Trip wires and Triggers




This month has some really positive planetary forces at work that will help us build up our selves and our lives for a sustainable and authentic future.

I'm sorry to say however it will also be a bit of a random feeling and potentially disorienting month ahead. Popping up at various times all over the next four weeks are brief yet ardent forces that are going to have us clumsily and perhaps evening angrily tripping up all over ourselves and one another.

The good news..

The good news is this month will not be as severe or painful as we have endured the past 5 months. Not even close. This month may throw us a little off balance but it will highlight where it is that adjustments need to be made. Perhaps it's us perhaps its the people or places we engage with, likely it's a little bit of everything that could do with some of our awareness and alterations so that we can create some small but long lasting changes.

We will be called to notice what is around us that is wired to trip and trigger and what is doing so internally. 

The first half of May had us thinking about stability. It let us and the things around us move relatively slowly. On May 10th we had a full moon in Scorpio which gave us a lot of drive. Some of us were able to focus that surge and for others we let it fill us unsure of where we should direct our energies. Taurus is a sign of innovation, of patience of material security and mental stability. It's a sign that wants us to solidify our ideas and our goals and is especially work and project oriented. Building is very important to Taurus and that energy tells us we have all the time in the world to get where we want to go but it does urge us to find a practical focus and outlet.


May 12th to now is a great time to commit to a plan of healthy physical exercise. This will help to ground us in the energies that come to trip us up this month.

It could be boxing, dancing, joining a gym or it could be something slower moving like yoga, paddling around in the pool or a frequent stroll. We will return to this but it is useful to start thinking of what ways we can exercise an excess of energy in our bodies to help us handle this month and particularly the gemini forces ahead. 


Mercury entering Taurus

From the 15th of May to the 6th of June Mercury will be in Taurus. Mercury deals with the way we both analyse and convey information. Particularly effected is communication, both how we perceive what is being communicated to us and how and what we chose to communicate to others. The Taurean energy urges us to slow down and take careful consideration before coming to conclusions and before we act and react. Sitting with and processing feelings more fully and for longer than we would usually like to will serve us greatly now and for the month ahead. 




The 18th-29th will send us tripping. Tripping up on on falsities of our selves and of others. Exposed will be illusions, unhealthy fantasies, lies and betrayals perpetrated within our own behaviours, relationships, spiritual self and the structures we adhere to and engage in. This gleam into the realm of the dark, unhealthy and shallowly buried is a chance to make changes to our addictions, patterns and environments that have long grown toxic. 


The sun sextiles Chiron, the wounded healer.

Feeling vulnerable and weak this is an energy we can work with or that we can resist. Being honest and open about our flaws, wounds and hardships will help us to act with more transparency and compassion with ourselves and with others. We will becomes very charming and appealing in this open state, but be careful who you let in or what you run to for comfort and sense of support or strength. Are these vices (new or old)? 


Venus opposes Jupiter

We may seem more appealing to others but is that simply because we seem or have become agreeable. At this time is an opportunity to identify our own destructive impulses. It's also a time to be weary of predators lurking in our lives. We are impressionable but it's important to reassert our selves articulating what is is that we value and stand for. Being complacent in systems of abuse/indulging people who are not serving our higher selves and greater growth at this time is on us and within our power to start generating positive change. 


Sun Enters Gemini

On the 20th the sun enters Gemini. Inspiration and creativity will flow forth! Harnessed healthily and in application with what we have been building and practicing with Taurus, we can create some truly inspired works! Adding to this buzz of energy is the new moon in Gemini on the 25th. This week could have us flying off into delusion and fantasy if we do not put effort into grounding. This is where exercising and intentional movement will help us work out nervous excess energy that could add to feelings of anxiety, stress and disorientation/lack of focus and direction. Paired with the mindfullness of Mercury in Taurus will ensure we do not act out of and communicate based in the impulsive, the desire to control or out of paranoia.



