all the positive growth. Because of this, it’s a good time to reach out to loved ones, reconnect, and to meet new people. You really have a loving, supportive and hopeful energy emanating from you and it’s so great to see you flowing with the universes full support and love. Jupiter is going to aid you in the work/career/projects department until October 10th, so if there are anymore goals and ground you want to gain, use the time from now until then to make meetings, pitches or negotiations. There is something international that intersects with you, news from abroad or you will either visit someone, or be visited by someone who lives far away from you. It’s the perfect time to appreciate and build more intimacy in your life. Romantic and loving gestures and plans are encouraged and the 28th and 29th of September will be particularly suited! You must keep pushing to learn and grow. Taking a class or learning something online is a great way to practice learning as you tend to get a little defensive when given instruction or being told what to do.  Keep offering support and practicing acceptance as the more you do, the more you will feel in return as a time for peace, acceptance and connection is upon you. 



You may have to become more creative and resourceful in terms of finances and income right now. Money is weighing on you and closing you off to adventure and possibility. If you can create some additional source of income however small or sporadic, you will be able to remind yourself that there are alternative solutions and a variety of avenues out there for you. Money issues right now may infect be the only way to push you out of your comfort zone and get into your creative hustle. Building or practicing more skills is going to lead you to places you are meant to go. So too are opportunities based on your relationships and social engagements. You don't have to spend big, but you do need to start engaging more with those around you and being open to the people in your life and your surroundings! The equinox will aid this shift as well with the sun moving into Libra- an extremely free flowing, social and resourceful energy! Trying new things and getting out of your habitual routine is key. You an authority on thinking and acting outside the box, so you should start doing so! 


With the equinox in combination with the sun shifting into Libra, you are going to enjoy reconnection in your love life! If you are in a partnership, you are going to experience a deep sexual and spiritually reconnective week with your loved one. Libra is about rebalancing and thinking about give and take, so use this as an opportunity to work towards more interdependence as opposed to swinging back and forth between extreme versions of independence and codependence. If you are not attached you can still work towards the goal of a more balanced focus on healthy interdependence. It’s also a great time to go on dates and let loose, but try not to be shady because drama will follow and come the end of the month and beginning of October you will be exposed. Financially it’s a great time to tie up lose ends and work out any debts or payment plans. It’s also a great time to use your effortless gifts, charisma and skills to try something totally new, or something that you have not done in a very long time. The next two weeks there will be many distractions, temptations and tests that will challenge you to define a clearer practice of boundaries and personal ethos. What is worth your time and your energy, and where are you just burning fuel because of a lack of direction? Try to set a course and move towards it and keep in mind along the way, just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. 


Lexi laphor