Full Moon in Gemini, Mercury Retrograde


Images by Chantel Beam 


We yearn to feel more from our lives than we currently do. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally. We are realising that we want more meaningful and holistic lives. There is so much that has been in motion and with this new cycle upon us we are only just beginning to re-realise ourselves and what lies ahead.

On the 22nd the sun moved into Sagittarius and highlighted for each of us, the need for expansion and connection. This revelation may be inspiring for some, but can be quite a depressing state of feeling for others. This is because each of us are on the precipice of what could be, what is next, but can see no shape or form yet. There is nothing that we can glimpse ahead, nothing that feels meaningful for our personal evolution. This can be unsettling when you want to forge ahead with confidence and a plan, decisively taking your future in your hands. Add to this holiday time and the pressure of another full year ahead  But there is something really beautiful about the limbo that the planets have carved out for each of us. It’s as though we have been reduced to a simpler state of being and with no certainty as to when we will leave the cocoon. We are wishing to go back to our caterpillar days because we knew what this was like- we grew used to it- but ahead is the chance not to replicate memories of the past, but instead to enjoy the freedom of living as new re born beings.

Sagittarius is a great supporter of trying something absolutely new, teaching, showcasing, traveling, as well as connecting spirituality, however Chiron wounds may have been holding us back still. Chiron has been in retrograde since July 1st and is just about to begin it’s stationing direct from the 5th of December. This means we are still in the head and heart space of healing for almost two more weeks (with a little time needed to get back into gear) and though we don’t know what is ahead just yet, we are getting closer.

There’s still time to read my report on Chiron retrograde and pinpoint what wound has been exposed for you, so that you can work on finally getting some closure. We all deserve some closure finally so that we can learn to move in new ways with less baggage .


This past week has been about slowing down and really touching base with ourselves. With Chiron finishing its retrograde, we should be ready more than ever to embrace the new as we begin to imagine what our next year could look and feel like. This month is a time of getting back in connection to our body, processing feelings and thoughts, connecting to family or friends, projects or aspirations. For those who like to move swiftly and instinctively like the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), the past week and the next two are probably going to feel excruciatingly slow and unyielding. But if you are burnt out or in need of pause, this coming retrograde will give you not what you want but that which you probably need.

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Full Moon Gemini

Full moons are always super charged and build to a release point. This full moon is in Gemini and is a super moon. This Gemini moon brings some chaos turning us each into hurricanes. On one hand we find ourselves in the eye of the storm, feeling a sense of clarity and empowerment, even that we are untouchable. Then the next moment we are flung into the force of the swirling winds, feeling utterly uncontrollable and dangerously destructive. Get ready for all kinds of feelings and thoughts to rapidly sweep on through. Our own inner fears and insecurities are definitely speaking up and whipping us towards wanting to  justify our motives and our  actions as well as ushering in the tendency towards blaming others or victimising ourselves. If you are an air sign though, particularly a Gemini, you are a bit better versed in harnessing this all-over-the-place energy.

This moon brings the opportunity to practice the release of letting go.

It's time to actively let go of old fears and negative thought patterns/spirals. Sounds great huh? Give yourself a fighting chance and really go for it !

Practice makes perfect.



Mercury Retrograde

Ok so I said that there was a lot happening this week, and there really is. It’s overwhelming but it’s going to be ok! Mercury is in retrograde and going into it on the same day as the super full moon. Mercury rules communication and the analysing of information including planning. It also rules the sign Gemini, so it’s going to hit a littler harder than usual. Mercury goes into retrograde three to four times every year and is probably the most talked about planetary movement/astrological action! Mercury is the archetype of the messenger, so rather than blaming every inconvenience on Mercury in retrograde, or on the literal messengers in your life, try practicing some deliberate patience and compassion. At this time it is common for others to misunderstand you and you may misunderstand people, details and situations around you. It can all very likely be resolved if you remain open minded and do the communicative work. Try not to make any decisions or plans that are absolute in this retrograde period, especially because of the full moon in Gemini and the trine and squares we are going to look at next!


Jupiter Trine Neptune, Sun and Moon Square Neptune


Jupiter will trine Neptune on the 3rd as well as the full moon and the sun square Neptune. Neptune can alter our sense of reality. It can feel trippy as all hell and kind of addictive as you want to go deeper and deeper under Neptune's effects. In this case with the trine and square there’s a danger to make decisions based while either under, or based from,  your altered experiences with Neptune. This would be a big mistake. Do not take anything that Neptunes shows you at this time at face value, or as permanent. Illusions and deceptions are rife, especially if you are tapping into the psychic and dream world but also in dealing with the people in your life. Gemini is also a highly empathic sign and even if you are feeling or thinking something deeply and strongly, it’s likely to lead you towards false prophets, lies and away from the revelations, answers and truths Saggitarius’ influence makes you to want to feel and see so badly.


Insecurity, delusions and paranoia is heightened with these squares, so if you have mental and physical health issues take particular care at this time- try to wait it out as much as possible. There are four stars that increase intensity that come into play at this time as well. They are Aldebaran and Antares which represent the black and the white horses of the apocalypse as well as the stars Regulus and Fomalhaut. These four stars are known as the Archangel stars, the Royal stars, the Guardians of Heaven and as the four horses of the apocalypse. It’s very heavy symbology and very intense energy. A similar placement occurred at the beginning of and during world war two and these stars caution that drastic or violent action can occur, leading to devastation and loss, as we feel pushed toward feelings of extreme highs and lows. If we can remain in balance there is the potential for moral gain. These stars also urge us to remember the past and to learn from our mistakes.


Uranus square Mars

There is so much happening this week and adding to that is Uranus making a square with Mars. Unfortunately Mars has a tendency to influence us to act provocatively and impulsively- often out of impatience and for the sake of distraction and drama. This is not a good combination with our current Sagittariuan desire for direction and epicness and with Jupiter trine Neptune and the moon and sun square Neptune. SIGH. It is ok that we are restless and Mars will have us wanting to defy and resist all restraint - self imposed or otherwise.  This is a time where we really have to hold ourselves accountable and be careful with what we do and say. At best, this energy can be harnessed for subversive purposes. With this energy comes a ton of fierce drive,  making it a great time to channel into creating art or engaging in activism. Uranus encourages the pursuit of personal freedom and expression as well as celebrating the odd, unique and the strange- both within ourselves and within others. With so much happening the next two weeks, any grounding work or physical exercise that you can do will be stabilising.

Good luck and the next forecast will focus on being sign specific.  

Lexi laphor