New Moon -Who's This

I Don’t Know Her - New Moon, Who’s This? 

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Ok so Aries influence over the past month has given us quite a few Mariah Moments. We’ve really been that bitch on top of the world, fleetingly back on our bullshit, having the highs and feeling royally alive… but also with that passion and impulsive desire driven motion, we’ve also all fallen off our self appointed high horse… multiple times. We’ve dragged ourself through that many pity parties and generally spent quite some time down in the dumps as we contemplate who the fuck we even are and what the fuck we even want. 

We are trying to harness confidence and self belief. We have been and continue to grasp for that feeling of certainty- or at least a little more clarity and foresight.  What is ahead and what are we meant to be doing now to get there? We want to see what the puzzle looks like and know how long it’s going to take and even then we are not even sure that we have all the pieces. 

What motivates us beyond what we have been doing, or simply need to be doing to keep our heads above water? No matter what sign you are, you will have been feeling this long, arduous, drawn out period of transition quite intensely. It started in 2016 and really kicked in your door mid to late 2017. This has been quite an unsettling and uncomfortable period for most, with a lot of massive endings and internal struggle. I wish I could tell you that everything will be resolved instantly and that the stars have a bonus stack of cash for you, but no. 


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Jupiter is still retrograding

Damn, money is stressing us all out right now. We are worried about it’s flow. We have less of it than usual and it’s making us feel cagy as we are not sure how to make more come in to our month. The best we can do is make cuts and concessions, hoping that this is temporary.

Jupiter started its retrograde on March 8th and will finish it’s retrograde period July 10th. This period is not intended to make us stress and struggle, but is intended to make us sweat. Think of Jupiter retrograde as a detox. It wants to strip back the luck, the charisma and the extra cash we’ve had going on, so that we don’t coast on these things and can get to focusing on some of the rawer parts of our selves and our lives that need attention and change.

Ask yourself what it is you have been letting slide or putting off because you had that extra cash. Jupiter wants you to make the adjustments in your life now and it knows you won’t do it unless you feel the pressure.  Saturn is here to help you in this. Any practical and solid plans that you make to move toward your future will be supported. Saturns influence can feel heavy handed. Because we have so much Aries energy right now we feel a little like the child with Saturn playing a seemingly punishing or authoritarian role.


Saturn’s influence is kind of like your parents telling you no with no explanation. Rather than rebel or resist, trust that Saturn is here to guide and help you enforce swift changes that are going to streamline your year and help you to become more grounded and realistic with where you are at (and how you are going to get to where you are wanting to go).


Aries New Moon

This season has had us acting like kids in the back seat of a road trip. It has had us trying to kick and quarrel with our siblings, it’s had us wanting ice cream even though we know we are probably going to vomit it back up and it’s had us incessantly begging the question ARE WE THERE YET. 

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If you haven't annoyed yourself yet this past month, you have definitely annoyed those around you. With the compulsive need to know the timing and outcome of everything either before or as it’s playing out and then threatening acting out or small bouts of self destructive impulses, the stars are rolling their eyes and shaking their damn heads at us. 

Aries is here to help us open our eyes. It’s like the magician/fool card in the tarot deck. New beginnings and seeing things with a fresh perspective. The universe has gifted us with a new chapter in our lives in which there is infinite possibility. Instead of freaking the fuck out like we’ve all been doing, this new moon in Aries has come to sooth and invigorate. 


New moons are so amazing because we do get about 5-7 days of grounded motivation. Get into that inbox and reply to all the emails you have been putting off. Pick back up that project or start drafting out a real plan. Harness this energy and optimize it, because the new moon motion, like everything will come and go. Now is the perfect time to write out goals and plans and break down the steps that you will need to achieve them. actually physically write things on paper. Get a diary/planner or poster paper. Mind map or dot points whatever just get it out there.

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If you are feeling lazy or resistant to that, you can always do a simple ritual instead. Write down your goals and for every goal, write down 3 things that you need to let go of in order to propel you towards them. After you have written this out, burn the paper and bury the ashes in the ground or a bowl of dirt. Honor that for rebirth there must be first death. 


Get this shit done asap. On the 17th Saturn begins its retrograde and really whips us with the lack of discipline and organization we have shown. It’s going to aid us as it highlights the need to start making these cuts and changes this week. Scorpio full moon is just around the corner (April 30th) and you know that Scorpio is going to make a bloody mess as it surgically shreds through all that we have failed to acknowledge and expel. 

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Things to be mindful of:


15th April: Mercury stations direct in Aries

Mercury retrograde finishes! Give things a week to feel back to normal but this is great as miscommunications should lessen and technology will run smoother! 


16th April: New moon in Aries

Accept that new beginnings are an amazing opportunity and blessing. With the reinvigorating momentum of this new moon, harness and maximize this energy so that you can sort out those things you have been putting off and ignoring. Break it down into little steps so that it’s actually possible and you don’t become overwhelmed. Independence isn’t as scary as it feels right now, as you must center yourself so that you can be yourself and move into your future lighter and ready for what could beckon. 


17th April: Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

This will take place until the 6th of September. Saturn retrograde will enforce much needed discipline and patience. It’s going to have us focusing on building and maintaining healthy structure and support/coping practices. It’s going to really highlight and reveal our inner world and all the fear and toxicity we have held and buried as well as help us move through and beyond it. This will be aided by Pluto in Capricorn. Don’t resist or deny the dark and difficult stuff that surfaces as you are just going to make it a much messier and tumultuous time for yourself. 


25th April: Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini

Things will start to move more rapidly but also more erratically. Taurus is the slow, solid, steady and sensual way of giving and receiving love and care. Gemini is not linear and it’s certainly not solid. With Gemini’s influence things can change in an instant and this can be beautiful and amazing! Just try not to read too much into why someone is acting the way they are when they are romantic, sexual or giving you love and care. Don’t try to connect the dots to see the bigger picture where gemini’s influence is concerned. Gemini’s energy is shaking things up and allowing spontaneity and creative chaos. Enjoy the random and exciting things this brings but also remember you will need to do a lot of your own grounding as you can not rely on it from others at this time. 


30th April : Scorpio Full Moon. Stay tuned. 

Individual horoscopes will be released by next weekend. Until then, stop looking for answers and consolation and get organized, get your new moon shit done! 

Lexi laphor