New Moon in Leo x Eclipse - Go Time

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Congratulations on making it through the epic rollercoaster that has been the last 6 months! One of the most overwhelming, confusing and tense times, this cosmic eclipse season has been full on emotionally and mentally! 

The final eclipse in the season is now upon us. This final eclipse is a solar partial eclipse in Leo combined with a new moon in 18 degrees Leo. This eclipse x new moon signifies an extremely significant and climactic point in our lives. The pressure has been on and we are now at the point where we must take flight from the nest, or miss out on what is awaiting us.

This is a super intense period where the last six months have had us nestled away as we try to understand and process emotionally and mentally. With all of this introspection and shadow work has come a point of culmination. The eclipse season has really stirred and shaken our inner world - our sense of self. In combination with many retrogrades, our shadow side has been illuminated as old fears and unhealthy behaviors have resurfaced and been extremely unsettling and challenging. We will have felt quite uncomfortable, erratic and chaotic the last six months, but the past six weeks the pressure has been turned all the way up.


Things have felt so tense and confusing, as the cosmos has asked us to rapidly process that which is occurring in order to be ready to move forward, now at this final eclipse point. You have been able to identify the ways you want to change and grow for your best future, for your next chapter. This next two weeks you really must make some very real change happen, if you want momentum and growth and for those goals to remain possible. The window of opportunity is upon us the next two weeks and it’s time to practice what we preach. We have been thinking and dreaming up what could be possible for ourselves and what and where we want to move towards and into in our lives. Today, this new moon eclipse combo could not tell us any more clearly that the time to act is now. 

A leap of faith is necessary as we must use this Leo new moon and eclipse to harness courage and self belief as we face leaving behind the old us and our stagnant and fear laden coup. The universe is telling us to inhabit our heart and to take a chance on ourselves and on our future now, or risk recommitting to old and outdated ways of living and being. The later will be stifling emotionally, creatively and mentally and there unfortunately are doors that will close to us. 

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The time for observing and contemplating is over and it’s go time. We must act now on what we have learnt this past 6 months. The stakes are extremely high at present, as we are coming to terms with soul contracts and our karmic life path. Some sort of cosmic creative or romantic partnership is upon each of us. This isn’t the precipice of just any new chapter, this is a deeply important point in our cosmic journey and soul path. This is the birth or the death of a new era. 

11:11 Moon - The Lovers 

This eclipse x new moon combo, falls on the 11th and is also in 2018 (which add to 11), thus many numerologists and physics are calling it the 11:11 moon. Somewhat elusive, but ever-affirming the energy of 11:11 is a deeply spiritual sign of karmic destiny, spiritual oneness and soul contracts/unions (which are also expressed in the tarot card The Lovers). This energy will be presenting itself in your relationship with yourself and your future. The strong charge of 11:11 energy in this moon really aids us in our need to step up and step into our rightful union with our future. Our options are clear: evolve now or miss out. Our goals, relationships and collaborations risk disappearing if we do not begin working with them and making them priorities now.


Unfortunately though there are things that are destined for us, we must make the choice to meet them and actively step into them or they will not happen for us. The energy of 11:11 reassures us that we have all we need in order to act and succeed but that it is up to us to rise to the occasion. Pluto is pushing us out of the underworld where we have been doing our shadow work. We’ve seen and felt things that we had repressed and made excuses to bury. Now we must leave the underworld or risk rotting and becoming trapped there. On the flip side of that Uranus’ influence has infused trips and bizarre occurrences and feelings as at times we have felt out of our bodies and minds glimpsing other planes, however we can’t stay in that upload either. We must synthesis those experiences and download them in the here and now so that we can use what we have learnt to manifest in this reality. 

This may all sound quite strange, but this has been a strange time! 11:11 reminds us that all is in balance and harmony, but we need to be present and actively partake in recreating and restructuring our reality in the now if we want to create the life we yearn for. 

The matrix is over and now we here in this all this Leo glory ready to crown ourselves as kings and queens of the domain of our own making. 



This has been a very weighted and chaotic period. It’s been kind of gross and weird with Pluto and Uranus’ influence and we’ve combusted multiple times with Mars retrograde and all the ebbing and flowing eclipses, full moons and new moons. It’s been confusing and frustrating but now there is this finally an end point! Though this end point strikes today, with it will bear very real and long lasting effects on your future. 

Breathe! You got this! Manifesting the positive change you desire is paramount right now, as if you let fears overcome you, you risk making them reality instead. 

