Taurus Full Moon x Venus Retrograde


Yesterday we moved into Scorpio season and tonight the moon is full in Taurus.

Expect that everything can and likely will change at the drop of a hat.

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Uranus Conjunct the Moon and Opposing the Sun

The full moon in Taurus will be conjunct to Uranus meaning that this is a loaded full moon where literally anything can happen. Uranus is a planet of disruption and rebellion. It’s transiting is going to have us thinking of ourselves more as individuals, and for better or for worse, we are likely to feel extremely impatient and intolerant towards anyone or thing that feels restricting or limiting right now.

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For some of the zodiac, Uranus’ disruption could be just what is needed to shake things up. This this could be a time of eclecticism and eccentricity as inspiration, experimentation, creativity and self expression surges and sparks. It could be empowering or electrifying. It could even be enlightening. But for others, this cosmic buzz could be a time of risk taking and self sabotaging where you burn bridges under the guise that you are chasing freedom and reclamation.  It’s important right now to listen to our hearts, but not to make hasty decisions that come from a place of restlessness and ego. Abandoning our responsibilities or projects right now may seem tempting, but we may come to regret any losses we make during this retrograde. All major decisions should be delayed until the end of the current Venus retrograde where possible.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

With Venus in retrograde, most of us have been faced with heavy feeling challenges since the 5th of October, and unfortunately we must wait until November 16th for this to change.

With all of this stress and uncertainty, we are being called to remain aware and to make acknowledgements. This retrograde will certainly affect everything. Our sense of self, our jobs and projects, our home life, and our relationships. We are asked to acknowledge the challenges, acknowledge our feelings and our struggles. To acknowledge our power and to try and discern where it is we must try and step up, push through and and persevere, and where is it time to let go of or acknowledge what is ultimately out of our control or no longer serves us.

Relationships are particularly turbulent as Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. Scorpio brings a heavy intensity to our interactions during the retrograde and brings all that makes us feel uncomfortable and that we have suppressed to the surface.

Venus is the ruler of the way we give and receive love and care, both in relationships with others and to ourselves. Family, partnerships, friendships and our relationship with ourselves all come into focus with this cosmic chaos and Scorpio intensity. We are being asked to question everything. Feelings of paranoia, victim-hood and revenge can come to the surface with Scorpio’s energy and we are challenged to see what self sabotaging ways we lash out and punish others in order to feel protected or safe.

All of our oldest and darkest toxic thoughts and behavioral patterns are sure to rear their head this retrograde, as we are being pushed to prioritize acknowledgement and personal growth.

Full Moon in Taurus

Everything we love and value is being questioned. This may feel punishing or pointless. The full moon in Taurus will bring a bit of grounding energy amidst the chaos.

Though full moons are loaded with emotion and release, Taurus energy reminds us to keep committing to work for that which we truly want and value, and to do the work not just when it is easy, but to do the work every single day.

Taurus energy also asks us to tap into our bodies and to access our sensuality. This full moon will have us feeling highly magnetized and wants us to connect to our bodies and desire.  Maybe this translates for you as buying some new luxurious bedding, a huge night of wine, a gourmet feast, or a spa day.

But with Uranus and Scorpio’s influence coupled with Taurus’ ruler Venus being retrograde, this could could also lead us to new lovers and hook ups as we desperately want to feel desired and free.

Any restlessness, dissatisfaction or boredom we are currently experiencing is a projection onto others of how we are currently feeling about ourselves. It’s that annoying old saying only the boring get bored. It’s up to us now to take control of our own desires and happiness and to figure out how to best express and explore them.

It may mean the ending of a pre-existing relationship or the end of sexual or romantic stagnation, as this full moon combined with Uranus and Scorpio attempts to seduces us towards the pursuit of something intoxicating and liberating from all our enduring life stresses and pressure.

Note: Venus retrograde in Scorpio will still be in effect over Halloween PLUS the moon will be in Leo. Be wary of ego and over reacting to avoid a literal blood bath.



This full moon is actually a great period for you guys. Although others are struggling right now, you are enjoying a period where you are being acknowledged for all your hard work and achievements. Work and projects will be going well and you should make sure you take some time to celebrate and a time of break from work. Any holidays or time off that you take now is supported and you are likely to slip right back into the great momentum of success you have been consistently building for yourself. This is a great time to indulge in sexual or romantic intimacy, to adventure or experiment!


