Pisces Full Moon + Horoscopes: Dissolution and Integration

This month's Full Moon falls on September 6th at 13 degrees Pisces.

Since the build up to the solar eclipse, there has been an abundance of energy. For some, this energy has been motivating. For others it has felt chaotic and randomly dispersed. It’s been a viscerally tense time and it’s all culminating to this release point, the full moon in Pisces.

September 6th marks a noticeable energetic shift. It’s a harvest point that will help us consolidate and realise that which we set into motion on the solar eclipse and the period since.

We’ve been asked by the planets continually throughout this year to vision. To vision what our happiness actually looks like, to vision what our dreams are, to vision our fear and our pain, our shadow self and our triggers, to meet with them so that we can move through all that is tying us to past cycles and outdated ways of being. This month’s full moon in pisces calls for more visioning. We are almost done consolidating our new cycles that will be in place for the next few years, and pisces full moon, in combination with virgo season is here to help us really get ready.

Pisces and Virgo are opposite energies and are helping us by work together this month. Up until now there has been a lot of energy that has likely had us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Though virgo season started on the 23rd of August, virgo’s ruler mercury was in retrograde. This has meant lots of miscommunication and small yet constant problems and conflicts that have worn us the fuck out the past two weeks.


Mercury is just now stationing direct and coming out of its retrograde period. Communication and planning will start to involve less and less obstacles from here on out as things build back into a more stable and regular pace. Conflicts should lessen as we find we have more patience, perspective and compassion. The downside is even though Mercury is currently stationing direct, it will still take us a good week to feel that Mercury is back in it’s flow.

With virgo season right after the solar eclipse, in combination with mercury in retrograde, we have been overcome with anxious energy. Much of this energy we have internalised and held onto in our bodies and minds. When virgo energy is felt out of balance, it can cause us to feel worried and isolated. We might find we fall ill with headaches and stomach issues as this pent up energy manifests physically. The pisces full moon is here to release and realign us so that we can continue through virgo season and harness all that this month has in store for us.

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Pisces wants us to tap into fantasy and become a mermaid. We are being asked to dive into the watery depths and let ourselves be pulled by the underwater currents. Physically finding water of some kind right now will certainly help anxious excess and negativity energy dissolve from our bodies. This week swimming or bathing is highly encouraged. With pisces water can also be symbolic of consciousness and the spiritual and psychic realm. So anything you can do to dive into your consciousness, spirituality or the psychic realm right now is what is being asked. It could be meditating, it could be dreaming or astral projection, trying to open yourself for communication to guides or ancestors, or getting in touch with your inner voice and intuition.

Digging deep is going to help you get back in touch.

Neptune station retrograde conjunct the moon will aid us in our piscean venturing as it gives us the sensations similar to an altered trippy like state. Music is another great way to tap into the piscean full moon energy. We may be more psychically open to spirits, past lives, in our dreams and with each other. It’s a good time to manifest, wish or ask for guidance, but an important time to listen to our intuition.

With such openness can come confusion, distraction and deception. There are definitely those who could take advantage and be sneaky in this time. Asserting your boundaries and being clear with your intentions is paramount.

Pisces full moon during virgo season balances with a mellowing effect. It helps us taps into a more of a flowing state of being but could also have us tapping out in ways that can leave us vulnerable or unsafe. Placing yourself in spaces with people you trust when possible right now is advised, as well as if you can, carrying obsidian or smokey quartz.

There is no need to worry about going too deep or losing yourself right now. It might feel scary but pisces is an all or nothing kind of energy and it’s telling us to that in order to release what we must this full moon, we need to allow ourselves to go deep.


For those of you who aren’t so psychically or spiritually inclined,  you could think about how the anxious and chaotic energy that has culminated has driven you into your head as you try to stay separate and ignore the feelings of discomfort or un-assuredness swirling in your gut. Now is a time to really get out of your head and into your gut. It may bring up feelings of unease or fear but being present here will help you to release.

What pisces and virgo have in common even in their opposition, is their divinity. The challenge now is to dive into the piscean lucid dream waters where reality as we are used to dissolves,  knowing that when we wash up on the shore virgo energy will integrate that which we have tapped into back into our life.

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Fixed star Achernar affects us similarly to how jupiter would in that it enhancing our charm and influence. This could be a very positive experience however Achernar also affects those who are acting from places of ego, power and manipulation. Be careful who you place on a pedestal and if you have allowed yourself to sit on a pedestal to others, prepare for things to come crashing down.