Try writing down your goals as well as writing down smaller steps and plans that will help you reach them. We have spent a lot of time internally over the last six months, now we must emerge and begin to act as we commit to ourselves and our future through external action. 

Meditating on 11:11 and The Lovers card can help sooth us the next two weeks and will help remind us to love ourselves and see the beauty in all that we are faced with meeting. 

Leo energy is also here help as it helps make us bolder and braver and feel inspired to step into what we know we can create and achieve if we only begin here and now.  

This new moon x eclipse combo is transformative and rejuvenating if we work with it. If we do the work. 


To look forward to:  

August 18th: Mercury sextile Venus and Mercury goes direct

This is a great time to have game changing conversations. Mercury the planet of communication and analysis of information is connecting with the loving sign of Venus. It is also finishing its retorgrade! We can move with more ease and breath as our communication becomes easier and lighter. We can communicate difficult and heavy things under the softness of Venus’ flow as our plans and all their moving parts run smoother and more succinct in general. This is a great time to start planning and communicating big decisions. It’s also a great time to have any romantic conversations and to deepen your expressions of love and care. 

19th: Jupiter Trine Neptune

A fortuitous day- luck is in the air!

23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

You can start to see both where the puzzles pieces must go and the overall picture simultaneously. You will be able to better organize and structure your time and energy to better support your goals. 

August 27th: Mars comes out of retrograde! 

Finally we can stop seeing red and hopefully our relationship with anger will be able to shift. Mars retrograde has really shown us what we need to work on in terms of how we process and communicate our feelings. Unfortunately things have been so tense we’ve been tip toeing around trying not to set others or ourselves off. But as the retrograde stations direct we can begin to change old habits and patterns.





Mars your ruler is still retrograding until August 27th. UGH! This may mean confusion and a little chaos however this Leo energy reminds you that you are still highly successful and creative finding so much excitement and joy even in -and sometimes especially amidst- chaos! You are a highly adaptable sign and you have done so much personal growth this year whether you see it yet or not! Despite your doubts about yourself, now is a time you can begin again to thrive. These next two weeks, make time to appreciate all the good things you have and reconnect to a sense of pleasure, passion and expression. Reengage in your creative side while Mars retrogrades in your 10th house slows down some things in your career sector. Remember you flourish despite challenging conditions are you are resilient and vital. If you are bored, it is because you are being boring. Switch it up and get back into your body, your creativity, your sensuality and let yourself enjoy and experience things that are going to make you remember how magical and creative you are. 



Uranus is retrograding and this will heavily impact you right through until January 6th. It will impact your 4th house of home and family asking you to make changes so that you can have more nurturing foundations. Also highlighted for you is your ruler Venus, moving into Libra. This is a time where you can stop and recognize the ways you have looked after and nourished yourself and can see that you are in a safe an secure place. You are recognizing that your identity and live has shifted immensely from when you were younger and that you have a much healthier relationship with yourself and those you care about.  You have worked hard to get to this point, probably focusing most intensely within your career. Celebrate your progress and achievements and now that you are thriving you can afford to pause and give yourself some appreciation, love and care. 



Gemini! You are bonding with new people and enjoying life. You are making waves putting yourself out of your comfort zone and connecting with new and exciting people and ways of being and thinking. You are supported in setting new goals for yourself as this eclipse and Leo energy leaves you feeling more empowered and autonomous than perhaps ever. You can continue to thrive, learn, explore and excel but you must remain accountable for your actions and decisions and keep being a leader to yourself, as any surrendering to figures of authority or syphoning of your autonomy to patriarchal practices and figures now will leave you weakened and trapped. Step into your new era with confidence and conviction and remember you have all the power you need within you to succeed if you try. 



You are able to draw on more strength and confidence than you have in a long time! You are trying new things and ready to pursue new projects and romantic and sexual leads. You have persevered through so much and now is a time where you can afford to be a bit picky with what you do next in terms of career and work. You know yourself so well and you know when to compromise and when to push. Take the time you need these next two weeks to modify your routine and to tap more into your passions and creativity. Try and enjoy friends and romance without being so protective of yourself- you are in a position of strength and you are able to assert your boundaries when necessary. You stand to gain so much these next two weeks if you can put yourself out there and enjoy Venus’ energy. 