This is it! Gemini it’s your time of endings and new beginnings. Scorpio’s influence may have some small part of you trying to hang onto bad habits or toxic attachments, but you are ready to let go of the old and embrace the new! Your creativity is surging and your spirit is building, you stand to gain everything if you keep putting yourself out there and forging your new path. Libra’s influence has been ushering you to make new partnerships and meet new collaborative partners and Uranus’ randomness means that anything is possible. Applying for new jobs, travelling, collaborating with new people - trying anything new is great for you right now. Uranus is conjoining the moon in your 12th house so issues in your home life may come to the forefront of your attention over the next few days. Try not to react, but to act. A full moon’s energy is best utilized within a few days so any changes or adjustments that need your attention, try to address now.


Cancer, changes are on the horizon. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. I know it’s easier said than done, but now is the time to embrace shifts in your career or relationships. You are being asked to have faith in your self and your abilities and to channel the leadership qualities you possess. You are also being called to get in touch with your intuition and to acknowledge your emotional strength. This full moon will have you channeling a bit of that stoic and assertive Taurean energy and you are backed by Saturn who will help you sort out the practical logistics. The moon trine Saturn will also have you giving excellent advice and understanding so don’t be surprised if people come to you more than usual this next few days with their personal problems. Take time out this full moon to enact a little bit of self love and indulgence and to appreciate all that you are.


This retrograde period really has you looking to the past to reflect and gain insight. With your relationships and work everything is pretty busy this month and you may feel unsure where best to put your limited energy and time. Uncertainty will be the theme over the next week and you’ll be working harder than usual but not really seeing or feeling the pay off. You may feel you are being asked to prove or explain yourself and you may feel this is unfair.  Patience and calmness will be key for you this week as the full moon means everyone is on edge and ready to burst. Tension will underlie work and romantic connections and you may feel you are not getting what you need affection wise. This will be felt most intensely until the 2nd of November. Try assert your needs and desires after that period once you have had time to reflect. This full moon is not the most exciting for Leo as it’s a bit of a hold tight and wait it out kind of situation. But from the 3rd, you will start to feel the work you are doing now in your relationships, jobs and projects pay off.  You will feel more clearly where, how and who you want to recommit to and you will feel a huge increase in your self esteem confidence on Venus goes direct from the 6th.


Uranus conjunct the moon and opposing the sun has you thrown for a loop. This is a time where all sorts of unexpected occurrences are taking place and it has your struggling to keep up or make sense. This year you have been focusing on creating greater stability in your life and all of your foundational work is still progressing. Don’t let this period dissuade you from the progress you have made and are yet to make. This sensual full moon coincides with Venus opposing Uranus and will have you wanting to spice things up sexually or romantically. This will effect Virgo’s both in relationships and also those who are single. Use the build up of this full moon energy to get out of your head and more into your body so that you are more integrated within. Anything sexual, sensual or tactile is great for senses and spirit.  Problem solving past the issues or scenarios that arise has always been your specialty, so Virgo keep doing you and remember how resilient and brilliant you are! You are encouraged to channel more self belief than ever and to assert your initiative and confidence despite any setbacks or challenges. Be your own biggest backer and others will follow suite.


Similar to Virgo, your challenge right now Libra is to remain focused and to keep projecting positive outcomes. It’s easy right now with Uranus and Scorpio’s influences to fret and worry, to feel blindsided or overwhelmed. But you are extremely capable and you have everything you need to succeed. This full moon, be kind to yourself. Do something nourishing for your body and your mind, but don’t use the notion of self love to splurge! Keep saving money and focus on creating abundance and momentum in your life these next two weeks, it will pay off!


Scorpio! Right now is a really beautiful time for you with the abundance of Scorpio and Taurus energy! You may feel a little uncertain of someone’s motivations or understanding where they are coming from. Now is the time to dig a little deeper and to try and sit with feelings of discomfort and interrogate where they come from and what is beneath and entwined in them rather than blaming yourself or someone else. It’s key right now not to force outcomes but to be patient with the process however unnerving. You really stand to deepen your relationships right now to the point of forming life long connections and bonds. Union, connection, soul and heart connections are all possible. You are in your season and you all you need do is listen to your gut and have patience dear Scorpio!


