New Moon in Gemini

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Gemini new moon ushers in a much needed gust of wind beneath our wings. New moons always help us to reinvigorate and refocus. We feel a renewal of motivation, optimism, and clarity. With this new moon in Gemini - a mutable sign - we find that this energy is flexible and readily harnessed and directed. This means that we really may use it wherever we feel it’s most needed. Gemini new moon comes as a breath of fresh air. It’s here for us to take into ourselves and become that little bit more fuller and alive. It’s asking us to take this fresh breath and to use it to breathe a bit of life into small things and areas that have become a little forlorn or neglected.

Gemini new moon encourages us to pick up where we left off, but to also start small. It’s a great time to reply to all those unanswered emails and texts, to pick up a book, to start a experimenting with a creative practice, exercise or meditation practice or to reconnect in a relationship. While even the simplest things at times can feel like an uphill struggle, this new moon brings about 4-6 days of gliding downhill almost effortlessly. Use this new moon energy to usher in productivity on a small scale, that will begin to set you up for the next month. If you can, write out a plan or begin a process in which you clearly define and brake down the desired outcomes as well as the steps that will lead you there.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Mercury is a planet that helps us analyse information. It helps us to be critical and creative, to be able to focus on the micro details as well as zooming out and seeing the bigger picture. Mercury wants to inspire us to be more creative with our problem solving. Innovation comes when we remember that challenges push us to create interesting solutions- that problem solving can be enjoyable and help in our evolution. Being lighter and more uplifting and creative within communication and problem solving right now is key. Whether this is applied to your own inner dialogue, or within your relationships with others, it’s time to sail on the side of ease with what if’s being exciting and inspiring rather than dread filled and debilitating. Mercury wants us to check in with the details of our lives and wants us to make sure we are seeing things from not only our own perspective, but also all possible angles and perspectives. It challenges us to break down what is real for us and why, to be present in our own bodies and minds, but also helps us to be open and mindful of different experiences as well as our own interconnectivity.

Mercury pushes us to consider how we right now fit into our own bigger picture and how our own bigger pictures intersect and connect with others. Mercury also has a spiritual side in that it’s known as the messenger. Now is a time to consider how we carry messages for others as well as looking at our delivery. Conversely now is a time to remember that people come into our lives with messages to give however perfect or imperfect the deliver is, there’s something to be learnt and thus gained in all. 

New moon in Gemini is an opportunity to reconnect. Reconnecting to and within ourselves. Reconnecting to our drive and creativity. Reconnecting to the habits and patterns we establish and maintain or neglect in our lives. And, reconnecting to connection itself. 

To Recap:
Reconnect and refocus now! Otherwise the danger is you spend the next few days dreaming away with your head in the clouds, scattering and dissolving your energy mindlessly in the process. While we all love to take flight visiting one whimsical dream after another, we risk becoming (pleasantly) distracted and then find ourselves back after a week with new challenges and with no new moon gust to help carry us forwards. 

Any unhealthy habits you can break down, or any healthy habits you can build up are extremely important these next 4-6 days. 

We have some interesting transits and retrogrades coming up at the end of this month including Mars retrograde on the 26th June. This brings with it its own new challenges so getting small things in order now will greatly help us for then. Beginning to build will be the battling feelings of wanting to isolate yourself from or on the other end of the spectrum to lash out at loved ones as the way we relate to ourselves and our desires and need for intimacy are shaken up and tested. My Mars retrograde guide will come out by 23rd June so let’s focus on all this blissful Gemini new moon creativity until then! 



You have a fresh start and the world is your oyster. Aries now is the time to develop your creative abilities. Put your time into creating and you will find your self confidence and your sense of inspiration ballooning. If you can chanel all that excess energy into creative practice it won’t manifest as strongly in anxiety the next two weeks. You are feeling grounded, balanced and clearer than usual with this new moon. You are in touch with your inner child and are yearning to learn and explore. This is great! The bad news is on the 26th, Mars your ruler retrogrades. So, start creating some sort of practice and habits this week that will carry you through later. Martial arts, running, the guitar, knitting, ceramics- idc what it is but start to do something and start to do it now! If you can establish some small creative routine your next two months are going to pay the fuck off, but if you decline because you feel good right now you set yourself up to face the imminent challenges with little to no support. 



