Total Solar Eclipse

August 20th - September 5th

The new moon solar eclipse at 28° Leo will trigger major astrological events. It builds on the lunar eclipse of August 7th and carries us through until the next eclipse cycle in January 2018. This eclipse cycle (August through to January) will massively influence and shape the next two years on both a personal and a collective level.

Eclipses are always especially revealing and help us come to terms with what is not working in our lives and what is not serving our higher self. They call every part of our self into view and help us to create new chapters in our lives.  

Eclipses are not always easy because change is disruptive.

This change and disruption can feel unsettling and uncomfortable and the chaos can feel overwhelming. This is certainly the case with this solar eclipse in Leo. It will be a total solar eclipse in America and the first total solar eclipse visible in America since 1979. The best place to view the total eclipse is a 60- to 70-mile-wide diagonal path that stretches across 14 states in the US, directly over Madras, Oregon; Casper, Wyoming; St. Joseph, Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; and Columbia, South Carolina. In San Francisco/Bay Area the total solar eclipse is not viewable but best time to take a look will be 10.15am. In NYC the maximum eclipse point is set for 2.25pm. For places that the total solar eclipse is not viewable, like In Australia, and for those who won’t get a chance to go outside and view, here is a link to live eclipse live streaming options!

Whether you see it or not, the effects of the solar eclipse will be felt worldwide. Complacency or passivity has no place in this eclipse. Eclipses make visible the shadow realms of ourselves and our society . Literal and metaphorical shadow and illumination ensues. The shadow being the parts of self and truths of society that we bury, omit and fail to notice, as well as more generally aspects that hold us back- personally and collectively- from positive progression, or that keep us trapped in perpetuating negative and unproductive cycles.  There will be distinct and conscious choices to be made around themes of identity, beliefs, values and loyalty.

This eclipse is ultimately about power.

Where do we need to empower others and ourselves, where are we taking advantage of or misusing power, and where and how are we disempowering others and ourselves.


Mercury Retrograde

The lead up this week to the eclipse has been that of a mounting state of anxiety and nervousness. You may have been feeling like everything is starting to feel overwhelming or out of control. This is because chaos is being cosmically stirred so that the eclipse period can disrupt and then re-establish order. Change is possible on a personal and collective level- for the better or for the worse remains to be seen. Adding to this chaos and state of anxiety is mercury in retrograde. This begun on August 12th in one of its ruling planets- virgo, and is moving through to end in leo, stationing direct on September 5th. This week you will have felt random and unexpected miscommunications and disruptions occur. This is just something extra on top of the eclipse that has been given to us to deal with on a daily basis for the next two weeks.

We probably won’t enjoy it, but our ego’s are being tested here. We might feel like internally imploding (virgo style), or verbally/physically exploding (leo style), but we should take notice and hold ourselves accountable for our reactions right now.




HOW we react is important and can definitely use some work, but the eclipse is especially asking us to examine WHY we feel and react the way that we have/are. This all comes back to ego and the themes of identity, belief, values and loyalty. It’s great to possess all of these qualities, but the way we embody and enact them right now is being called into question. It’s a time where we need to assess ourselves. Do our beliefs and values need to be shifted? Do they need to be built up with more depth or a greater field of information. Do they need to be deconstructed? How do our feelings and thoughts intersect within our values and beliefs, and where do our loyalties lie both within ourselves and as played out though our complicity with others and our relationships?


Leo can bring out as well as highlight when we are acting out of stubbornness, pride or selfishness. It can cause us to assume we are honouring our identity or are acting loyalty, when sometimes we are actually defensive, reactive and placing our sense of personal reputation above what is really right, fair, or just or helpful.


Loss and Gain 

This is a great time to check ourselves. There is room for gain and loss. There is room for success in both gain and loss. Sometimes the things we want or hold onto are not the things that will help us succeed, and sometimes the things we put at risk of losing are too important to do so. It’s time to figure out priorities and to focus on the gain that can be achieved in loss, to fight for what is too valuable to be lost, and to work towards that which is an imperative gain.  It’s an important time for intentions, actions and our reactions, as what we set in motion is really going to play out for the next two year period.


Uranus- The Planet of Rebellion

There is some solidarity and stability amongst the chaos that is offered to us in the form of a triangle shaped alignment that this solar eclipse has made with the planet Uranus. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and helps expand consciousness. It aids in revolutionary and radical change with a focus on humanitarianism, creativity and freedom. Uranus is retrograde however in Aries. This means there is a lot of rage and anger arousing that will continue to come to the surface until January 2nd. Channeling anger can be destructive in a productive or unproductive way. There is the warning not to be senseless or idle with expressions of anger or rage right now. The stakes are high and you could lose those you are close with if you act out right now. Picking your battles and coming from a mature and considered place when expressing your anger is key right now.

Using this Aries force can be creative. We have a powerful fiery surge of energy, passion and vigor and we should channel this purposefully. We will have heightened motivation so now is great for brainstorming ideas or recommitting to old projects we’ve wanted to to pick back up or complete for sometime.


Fixed Star Regulus

This eclipse and new moon will align with the fixed star Regulus. Regulus is the heart of the lion in the Leo constellation and is known as law-giver-  the star of law-makers, kings, leaders and rulers. Regulus’s involvement in this Leo eclipse makes power a prime focus on a collective and political level. Regulus can relegate power and help leaders stay in power or succeed. Regulus can also help regular people become empowered to overthrow leaders who have abused their position. So globally there will be conflict for politicians and monarchs, CEO’s, any figureheads or appointed leaders.