At the same time as the new moon, Venus will square Pluto. This is where paranoid and the taboo or dark desires want to seduce and consume. Confronting these feelings presence within us and being aware of how they play out within our relationships and expressions of love  (both plutonic and romantic) is powerful. Rather than succumbing to, tapping out, or engaging destructively, you have a chance to show yourself and those around you more compassion, building more upon on your own sense of self confidence and emotional stability. 


Chanel yourself! 

On the 28th Neptune's influence will have you highly perceptive and intuitive. You are encouraged to ask any questions you have kept bottled up or that come to you at this time! Ask relatives, spirit guides, talk to animals. Whatever you feel connected with but have dismissed in the past. Your spiritual self wants to get in touch with you and so do the higher powers of the universe. When divinity comes knocking you should answer the door! Especially encouraged is meditation, lucid dreaming, drawing tarot and body work through massage or crystal healing. Trying new things at this time and through June is perfect. You are supported and you can get in touch with your path. New ways to move, new abilities to attune, new skills to learn or new ideas to plot and plan for action! The time for the new is now. 

Check yourself! 

Watch out for June 4th! It will have us acting defensively, picking fights and projecting. Mars in Cancer may have things convoluted motivating us to do things out of spite or in a misguided attempt at protection and defense. A good defense is not an uanessacry offence at this time!

Treat your self! 

Venus enters Taurus June 6th and so it's the perfect time for slow intentional sensory indulgence! Bodily pleasure, luxury items and delicious food. Now is the time!



It's going to be difficult to focus with Gemini energy scattering your thoughts. The upside to Mercury being in the mercurial element of Gemini is that you will be able to gather and create lots of inspiration and ideas. It's the perfect time to have a meeting to brainstorm, or bounce an idea off of a friend. It's also a great time to tune in and listen to all the brilliant thoughts and ideas flying by around you as you will be at an opportune time to readily absorb information!  

Mercury in Gemini will definitely heighten flirtatious energy. Rather than channeling to a single person or focus point you may find your self and those around you flirting with almost everyone! Try not to take this personally if your lover is flirting with everyone but you. Newness and variety is highly stimulating with Gemini in the air however these infatuations will pass almost as quickly they arrived. 



Mercury in Gemini combined with the effects of Pluto is likely to bring out gossip, insecurity, and in general ours and others petty and mean side! Beware of frenemies and try your best not to engage in baited quarrels or misinformed rumor spreading.



The Scorpio full moon effected your intimate relationships. It highlighted where endings have formed and where new beginnings should be braved! Passion is either ignited or it's not. The full moon showed where your intimate relationship with yourself or a lover needed a sexual revamp and also which projects or work you feel more passionate to pursue this next month. 

With Mercury entering Taurus May 15th, issues of self worth continue to remain in focus as well as finances becoming a priority. The only date you need to really worry about this month Aries is the 19th! Try not to over indulge or give in to seductive desires that will later cause you conflict or negatively impact your self-esteem. Hold out because Venus is going to show you ample opportunity for pleasure as well as Gemini in June bringing creative flow renewing your sense of passion in work, sex and love.




The good news is all your hard work and focus on your health will be paying off the end of May and throughout June! The not so great news is up until May 20th, your position at a job or within a project may feel rocky. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

This month will have you pausing to experience and process your emotions more than you would like. Rather than feeling upheaved by them try to acknowledge them so that they may pass. You are more charismatic now than you have been all year and part of that is because your emotional self is flexing and flowing. It's a great time for new friendships, parties and dates, or if you must remain focused on work it's a great time to network!



Love for yourself and for others will be found through spiritual integration for the remainder of May.

You may feel unsure about any existing romantic relationships in your life right now but will be very excited by the prospect of the new! If you are single, it's a great time for you and you are your most independent! Enjoy this and for both single and attached Gemini's try to find meaning in the spiritual or by learning new skills/starting new hobbies rather than searching for it in a friend or a lover.

You are at your most charismatic and this carries into June! The the perfect time for you to network with regards to your work and to build up confidence independent from sexual or romantic encounters. 