Sag, this Venus retrograde has been confusing for you as it has for most of the zodiac. It’s been effecting your 12th house which rules what is unseen. This house is known for being the house of secrets and the subconscious and because of Scorpio’s involvement, it’s also bringing up your past. This house is one that taps into your fears, and your evasive behaviour, it’s the things you hide not just from others but also from yourself. These heavy feeling forces at play aren’t trying to weigh you down, they are trying to help you move through feelings and towards realisations so that you can achieve healing and closure. This time of closure is something you have been nearing for quite some time so although you are keen to be there at a point of completion, you must stay present and do the final bit of work that this retrograde drudges up. You will be very busy tying up lose ends and getting into details but you are supported in this as this full moon shines on your 6th house, which highlights your routines and habits. The 6th house is ruled by Mercury and Virgo, so it’s a super helpful energy in terms of organising time and detail oriented information. You will want to hit the ground running and use the full moons momentum as much as possible as come November 6th, you will lose this force as Mercury will go retrograde. Listen to your intuition, get into the details, and let yourself change and grow.


Capricorn, you are feeling more open minded than in quite some time and this full moon gives you a rush of extra excitement. This is going to be a time where the more curious, open and engaged you can be the better your relationships are going to be. Whether this is with family, a love interest, friends or peers, you stand to enjoy and deepen connections. Ever the workaholic, make sure you are not working just to give you a sense of purpose or for the sake of it. It’s great to explore who you are outside of work life and to strengthen your sense of interdependence with others ( as opposed to co-dependence or independence) - to build new ways of achieving goals that don’t rely as much as usual on money.


Aquarius! Everything is changing for you. It’s likely this process has already begun, but now you are starting to flow with it and to trust it rather than being resistant or resentful. The universe is taking you in new directions and you probably didn’t see it coming. Travel is likely, but if you have no big trips planned socializing in new scenes or going to close by but new areas is highly encouraged. Everything is balancing out as you are connecting with new peers, friends, your family and perhaps new love or sex interests! This is great as your self confidence and passion is reignited and you stand to expand and grow so much. This full moon helps you get into your body and to give it some love and appreciation. While you are feeling so good, it’s a good time to reflect on your own self sabotaging behaviours and the underlying and unresolved feelings attached. Talking about any intimacy issues that play into relationships with lovers or with yourself will really help right now. It’s time to open up and to allow others to be there for you and listen to you, as well as giving yourself an opportunity to practice communicating your emotions more fluently. It’s much easier to start chipping away on that now, than when you are overwhelmed and engulfed - when things feel shitty and more difficult. Starting small steps this month towards healthier more self loving habits and mind set is strongly supported by Scorpio and Saturn, as Scorpio helps your get to the core of your issues and Saturn helps you create a practical plan of action. It’s all you though Aquarius and you deserve to thrive.


The theme of intimate partnerships arises for you right now Pisces. Often conflicted between going with your head or your heart in relationships and in love, you may be feeling back and forth over something with a crush, lover or partner right now. Scorpio and Uranus’ effects will tempt you to over react or act out right now, but Taurus beckons and grounds, asking you to practice some self soothing and to remain calm while the dust of this retrograde settles. It’s likely you will feel closer and more bonded in the relationships that are being tested right now after the retrograde period. For now, until the 6th of November, harness Taurean energy and appreciate the slow or even mundane pace and things in your every day. Keep working towards consistency and your greater goals and bigger more exciting things are going to come in December. Your patience and diligence will pay off!


Aries! While other signs are struggling, you are more grounded and in balance than most! You are in touch with your intuition and emotions right now as well as being more communicative and honest with friends and loved ones. This Taurus full moon gives you the confidence to assert your boundaries, needs and desires. You are coming back into your authoritative self as your confidence and capabilities are growing and growing. Now is a great time to hang out with friends, to go out to a party or to date. You are being responsible and charismatic at once and connections will strengthen and grow right now bringing you opportunities if you put yourself out there!

Lexi laphor