Full Moon Aquarius, Lunar Eclipse

This is a time of year that will likely have us feeling wistful and nostalgic. We have been through a lot this year if you really stop and think about it. This moon is swallowed by the darkness in a comforting offer of release. We are being shown that in embracing the dark and letting go of form, we can create something completely new where our imaginations are our only limit. The encompassing darkness comes, asks us to let go of baggage and offers to take it away.

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This is a time of year that will likely have us feeling wistful and nostalgic. We have been through a lot this year if you really stop and think about it. This moon is swallowed by the darkness in a comforting offer of release. We are being shown that in embracing the dark and letting go of form, we can create something completely new where our imaginations are our only limit. The encompassing darkness comes, asks us to let go of baggage and offers to take it away.

Open your crown chakra and let this Aquarian moon connect you to your bigger picture. Let this eclipse wash over every memory in every cell in your body, let dis-ease be dispelled and let yourself be cleared so that you can give your body over to your higher self.

This is the time to begin our brand new lunar cycle. Our sense of self right now hinges largely on our yearning to expand our horizons, as well as our overwhelming passion and desire to succeed. So let’s actually do this.



Moon trine Jupiter and Sun Sextile Jupiter are giving us really strong intermittent rushes of hope, optimism, courage and self belief. With Jupiter’s influence we are remembering our charismatic nature and all that we have been able to achieve in the past. It’s leo season so these feelings of competence and confidence are met with a strong and passionate desire to express, dazzle and achieve. This strong and heartfelt outlook has us focusing particularly on our professional lives. With this in mind it’s a great time to write down goals, manifest, create drafts, mood board, clear some time and create a schedule, whatever you need to do to re begin solidifying your visions.



All full moons bring a release of built up energies. Jupiter square Pluto is a continued energy that we have been experiencing on and off throughout the year and in this cycle will feel from August 4th through to September 1st. This is a chance to either get back in alignment with, or to keep moving closer to, our dreams and happiness. Now more than ever, is the time to be selfish and pursue you! The year is flying by and there is never the perfect time. This eclipse is the universe helping us all reset and remember our personal power, and it’s serving up what is pretty damn close to a perfect flow!. All we need to do is get on board - let yourself be consumed by your goals so that you are immersed enough to be carried to the point of fruition.



The moon opposite Mars will have microaggressions flaring the fuck up. We need to check ourselves and make sure we are not serving up our feelings of irritability and impatience needlessly and carelessly. This will not be anywhere near as intense as other energies in creating conflict this past year by any means, but it’s important not to dismiss as we don’t need every molehill to turn into a mountain and create obstacles that slow and distance us from our goals right now. Conflict at this time is going to be unproductive. Less talk, more walk. Start doing you and stop talking about others or making excuses out of the many petty and mundane occurrences that you well know are just part and parcel in life. Self soothing will go a long way, grounding, breath work, meditation, movement, and focus is the answer.


The sun conjunct Mars will mean we will be inundated and potentially distracted with sporadic excesses of energy and so any feelings of restlessness, competition, aggression or nervousness should be channeled into work, or re distributed through movement, exercise, or sex.



Aries, the end of August is a passionate and highly creative time for you! Before that however, there are a couple of exhausting and potentially rocky weeks. Try focusing your competitive energy into productive outcomes in your work or creative endeavors. Shifts in romantic and platonic relationships threatens to overwhelm. Letting go is key. Sensitive, emotional and loyal you can not hold on any further to people who are meant to exit your life.



Taurus! This is the last eclipse of the cycle which throughout you have shown courage and proven to yourself that you can be adaptable! Give yourself time to catch up to yourself and all this change that has been in motion. You may not be able to notice just how much you have changed and challenged yourself to grow, but you will! Other people have definitely noticed and you have proved professionally that you are someone to watch. With so much work in your personal and career sector, this eclipse until the new moon August 21st is the time to reassess and change your living situation so that you can support the person you are now, which has far different needs than who the person you were at the beginning of this living situation. It could be a change in the people you live with, a small renovation, or a move and change of address. This change must be initiated by you. Push through prioritising this in August, and towards the end of the month money should start coming to you to aid this transition.



Jupiter in Libra will bring some sexy and fun flirtations that will help you explore your sense of what it is right now that turns you on or gets you off. You have been doing a lot of work to find who you are outside of relationships and this week should be a very enjoyable progression of that! Mercury your ruler goes retrograde on the 12th, so miscommunications are likely. Be sure to ask people to explain what they mean and keep from making assumptions. If you are misinterpreted try not to take it personally, rather look at ways you can express who you are more effectively and be patient with family and loved ones as you would want them to be for you. Meditation in the form of yoga or exercise is recommended this month, particularly as mercury begins to retrograde. Don’t be afraid to travel this month especially if in relation to a project or your career! You are still slowly re-aligning with your creative future and you should use this time to continue your self care and work so that when career opportunities come hurling in you are able to pick up speed and catapult yourself fully towards your dreams.



Jupiter in Libra is making your happiness the priority at this time. Don’t worry about if you are giving too much, or taking too much, focus on what makes you happy and do it. This is a time where you are less worried, less cynical and have an easier time swatting away doubts and fears than ever! So! Don’t overthink it and don’t get stuck back in that shell. Now is the time to do, to flow, to enjoy life and live each day. The responsibilities of the world will be there for you to take charge of later, for August let yourself be carefree. You deserve this joy, it is here for you!