Taurus! You are finally ready to step out of your incredibly rigid and disciplined routine and we have all been waiting quite some time for this! Unlike every other sign you must actually try and be LESS engrained in habit and work. You are the only sign in which the planets are saying please, please, TAKE A BREAK. This is the time to talk to new people, travel, go to a party or an event which is exciting (and not work related). You are feeling engaged and open- spiritually more than in a long time- and certainly open to some element of newness and randomness. The new moon ushers you to get into your creative and imaginative brain, to connect and have conversations with new people as well as to get into your body. If you can try something physical that is new - get a massage, try something new sexually, do a random archery class, give pottery a try or have a wrestle in some mud pit! Whatever it is make sure you are attempting something new and being in your body in a way that evokes the senses and gives a sense of pleasure. Thinking of ways you have been imaginative and wild in the past will not do. You have to reconnect to the you in the now, not old and outdated versions of yourself or life. Take small time outs and work will still be there to return to. You have put enough time and discipline in that your hard work will keep paying off even when you take a moment for yourself. You are so established in many ways, but now is time to reconnect with your body and your inner child and experience random adventure even if in only in small and bite sized pieces!


Gemini! You are back on your bullshit (the good kind)! This gemini season has been leading up to this new moon for you. You are growing stronger and more confident. You are beginning to feel optimism and capable and thinking of what the world out there has to offer and experience. You are going to spend this week and the next two, having engaging and beautifully connective conversations with new people and you are going to choose to embark on some sort of new path. Travel is likely or else a new relationship or creative pursuit. You stand to gain so much from the world if you can be brave enough to step out into it open and willing. A feminine influence is going to help you either financially or emotionally so that you may step into a place that serves your potential and your future! Embrace it and take charge and authorship of your adventure and your life from this moon onwards and you have everything to gain.


You feel a heightened sense of faith and security right now within your friendships as well as this the new moon is bringing a more can do attitude helping you feel optimism and more expansive possibility. This doesn’t necessarily extend to your relationships with your family or within a romantic/sexual relationship. Worrying about these relationships right now unfortunately is only going to have you feeling like a turtle on its back. Bookmark these things and leave them for another time. Instead for this week, if you can think of all the amazing things you have done, shared and experienced and be grateful and appreciative of all the magic and beauty in your life, this is going to manifest and grow. Focusing in on painful details of intimate relationships or thinking too much about the past is going to have you spiralling or wallowing. This new moon wants to invigorate and remind you that there is magic and creativity woven into your very being and everything around you. Feel it in your breath, feel it in the air, get on that wavelength and ride it out because you deserve to enjoy and feel inspiration and its within your grasp if you want it.


Leo! It is likely that something connected to intimate relationships (family or a lover/partner) has sent you spiraling somewhat. There has been some disturbance or change that you perceive and this has sparked a small but fierce fire. Rather than thinking that the sky is falling or that everything is crumbling, see this as a necessary bushfire- regenerative. There are some small adjustments and changes you need to make in your everyday life so that your emotional world is more stable and sustainable. So regardless of how others feel about you, regardless of how much or how little time they spend with you and how they choose to express things to you, you have a sense of self esteem and confidence that is inspired and sustained by you. You are funny, kind. exciting and nurturing. You are being asked to use this new moon energy to enhance your own everyday so that you are nurturing your sense of self regardless of the love you give or receive to and from others. Loving something you do just for you, loving something you are and get to be seperate from others. It’s the perfect time to start new activities or follow paths of creative expression and create small and realistic goals and patterns that bring you joy. Remember to praise, nurture and adore yourself this week. Show yourself some love.


This mercurial moon should have you feeling back in touch with clarity and possibility. Mercury being your ruling sign just like Gemini, this moon highlights all your strengths and gifts and enhances them calling you to utilise them! You are so easily and effectively able to examine the ways in which you can affect positive change. Rather than looking at yourself and your own life as a complete and utter mess, look at it with the compassion and spirit in which you do when you are helping or advising others. If you can let your own fears of failure subside for a moment to actually tackle what you have right in front of you, you will give yourself the practical and emotional and mental space to thrive. You are a fast learner and love improvement and this is always available to you. Even the trickiest or most difficult of problems you are able to break down and work with, so give yourself the time and the energy that you give to others for once. Your creative and career sector is calling out to you. And it is being met with an empathetic echo. You are yet to really believe and commit to changes that will help you feel a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. Look at this year as an experiment right now rather than putting so much pressure on yourself by taking everything so damn seriously. In experimenting you will be able to reconnect to your passions and confidence and realise that there is value in the process. Only through making mistakes and reaching dead ends will you ge to the place you are meant to get to. Playing it safe only serves to keep you stuck and sinking this year as others forge on without you. Give yourself the chance to thrive and not just survive. You deserve growth and success and this is not linear. Dive into experimentation and be your own biggest backer and investor. Anything less is you self sabotaging and being unnecessarily self defeating. You’ve got this if you can admit that you want it and go for it!