Venus Quincunx Neptune

Victim and saviour complex arising in unhealthy way. Unbalanced tensions with feelings and perceptions of how give and take plays out in an intimate relationship. Insecurities about relationship and self. Trying to ask for what you need. Trying to take initiative and ownership of rebalancing relationship rather than placing blame on yourself or your loved one.



You will be feeling more confident and secure right now Aries! It’s the perfect time to start socialising and networking as you are feeling passionate and inspired. For the next 14 days, you are visioning your goals and desires more clearly than in a very long time. Quick and decisive action is encouraged and you should do all you can right now to make productive changes. You will also be feeling a lot of clarity within your intimate relationships. You can see what is not working and you are ready to ask for the things that you have been wanting.  



Taking the lead and a strong offence in terms of work and business has always been your style, but is effective now more than ever! You are feeling confident and you know that you are capable, so keep asserting yourself and advocating for your goals and your visions. You are always a hard worker but your working attitude has been saturating your relationships and left you feeling disconnected and distant from those you care about. You do not like being told what to do taurus, but your inclination towards being authoritative in your intimate relationships is affecting them right now. It’s time to reconnect and offer more flexibility, less resistance and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone or schedule. At work, you are on point, in your relationships right now not so much. Now is the time to be a more compassionate and flexible version of yourself with family, friends or lovers. Money is strained right now and you need to be saying no to more spending where possible. Being on a tighter budget for the next month than you have been this entire year is key. Slow and steady usually works for you, but right now you need to be innovative and resourceful in terms of income as the longer you leave debts, the more difficult it’s going to feel to get your finances back in order in the long term. Use virgo season as an opportunity to problem solve fast, and get your financial plan together.



Gemini, you have been craving connection. Notions of community, friendship and love have been on your mind almost obsessively at times the past few years. You have spent time alone and really tried to identify what you can change and improve to grow and work towards a more stable sense of self and self confidence. This month is a great time to socialise, to flirt and to date! You are passionate and you are feeling yourself. This is so great and a testament to all the hard work you have been putting in! This doesn’t necessarily translate into results though, gemini. Just because you want something doesn't mean it’s going to happen and you must remember this in your relationships. If you are putting your desires before considering others needs you are going to find there in tension or conflict. Take things slow, be patient with those you care about, and try considering things from their perspective. Showing that you take their style of intimacy into consideration will improve your connection with friends and loved ones right now, and this can also be applied to creative collaborations. You feel so strongly but sometimes this obscures your perception of others experiences or sense of reality. Virgo season is here right now to help you find healthy boundaries and compromise that will lead to more beneficial results for you in the long term!



Socialise, socialise, socialise! Cancer your confidence and creativity is peaking right now! It’s the perfect time for projects and parties. If you have a goal it’s a great time to network and create a team in which you can collaborate. You always feel more secure in a team setting and know that more can be achieved when people work together. You have great leadership skills and should really focus right now on what passions and visions you want to pursue. It’s also a great time to meet new people that can expand your horizons of yourself and what is possible. As a creature of comfort, now is not the time to stick with the comfortable. Pushing yourself to explore new people and new places right now will feed back into your work and financial goals. Doing the same thing day in and day out with the same people and expecting new results is not going to happen this month. You are the captain of you and you are steering. Go and explore the uncharted waters!  



Leo! You no longer have patience for excuses and running around in circles. You want to grow, you want to build your future, but in your most intimate relationships you are feeling let down. It’s ok to be disappointed, it’s ok to get angry from time to time and express dissatisfaction. You must acknowledge the things that are not working for you especially within family or romantic relationships, and this does not diminish your sense of love, nurturance and loyalty. It’s time to address and change what is not working so that you are able to feel a sense of security and peace moving into your future. Virgo energy is here to help your clearly identify what needs to change as well as aiding you in problem solving solutions. Now is key- stop just passing the time and start charting your future. The planets are here to support and to help you.



You are not easily deceived these days, yet you are incredibly suspicious of others and their intentions right now. This is ok for this month as you are focusing on yourself - your work and creativity in particular. Keep focused and continue to sustain your efforts as the hard work now will determine your path for the next year. You are highly irritable right now and are easily angered and frustrated. This can become a problem and get in the way of your goals as well as just be taxing and taking away from the energy you have to make your work and dreams come to fruition right now. Remember your breath, remember your compassion, and remember that you are not perfect and your way is not the way for everyone. It’s important for you to focus on you right now, but there’s no need to be a jerk about it!



