Full Moon in Capricorn Opposed Sun in Cancer


Things are going to get ugly- brace yourself!

Tonight marks the full moon at 17 degrees Capricorn, occurring in the northern hemisphere at 12.07am just after midnight on Sunday morning

This moon is a particularly intense one. Capricorn is a powerhouse of passion, ambition, definitiveness and authority. It's tied up inextricably in our value systems for what we choose to adhere to, where we place our trust, as well what it is that we are working towards in the material and structural realm. Capricorn is amazing at integrating ideas into reality as well as using what is pre existing and stable to shape idea's of what is possible and practical. Capricorn has the gift of building and maintaining power, success and wealth in the material sense. Capricorn's ruler Saturn rewards hard work, boundaries and practicality.

This means that this full moon is going affect our value system as well as material systems that we engage and are entwined with. It has the potential to infiltrate everything, for better or for worse.

The energy of this full moon is an immense and challenging energy to harness. As if shaking and testing the foundations of our values and our material lives were not enough, this full moon has quite a lot more tension and planetary action attached.


We have at play:

Pluto in Capricorn

The sun in Cancer opposite the moon in Capricorn

The sun opposite Pluto

Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto

The moon in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer



Plutonian Force

Pluto is the friend that would send the text of you bitching about another friend, directly to that friend. They'd definitely be that cat that digs up your long buried gold fish, or that time when u were younger and your mother told you to stop picking your nose in front of a crush. On the other end of the spectrum Pluto is the person that breaks up with you by changing the locks and throwing all your things out onto the lawn for you to find when you return home. Pluto is snake that bites you, it's the poison that infiltrates your bloodstream and causes you emotional and physical distress as you go through the process of completely flushing out your system. Pluto deals with shame and fear and is always transformative in some way, often through a heavily felt, exertive process of transmutation.

Pluto is often thought in terms of transformation and of spiritual death. Something deep within our psyche is dragged out with this full moon. In order for it to die so does some of our ego- some of our self.  We are forever changed through this necessary loss, and have become something else. In this instance Pluto will have us digging around in the graveyard of our subconscious dealing with the things we bury and do not want others or ourselves to see. Probably ugly, certainly raw, Pluto brings to the surface things that bring us intense discomfort. Things about our lives, our choices, our personalities. Pluto in Capricorn has the ability to resurrect all that we have tried to suppress, as it plays out in almost every aspect of our lives.  

Plutonian energy is potent. Looking at where Pluto is in your chart can offer how  you will relate internally to much of this tension, but may do very little to mediate its external ramifications.

The change that Pluto brings can be through positive or destructive exertion. Pluto deals with the shadow side of things and in combination with Capricorn, will bring out feelings of paranoia, jealousy, anxiety that may lead to domination or even violent or abusive ways of exercising control and in general, will generate fear. The struggle is how will you attempt to harness and wield a force of such magnitude with so much added planetary tension and conflict.



House of Mirrors- Internal vs External

When the sun is in opposition to the moon it can be difficult to distinguish what is felt/perceived, and what it is that we are acting out and doing. Within our relationships, there is the danger of  playing out our own internal conflicts. Projecting our own issues and struggles onto those around us can be our subconscious as it tries to mirror back our inner issues to our self so that we can face them. However if we do not take ownership and accountability, we place fault and blame in others becoming irresponsible and possibly even tyrannical in our interactions.

With the moon in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn adding to the sun opposing the moon, it's possible for conflict and abuse of power/authority to escalate greatly at this time. With a build up of emotional energy waiting to be released around each full moon, and with so much extra tension going on between the planets, things can get ugly- we can get ugly.


Cancer Capricorn Tension


The sun opposite Pluto as well as the sun opposite the moon creates a major polarity.  With the sun currently in Cancer and the full moon in Capricorn, tension is mounting. Our value system/sense of self is be pulled in two opposing directions. On one hand the sun in cancer wants you to think about your roots and core. It wants you to think only of where you have come from and what you need to feel nurtured, respected and harmonious. The sun in Cancer will beg that you focus on your most intimate relationships with friends, family and/or partner(s) within your immediate realm.  On the other hand the moon in Capricorn will want you to look at how practically, you are going to work and build to achieve status and success, earning self respect through accomplishment, building to your future goals.

If we could simply consider and integrate these all of elements all would be well. However the planets in opposition will have us feeling in extremes, believing that only either or are possible.

With Pluto in opposition to Cancer, there is an added element of tension playing out through your relationships.  There’s a polarity between Cancers sense of giving and receiving love, rooted in the unconditional, and that of Capricorns valuing and expressing love through the conditional. With our value system being caught in other forces tug of war, how we want to be treated and seen by others, as well as how we treat and see our self can start to become expressed in gravely unbalanced ways. Creating too many conditions within a relationship can result in perpetrating harmful and unhealthy patterns of control. There is a desire to lash out and to change others, when what may need rebalancing is yourself. Creating boundaries is important however as a dissolution of them right now will also have major harmful ramifications. If we stay completely rooted in a Cancerian approach to unconditional love, with Pluto’s pervasive and disturbing influence in the mix, we may leave our self open to physical and emotional attack. This could manifest in one on one relationships with family, friends and lovers as we betray our self creating destructive change through trying to please others.



We know that being controlling is harmful and that having no boundaries can leaves us grieving a loss of sense of self. The Cancer pull will have us wanting to destroy our future goals to feel safe and secure right now and the Capricorn pull will have us wanting to destroy all of our relationships as we start to project and lash out, pushing everyone close to us away to make room for our perceived future success and security.

There is no balance or resolution right now between the unconditional and the conditional. There is no way to harness or control Saturn and Capricorn forces, asserting authority and making conditions for our desired outcome. There is also no way that using a more patient and yielding Cancerian approach- practicing unconditional love - will do the trick right now either. Now is not the time for resolution, try to sit in your raw and uncomfortable feelings and simply notice what is coming up for you and how you are reacting.

The challenge right now and for the next two weeks is not to resist the planets- because you can’t- but to work on identifying feelings before acting impulsively and aggressively. Taking ownership for how you impact others and your own life through your choices, actions and behaviours is key right now.



Fight or flight mode is at play with Pluto’s primal influence but we have the chance to continue committing to growth. This is the time to practice how to work through survival mode to transmute that energy and be in thriving mode without destroying all the good relationships and practices that we have already built around us. We must learn to transform without starting completely again, without total destruction. Working through anger will be key as Pluto brings repressed anger to the surface while in opposition to Mars in Cancer -which at all costs wants us to suppress.


To Help:

Mercury sextiles Venus is extended to us like a mini olive branch. It offers Gemini’s charismatic ability to use words, backed by Leo’s passionate desire to show nurture and protection. That means that despite all the raw and heavy tension at play, you are able to use words to express love and hope to those in your life right now, despite all of the other planetary action. Talking yourself out of conflict- not in a way that negates responsibility or accountability- but in a way that isn’t reactive or destructive is possible. Sitting through feeling discomfort and unhappiness while shelving arising conflicts at hand over the next week or two is advised. This allows you to sit in the feelings of discomfort and do some self work until the planetary tug of war has passed (around July 20th as the planets shift where they are stationed).

Lexi laphor