This eclipse is one of the most politically charged planetary occurrences we will experience in our lifetime. This eclipse is known as the Great American Eclipse (because it is visible in America)  and astrologers have been charting and predicting how this solar eclipse and Donald Trump’s presidency would intersect. There has been much talk about that point that Regulus and Mars (the planet of conflict and war) were rising on the eastern horizon when Trump was born. Furthermore that Trump was born on an eclipse with a rising in Leo. This leads a lot of astrologers to theorize that he will succeed or fail in a very dramatic way between now and January 5th. In any case his presidency has illuminated beyond denial the shadow side of America and the world with specific issues  in terms of racism, white supremacy, narcissism, toxic/fragile masculinity and rape culture. Sediments that societally have been brewing just below the surface are bubbling to the forefront right now. 


Power in Narrative

Politically, this eclipse and it’s focus on power has been and will continue to play out through oratory efforts, written word and the media. Narratives based on belief and power are being weaved and welded right now in a heightened and extreme way. The ideological is being revealed or re-created (think of trump and his bizarre but very real fake news narrative).

Like the eclipse itself- shadow and light, unseen or unconscious driving beliefs and narratives are being illuminated and revealed. This is a time where narrative and belief is especially powerful and dangerous and where harmful ideologies can and are being created or re-instated. It can also be dangerous for those in power and those who cling and adhere to harmful ideology as loss can occur. A demotion, being fired or being overthrown is very possible for leaders right now.  Blows to the ego occur as the personality and beliefs of leaders are called into question. This can mean a lot of leaders or people in power lashing out as they seek to defend or hold to their positions.

There is potential for revolt and rebellion, and for ideological change and astrologists have been anticipating this solar eclipse as politically chaotic for some time. This is the time for everyone to really consider, engage and assert their personality, identity and politics. This is definitely a time where political power dynamics and struggles are advertent through narrative and the ideological. We have the chance to create our narratives not just take what politicians or leaders feed us. We see this right now in the media/public with Charlottesville in America, and the same-sex plebiscite and Australia Day/Invasion Day in Australia.



A shadow side of society that was always there has become highly visible globally with the Charlottesville white supremacist/nazi rally in the US. Complacency and denial on individual level is made difficult to continue, as the action of white supremacists, nazi’s and fascists to rally made them and these powers in effect, hyper visible. Misuse of white privilege, misuse of power, is displayed and in this instance there is a recommitment to belief by some through anti semitism/anti blackness, alt right identity politics, and fascism within the mainstream. Others figures in power and leadership roles had to take on responsibility of calling out and responding to fascism especially at a time when the American president did not. This nazi rally was a form of rebellion and a reinstating of belief and values, which in turn calls on us all to become more active, vigilant and accountable in facing the growing climate of normalization of fascism.

Same-sex Marriage Plebiscit

The potential for the greater public to pressure leaders to change national policies is very real and possible, as national identity, systems of power and and personal beliefs are revealed and reestablished or reinstated.  In Australia we see danger in abuse of power and ideological narrative through the government and the gay marriage plebiscite.

The government is giving attention and focus to the heteronormative mainstream, tapping into belief and values by asking of Australians if they think same-sex marriage should become legal in Australia. Though through the plebiscite this will be in official question, there is no guarantee that if the polled outcome is a majority yes, that policy and law will be changed. This is a very clear flex of muscles from those in elected positions of power.

Being called into question is not really the legality of gay marriage, but more so gay and queer identity and rights through re shaping Australia ideologically. Homophobic rhetoric is given a clear platform calling already marginalised people to defend their lives. The shadow side of the Australian public and consciousness is being called upon and is being revealed. For better and for worse. What is being spoken, written, reported - narratives are being weaved, revealed, re written, created. Narrative and in this case there is a chance that if majority of Australia votes yes on the plebiscite, that public pressure and a newly created majority view can change policy and Australian identity for the better.

Australia Day/Invasion Day

Also o within Australia we see called into focus national identity and ideology through the topic of Australia Day. The small city of Yarra controversially voted to stop acknowledging January 26th as Australia Day. January 26th as a date for Australia Day is a day of invasion and massacre against indigenous Australians and a celebration of colonialism in it’s most racist and extremely insidious context - the past and ongoing genocide committed by the government against Indigenous Australians (for example for those outside of Australia that are not informed- The White Australia Policy and the recent withdrawal of funds and resources to remote communities).

The Yarra Council though small and unsupported by state mayor and the prime minister,  leads by example highlighting how those in power can set precedents and use their positions to reveal and carry out positive policy change and governmental stance. A reconfiguring of national identity, racism and policy through a change of date for Australia Day is being called back into the public and political consciousness with this eclipse, and with the creative power of narrative, the more people push and create change now through to January will heavily effect the next two years.










Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 9.31.02 AM.png

Polarizing effect of total solar eclipse in Leo reveals disparity and extremes in politics, both tied to literal largely overarching systems of governments, individual figureheads in lead positions of power. Additionally our inner most extremities triggered - identity politics, personality traits, that we assert or defend will be highlighted.

Leo brings up issue of loyalty- where do they lie and why? Does this loyalty align with you and your surroundings now, or has it become misplaced or outdated?  

Reconfiguring or recommitment to beliefs and sense of what is right is necessary.  Both our personal and collective future is in the making now until January 5th in a big way- for better or worse. 

Lexi laphor