Cancer! Take the time now to enjoy the social and really have fun! Get out of your shell little crab because the perfect time to become hermit will come upon you soon on the 20th May as Mercury enters Gemini.

On the 25th, Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is your opposite which means you will feel Pluto's already intense effects even more so than the other signs. Jealousy possessiveness, manipulation, projection- your friends and lovers shadow side will come out, so it's the time to see all that your loving and accepting Cancerian self may not have yet realised is part of the people in your life.

Try not to take any poor behaviour personally if you find yourself in the centre of or in the crossfire of conflict. Usually very trusting and cautious to react, people may try to rope you into acting shady. Rather than being complicit or believing what those around you are saying at this time, try not to let yourself be isolated instead reaching out to others to bear witness and to give perspective.  You can still love and accept those in your life with out agreeing with everything they do or say, and you can love yourself at this time by saying "no thanks" to others at this time.

June will be a time to reflect and process on what you have learned from relationships. Rather than focusing on the pain or feelings of loss, try to think about what you gained and learnt as you can not succeed in June with a "woe is me" attitude. Manifesting specifics and staying focused on what you can be and can create will allow you to think and act with confidence and authenticity which will call more w those qualities to you. 



You have been super successful this month with an abundance of work opportunities and a steady flow of money. You have practiced being more independent and assertive with your needs and movements and you are going to be rewarded if you can continue this.

Relationships- platonic but especially romantic and sexual, may have been turbulent or confusing the past couple of weeks and this will continue throughout the rest of May. Do not let this scare you back into a more agreeable people pleasing self. If your relationships can grow and evolve with you they will catch up. If they truly are at an end prolonging their demise and living in denial is only going to cause you set your self confidence and self worth back making it all the more difficult for you to find joy this year.

June is all about new growth. Growth and opportunity with work and new relationships. If you have been missing a feeling of connection June is the time for seeds to start to sprout. Slow, grounded and gradual but very real and rewarding relationships will start to take shape in June. Be patient and allow things to take their natural pace. 



The past two weeks will have been going really well, or you will have barely had time to keep up with each day! This will depend on you and if you are listening to yourself. There is a lot of energy available to you if you have been working in touch with what your body mind and soul has been telling you you need.

At this time, your body needs exercise and discipline of some kind. If you haven't gotten into some routine of mediative movement or exercise the end of May and the beginning of June are not going to be so great. Your anxiety will heighten and your focus will scatter. Your physical energy will remain low and you may become sick with heightened depression or digestive issues. So! Start listening to yourself and acting accordingly. Put time into yourself right now rather than overthinking things that are either a) out of your control or b) are mere distractions. Start scheduling time and conserving energy for your ideas/dreams/projects to take place.

June and July will be really rewarding and affirming if you do this! Work wise, there may be some drama or dis ease within the workplace to do with your co workers from the 28th-31st. You do not need to take on this anxiety but are very sensitive to your environment so try offering a token of friendship- shoot the co-worker on the war path a coffee or give words of appreciation to dispel projections flying in your direction!

In June, conflict and tension will continue in the workplace. Stay true to your values and act with integrity. Do not become silenced or complicit but also do not take on fully the issues within your workplace. You are advised to think about self growth and self expansion creatively and professionally. June is a great time to look at new options for building up yourself to become more independently successful. June will be very uneventful romantically giving you a great chance to do this professional and creative self work.



You've spent May really thinking and feeling out relationships. Intimacy and issues within your intimate relationships have been highlighted to help you see more clearly what you want and what you don't want.

On the 19th and 20th you may feel a heightened state of depression so to counteract this engaging in physical movement is key. Doing yoga or going for a jog outside- anything that helps your energy and thoughts circulate throughout your body rather than getting stuck in just your mind. If you can push through the end of the month will have you in your element thinking and dreaming up lots of ideas and projects that you will be able to act upon come June.