You have been feeling really interpersonally drained the past few months, but this month is going to bring exuberance and attunement. You will be feeling really social and will be rebalancing and reexamining your needs in friendship and in love with those who you care about. You psychic awareness is going to be heightened this month, and you are encouraged to explore this realm. Meditating, yoga, breathwork and intention setting is what is going to give you more energy this month. Grounding and being present with yourself and those around you will bring you more peace. For you work fluctuates, and you are craving intimacy. Keep focused, remain patient and keep building intimacy with yourself this month and  soon you will be able to really see and feel the effects of all your self work and attuning!



Your focus and hard work is paying off, and this month you flow effortlessly harnessing both piscean and virgo energy instinctually. You're more impulsive and compulsive side and behaviours may start to resurface this week, but you will be able to channel them towards productive outcomes. Work is going well and you will raise the bar for yourself, setting new and more ambitious goals than before. Courage and confidence will follow and you are supported in your leaps of faith this month. Your intimate relationships will really contribute to a sense of peace and happiness this week and next and any time spent at home or at low key and intimate gatherings will feel really nurturing. Don’t feel obligated or pressured to socialise with people or in contexts that don’t feel right to you these next couple of weeks, you are in touch with you and you know what you need.



Things are tense and heated right now sagittarius as your capabilities and sense of authority is challenged. If you are feeling that others are being hostile towards you, you need to consider a more expansive perspective as you are not realising how you are also implicit in this dynamic. It’s a really busy time for you, and it just gets busier this month. Welcome to virgo season. You are being asked to take on more than usual and there is no time for fuss. Feelings of anger and exasperation arise and for the next three weeks, time and energy is simply wasted trying to talk them through or to seek validation. To work through these pent up feelings exercise or sex is advisable. You have no time for your own chatter or that of others this month sag, you have to roll with the punches and jump straight back into the ring. It will be stressful but you will push past your self imposed limitations and find expansion and growth as well as confidence and success! You are being challenged this month sag, can you keep up?

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Capricorn! You are feeling yourself! You have been more positive than usual and really enjoying the company of others. You have been reaching out to friends and loved ones, initiating and leading through example. Your increased sense of positivity, adventure and general optimism is taking you to happier and healthier levels as well as opening yourself up to receiving more and more abundance. Being physically affectionate right now is encouraged and supported. Towards the end of the month there are more mental and emotional challenges to come, so until then enjoy this openness and the joy that you have brought into your life and don’t hesitate to communicate explicitly to those you are close to, why you love and appreciate them.  



Aquarius! You can really achieve a lot this month. You are inspired and have a lot of ideas and mental energy. You should definitely restrict yourself financially this month, taking on virgo’s frugal and prudent sense of spending and budgeting. This does not mean however that you do not or can not do things this month. Although you have to be careful with money right now, there are plenty of ways you can still collaborate and execute creative and work goals this month. Put your extra mental energy into planning and make sure you get out and about. You will have to compromise more than usual these next two weeks in your intimate relationships. Try not to be pissed off about this! The compromises are going to show you other ways of being that will teach and benefit you. In love, you may be being too proud right now. Communicate your feelings more assertively and explicitly than you usually would so that people know you care about them. Then set aside time and initiate plans with your loved ones. It’s time for planning and action as well as flexibility on your end right now, otherwise expect shit not to happen and September to pass you by leaving you missing out.



If you are finding people are opposing you more right now than usual, you are also being called to notice what is different about you and your behaviour at present. Are you acting from a place of ego? Is your competitive spirit in overdrive? Are your goals really aligned with your higher self or are you trying simply to prove a point? It’s time to examine what you are trying to do right now and why. This doesn’t just go for friends and peers, but this also plays out in your intimate relationships right now. Highly intuitive, your perceptions of others actions and intentions right now is obscured by your own defensiveness, resistance, or insecurities. I’m sorry to say, but those things that are annoying and invoking such strong emotional reactions within you right now are not really the source of such turbulent feelings of animosity. The people around you are acting as a  mirror right now and virgo season is here to help you face your own reflection. Virgo season is hardest for you pisces as what you want and what you need are not in alignment this month. You love being in the watery depths and feeling it all, but after this full moon it’s time to hop out and really look into your watery reflection with clarity and and a desire to grow and transform those parts of you that are self sabotaging you and your most intimate relationships. No one is perfect but you are being called upon to shift and change. Only you can want to truly do this. No one else can make you.  

Lexi laphor