Leo this is your month! Any things that you can do that involve physicality and expression right now are extremely rewarding. Getting into your body and your self expression is going to have you feeling connected to your sense of creativity and optimism. Being physically affectionate with people is going to recharge you and remind you that you are loved and supported. It’s time to reconnect socially and creatively and really just take a break from any sources of major stress as much as you can. Take a break from any people or situations that are draining you and are not replenishing you. You may have taken on other problems and worries in an attempt to expel your own anxious energy. This is a time to recharge and reignite your sense of passion and courage so make the time to busy yourself in movement and creative pursuits that engage your mind and allow you feel lighter and more in tune. 



Virgo, you have definitely felt very alone and stuck over the past month, but now things are shifting. Recognize what you want and need and take the lead by being assertive and by asking for help. Venus and Uranus are working making you highly attractive this month both socially and work wise. Use Mars’ energy to fight your way through self doubt and go after the jobs and opportunities you desire. These next two weeks are the perfect time to network as people are even more interested in you than usual. Go out on dates and to events and parties and put extra time into applying for new jobs or projects. You will also have extra an push towards meditation and yoga or dance and you should definitely take advantage of this. Great things are on your horizon as you are feeling more empowered to take charge within your life. Don’t slow down now that you have all of this new moon energy and momentum- leave others to their own pace as you race off into this time of renewal and reinvigoration. 



Mars and Venus are working with you to allow yourself to passionately focus on self love and healing. Despite that focus, it’s also a great time to be social, meet new people and make connections and collaborations. You deserve fun, sex, love and connection and right now you are extra charismatic so it’s the time to put yourself and your desires out there. Work is so-so for now, giving you the opportunity to focus on your goals for yourself in terms of what practices you can put in place to give more holistically to yourself and your long term happiness. Enjoy this period of confidence and intuition and practice stepping into your own authority more and more while Leo energy emboldens us. 



Right now are work you can stand to be more assertive and direct, while right now with family friends and lovers, you can stand to infuse extra warmth and compassion. You are stepping into your power and getting closer and closer towards your goals and dreams. The only thing that could trip you up these next two weeks is speaking before you think when themes of control and power play arise. Try to remain grounded and in balance as much as you can these next two weeks as you keep working - you are making so much progress and this new moon x eclipse momentum is going to be amazing if you harness it with wisdom and humility. 



You are being guided into your next phase Sagittarius and now because of the new moon x eclipse you are able to harness Mars’ energy to fight for the future you want and really make changes. You are extremely charming especially in your work world right now and you can pull off things that are potentially quite stressful with relative ease. It’s the perfect time for romance and loving gestures and expression as now is the time for strengthening and investing in the good things in your life. The more you nurture yourself and the things you want to thrive in your life, the more it’s going to pay off. Virgo season is not far off, and you will only reap what you have sown and tended to. You have two more weeks to tend to your garden of life and all of the support from the planets as this eclipse x new moon gives you a huge surge of power, energy and inspiration. 



You are feeling much more emotional than usual and this is a beautiful thing. Accepting and honoring your emotional and intuitive body is going to help you to move into a more balanced and peaceful state of being and flow. Anything you can do to tap into spiritualism or relaxation - do! You are so great at working towards materialistic goals and success but now is the time to focus on other parts of your personality and world. What new ways can you integrate into your days your weeks to foster self worth and connection to something that is bigger than yourself. Taking time in nature by yourself is encouraged as well as any actives that involve mediation, movement or connecting with animals. Uranus is helping you to get outside of the box and really experiment and enjoy things that have often seems unimportant or out of reach for you. Let yourself experiment and be inspired. 



Aquarius, despite conflict and disruption around you, you are on your path to growth and success. Do not let yourself become destabilized by what is going on around you at home or in your friendship circles. You are extremely wise and able to offer words of help and clarity, but what would benefit you right now is fostering more intimacy in your life through being more affectionate than usual. Venus’ influence wants to open a more free flowing channel of nurturance, love and care between you and those you are close to. This may sound annoying and unnecessary, but if you want to grow right now your physical body also needs to reconnect with your emotional and spiritual body. If this seems like too much try hanging out and cuddling with some animals before you attempt to tackle heightening physical intimacy in your life. 



This eclipse x new moon really hits you hard as you are forced to confront any messiness and ambiguity in your life. This energy wants to to tackle tasks and tie up lose ends, it wants you to get organized and make plans and though free flowing is your stronger point you are really being called upon to be accountable, consistent and present these next two weeks. Get all the annoying stuff sorted so Virgo season doesn’t come and drag you to hell. 

Lexi laphor