June is all about career pursuits for you and the only disruption foreseen is issues arising with family or your living situation. Try not to take them on and remain focused with creative and work pursuits and trust your own perceptions and judgement to fairly problem solve through whatever is to come.  June is full of opportunity, pleasure, spiritual reintegration through movement- partying, dancing, running, yoga, and maybe even travel! 



Scorpio! This year you have branched out with new work and creative collaborations and partnerships. You are encouraged to keep your focus remained on this! There will be so many work opportunities this month that will flow to you through others. Keep connecting and networking through the end of May and let new projects form organically and gradually in June. 

Money will restrict your projects and force you to remain realistic, however financing could come to you through others in June if you remain open and do not let yourself freak out or engage in disputes over money this month and next.

Summer or winter (depending on where you are) could be distracting to your goals and health. Try not to get too stagnant and bogged down with winter weather, or too distracted and caught up in the summer sun! Balance is required and setting aside a little time each day for particularly June to work out details and solidify plans of action in work is integral to optimizing all the opportunity that is afloat! 



You can't do it all on your own. Often there is a polarizing pull for you to be completely independent, or for things to be done for you.

This next month is all about finding a middle ground. You have been practicing this but more attention is needed. Network and mingle with other creatives. Listen to their stories. Try to hear others ideas and experiences without immediately relating them to yourself or how they could be useful to your practice. If you can engage this way the end of May through June, letting others and their experiences simmer in your subconscious, they will become of use and inspiration to you in due time.

Your art and your self expression particularly your appearance physically, creatively and socially is set to evolve this month if you are open and are able to more present in others perspectives before forming/asserting or translating them into your own. Financially, you receive the help of a loved one and you should accept! 



May has been full of compromises as your family or those you live with have been fluctuating in mood. You have been communicative, becoming more interdependent as opposed to co-dependent or independent and continuing this is going to help you greatly this year. Health and love/sex/friendship will flow easily mid to late May.

Enjoy yourself and let things develop organically and gradually. Your work/creative goals will become more clear in form from the 20th onwards, though June will be a month to enjoy yourself. This does not mean work progress will be halted indefinitely but it does mean that in June your energy is best spent enjoying the lighter and more pleasurable side of things.

In June, your sense of perception is greatly heightened due to all your inner and communicative work the past two months and you will be able to feel more trusting and safeguarded emotionally while remaining open. 



Work may be feeling a little rocky right now and the best course of action is to remain professional and diplomatic. You are usually very independent but this month your family or partner will contribute greatly to your financial or emotional comfort.  If your cash flows starts to feel like it's slowing down, do not distress!

Psychological health is most important to your wellbeing right now and for the next month. If you freak out and fret you are going to appear more unreliable to co workers or your boss. What you focus on will amplify and snowball onto everything around you the end of May and for June.

Rather than amplifying your own worries and being overcome by the nervous paranoid energy that Venus square Pluto as well Gemini in Mercury brings, try to meditate or take up some sort of exercise to regulate this flow and safeguard your mental wellbeing. Practice speaking to those around you with your charismatic and imaginative side and watch abundance and opportunity amplify and flow! It's a cliche but positive thoughts and actions on your part will effect more positive outcomes this next month. 



Pisces, you have very similar challenges as Aquarius this month and I would advise reading above! 

Throughout May, you have been assertive, independent and highly creative! The next few days people may react to this negatively or you may feel as though the are challenging your positions or authority. Rather than reacting defensively it's a great time to practice defending your points of views and explaining your feelings more opening and calmly.

June will be a month of negotiations and compromise and so if you can start communicating more openly and compassionately now it will serve you well in June.

Creativity and production will continue to flow and you may prioritise the loved ones in your life this coming month. The new moon is going to highlight transformation and spiritual evolution. You will be able to release karmic and past baggage and see things with more clarity and a greater perspective. June will be a new chapter! Like any beginning you may feel vulnerable but you are also open to receive enlightenment in the form of feelings of peace and love and excitement/wonder as  opportunities for work and learning new skills unfold. 

Lexi laphor