Leo! You are feeling yourself and this is a beautiful thing. You are a beautiful thing. Now is a time to have fun, to buy yourself the things you want and to generally use leo season and your birthday season to show yourself love and appreciation. Your closest relationship as well as your work will come under question. You have been going along in both these things for quite some time. But where are you trying to get to? What are your goals with family and what are your goals in your career? Budgeting and setting financial goals, as well as thinking up a bit more of a plan for the next year or two are advised. You cannot sit around secretly hoping for things to bloom and take shape, you must really think about what you want to happen. Taking control and focus is what is needed. Being honest with yourself and your loved ones about what you desire and need in your future is key. Talking and thinking about these things in combination with setting goals, is going to help you create the beautiful future that you deserve, as well as giving you a greater sense of peace and security so that you can enjoy the present.



You are used to making constant adjustments and changes in your life and this keeps you in touch with yourself and what is happening around you. There have been a lot of major shifts and changes you have been through with eclipses being in a pisces-virgo for the past two years. Now you will be able to enjoy relative chill and really focus on yourself and your goals and dreams. Now is the time to experiment and explore in the professional realm. Trying new career paths is supported at this time as you figure your next stage out as you go. Although changing up the work sphere is encouraged, no matter what you do there will be a period where money will feel blocked. Mercury will retrograde in Virgo August 12th to September 5th, so unfortunately you are going to have to get creative with money as it is not exactly forthcoming at this time. Do not let this hold you back! Now is a time where your biggest block is your overly practical mentality. Allow yourself to explore the potential of what could be and trust yourself to know how to create contingency plans if and when you need.



Uranus is currently opposing your sun, Libra. This could mean you are feeling a flare up of pain and difficulty- physically and/or mentally. This is going to be an ongoing thing for you and although it is felt most now, it will continue to a lesser degree as Uranus orbits the sun through until March 6th 2019. This is a very long time, but it is the only time in your lifetime this will happen, so try and keep that in mind! There are still other planetary influences that support and aid you. Jupiter leaves Libra on October 10th, so until then use the planet of gifts and expansion to hustle and manifest material things! August will also be a great time for you socially. There are a lot of opportunities that can come your way from networking and playing the social butterfly. Once those offers come in, be prepared to work to achieve your goals! You will be given opportunities and it is up to you to stretch and sustain them as far as you want and can!



Scorpio. This month is about as blessed as it gets astrologically speaking! At this time career opportunities and achievements are flourishing! Changes to your work’s structure will take place and it’s important not to leave your for vacations so that you are able to harness your career opportunities. If you can travel for work do, otherwise stay put and watch your achievements and recognition in your workplace or field grow!  People from your past pop up to reconnect with you and you are encouraged to embrace these relationships- the timing is finally right!



The next week is a difficult one for you Sagittarius! You may realise some major things have run their course in your life. It’s time for you to say goodbye, let go and move on. This could be a loved one, a past idea of yourself, a job/career. You may feel tempted to try and manipulate people with that charismatic charm to hold on to these things, but when something is over it is over and carrying it lifelessly around takes up energy that you need for new and exciting things to be drawn to you. August 12th Mercury goes retrograde. Although things will slow down for you, you can definitely enjoy the pacing. Let yourself build friendships as that is what is going to bring you creative inspiration. If you can open up, practice give and take, and let yourself learn and be vulnerable this month with new friends, you will have so much new found wisdom and compassion to draw upon in the future! Adventure in the form of new people awaits you! Don’t forget to make room and time for it!



Do you finally recognise yourself as worthy? Capricorn you have worked so hard for so long. This month will have your finances steady and stable calling you to look at another source of incoming energy. You have spent so long earning money and earning the approval of those around you. Now is the time to succumb to the flow, not to resist. All is going well and there is no need to fret and worry over the details this month. August is the time to seek leisure and pleasure. Carve out time to spend enjoying your own company. Learn something completely non practical, something like a hobby, just for the sake of learning something fun and new. There is so much out there that you have never allowed yourself to even wonder about. This is the time!



Jupiter is in alignment with this full moon in your sign, Aquarius. This month is a cosmic blessing for you. Things that no longer serve you and have been holding you back drop away with little to no effort on your part. Something will be decided this week and there will be cause to celebrate. Health and finances should become stronger as this eclipse reinvigorates your mental sense of vitality. Dream big this month Aquarius as your psychic abilities also start to manifest! August 15th brings ego and power struggles and it is easy for conflict to arise from miscommunication. Although your sense of personal power, intuition and perceptiveness is heightened, you should still be very considered with how you communicate to others at this time. You are fully supported by the planets, just remember to remind others you are also supportive of them.



Pisces. Let go this eclipse. Let go of jealousy, possessiveness and identify your part in power struggles that arise within the next few weeks. This moon offers to relieve you of the baggage of your past and of your unhealthy habits. But you must also let go of your tendency to seek out a stance of victimhood and of clinging to self worth through sexual ambiguity with strangers and acquaintances. If you really want to move forward healthy boundaries are your key. People will still be drawn to you, admire you, and love you when they see assert boundaries and say no. Your flaws are already transparent to others and you need only to make peace with them through acknowledging them and letting them go. You know all of this but the planet's want to help you carry this out- now! All your relationships will be stronger in the second half of August if you can start this work on your shadow self this eclipse. Towards August 22nd you will be able to understand the way that either your current partner or a past lover thought and felt while in a relationship with you, and this more expansive insight will help you to shift any resentment and pain stored away. If you feel you can help others heal this month and next you should, but just don’t neglect your own healing!

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