HARVEST MOON - Pisces x Virgo



Virgo Season 

It’s now officially Virgo season and so it is the time of the harvest. All of the work, care and effort we have put into our lives are going to start to show in form. Sometimes our crops bear no fruit, or the seeds we were so excited about don’t come through. We may realise we watered too much, that there was not enough sunlight or that our soil wasn’t the right consistency. This is the time where we take stock of our harvest and notice what we have been cultivating throughout this year. We may be pleasantly surprised or perhaps somewhat disappointed and confused with what we find. Sometimes though we feel we have put in work and effort, we haven’t figured out the right recipe to create what we had intended.


Virgo season forces us to confront the details. Did we actually do our research? Did we follow through with consistency? Our methods come into focus as it is time to identify the mistakes we have made and to use them to improve on our formula for success.


Virgo season is the perfect time for self assessment and for swift reshuffling of priorities or time management.  Regardless of our intentions and efforts, now is time to use all of our knowledge and resources to finesse ourselves and our lives. Virgo season reminds us that life is a constant process of trial and error and gives us all the tools and support to be able to see where adjustments are sorely needed if we want to nail this. 

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Pisces Full Moon 

On the 26th of August we have the full moon in Pisces at 3 degrees. This is the final moon still caught up energetically in the past eclipse cycle, and so it is the last cosmic push towards our new selves and our new lives. Pisces is the opposite sign to Virgo and so at this this time we are working with the strong force of polarity. The universe is really giving us it’s all so that we can feed our spirit, our souls, our bodies and our minds.  Pisces is one of the most nurturing, intuitive and forgiving signs of the zodiac. Use this full moon to process, acknowledge and let go of past mistakes. Use the influence of Virgo season to understand and implement the lessons that have come from those mistakes, for they are valuable. This dual Virgo Pisces energy wants us to purify and refine our lives so that we are in tune with our highest self, and on our path towards our best possible future. We have to be honest with who we are, where we are at, and where we want to go and then we have to start revising all of the details so that we can be sure our actions and our intentions work in harmony so that we are in alignment.



Blessed- Get In Alignment

This full moon, in addition to the intense purifying energy of both Pisces and Virgo, we are quite cosmically blessed by a grand trine. There is a grand trine forming a kite aspect with the sun and moon that could not signal enough that the universe wants our lives to really take off! This is a beautiful pattern visually and energetically. The grand trine favours healthy self development and progress in all areas of our lives. Our relationships will progress based on all the hard work that has been done over the last few months and this full moon is our last cosmic kick towards our own personal nirvanas. The universe has given us glimpses, wafts and tastes of all that could be in our lives, it wants us to soar and glide into our greatest possible future.



Now, we have two weeks. This is because we have been graced an extension of sorts post eclipse season with this final full moon from that cycle. But at the next new moon in Virgo on September 9, our new reality kicks in. Drastic cuts and changes could cause us brutal loss or resentment and cause us to kick of our new cycle with the same old bs. We have a bit of deadline, as well this gifted extra two weeks, to get our self inorder, to really align ourselves with all that we want and know could be.

 It’s go time.

These two weeks are incredibly important. Use this time to pick back up a project or ask for more responsibility at work, to apply for a new job or a promotion, to learn new or more skills, to change our schedules and habits, to give time and power to what we want to thrive. To weed and tend to what is holding us and our growth back. Virgo wants us to drag ourselves because we need it, but Pisces is here to make it feel good! Get in your flow and don't allow the things that don't serve you come with!

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Re-adjust, Reinforce and finesse  your life so that you are in alignment with who you say you are and what you really want.  Acknowledge and extract the debris now, because wanting to do it and actually doing it, are two different things. Combine Virgo power of analysis and re-ordering  with Pisces astute intuitive ability to know what is right for you and what is not. 

You are supported and fully set up for activation and achievements so do your self aligning. The beginning of Virgo seasons is a progress report and your last chance to end your last cycle and commit to and set up this next phase. You have a two week period to cram in any last minute adjustments that you can and Pisces will really guide you in this making it feel good as you are ushered towards the future of your making. 

The grand trine and kite aspect is the sign you have been waiting for. You have permission from the cosmos - go for it.


Horoscopes will be released Friday 31st August

Lexi laphor