This new moon invigorates you spiritually and socially. This week and next you will find your self engaging with strangers with openess and interest. Engaging with people who are a lot older than you and a lot younger than you will remind you that we have so many teachers in this life as well as s many opportunities to share what we know, think and feel. Any opportunities you have to learn right now are encouraged and supported as is any travel or adventure. Mercury is urging you connect gather and share information and experiences and is allowing you to feel sharp and clear minded and ready for something new. It wants to help yu build up a practice or career.  This week try and use your sense of ingenuity and lust for connection in some sort of creative way. Starting a relationship this week or using sex as a creative outlet is not advised as this is something available to you often, where as this new moon wants you to experiment and explore tapping into different energies and ways of expressing and sharing that benifit your career sector and help bridge this material realm with your spiritual world. 


Scorpio. This is a great time for you. You should be feeling more and more self confidence with each day resulting in a more calm and centered way of interacting with others. You can just be. You have put in a lot of work this year and last and people see this want to validate and recognise your efforts and achievements. You are able to focus on your interpersonal relationships now and you are highly charismatic. You are highly alluring right now so just ensure that those you let into your life are truly what you want and need rather than just letting them through for turning up. Spiritually you are highly intuitive and will be able to assess things with the utmost clarity this week. It’s a time to be proud of yourself and your journey and to enjoy simple things this next week like engaging conversation, a film or theatre show or a class. Travel and an adventure are supported but shopping or any extravagant displays of wealth or success are not advised right now as the planets are asking you to to remain humble and in balance. 


Sagittarius! You are feeling more self confident and more self possessed than most of this year and perhaps even last. You are engaged and inspired and this new moon in your opposite sign of Gemini is here to bring extra clarity and optimism. You will be great at organizing yourself and details of your life - particularly this week so tackle all that you can. You will also find yourself feeling more like yourself in that you are feeling extremely passionate. Your work life will go well but right now the most illuminated is your relationship with yourself and family or an intimate new lover/ pre existing long term partner. You will find that engaging with passionate people has brought out more of your passionate self again and allowed you to share magic you knew was there but felt difficult to access. If you have a new relationship go for it! Bring the magic, bring the lust, bring it all. If you are in a long term relationship enjoy the reigniting of passions and take it that step further or deeper. Connect with family and express your love, trust in your connections and take some time to imagine what you want from the future on a personal and spiritual note rather than just professionally. You are incredibly open and intuitive so listen to your dreams. The only thing you have to be weary of is when you are feeling passionate and open and light filled, it’s very charming and attractive to all. Be sure that in your bliss you don’t let people manipulate you. You may feel free flowing and this is amazing, but be choosy about who you free flow along with and who you let into your life this month. The next few weeks have so much goodness for you Sagittarius and the more present, active and directive you are in it the more expansive and filled up you stand to feel. 


Capricorn, you are feeling very emotionally in touch with yourself and with those you encounter. This is a great time to practice being more verbally emotionally expressive and to really nurture the connections you value within your life. Often Capricorn’s are perceived as either highly needy and clingy, or on the opposite side of the spectrum very cold and authoritarian. While this is at times true, you are achieving a wonderful balance right now of giving nurturance as well as receiving it. Keep exploring this as you will find a relationship in your life right now to keep deepening and deepening the moe you tend to it. You are also able to articulate career and creative pursuits and you are able to get things done as well as having fun along the way. Allow this new moon to fill you with new hopes and desires. Allow your very capable self, to take some alone time to really process and brainstorm what will bring you happiness. You deserve it and it’s yours to take so let your intuition guide you to a place where you find laughter and honesty. 


This next week looks great for you Aquarius. There is at least one really positive masculine energy in your life right now which is helping you feel more grounded and capable in material or practical terms. You are able to imagine what you want to focus on on a more broader long term scale and any time you can spend alone to continue to dream and map this out is a great investment. You will probably do a lot more this month coming than usual but you won’t feel too overwhelmed or drained. You are exactly where you are meant to be. You are open and feeling highly invigorated for the weeks ahead. Enjoy this new moon and enjoy exploring your goals and dreams. 


Unlike all the other signs you, (most like Taurus) are actually encourages to break out of routine! This new moon lights your inquisitive nature. You are encouraged to talk to new people, go to random places and really explore solo. You may have been experiencing some tension within an intimate partnership (sexual/romantic or a family relation). There are no quick fixes to this right now, rather more of a time out to explore and expand yourself. You feel very protective of yourself, your life, your loved ones but also at times that can lead you to forget how important other people boundaries are. By asserting some boundaries for yourself right now and putting some time aside for simply yourself, this will feedback positively into your home life and intimate relationships. Enjoy feeling clarity as you reconnect your inner child with your old man/crone and experience a week of spiritual expansion and enrichment. Let yourself go into yourself and out into the world at once and enjoy the randomness and unexpectedness that is this life. Look forward to bringing your travels back home and having a wealth of stories and enchantments to share. 

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