New Moon In Virgo

Image from Bjork's new video  The Gate

Image from Bjork's new video The Gate

We are coming up to the end of Virgo season. Some of you may be saying thank fuck, but virgo energy isn't entirely to blame for this hectic month of panic. 

Things have been... A LOT lately! There has been so much chaos energy flying around this year, and that's unlikely to stop just because we move out of virgo season and into libra season. Where as energies in past months may have held and comforted us, this month of virgo season has been all about hard realities and tough love as you move further away from your past working to create your future.

You may be feeling intensely alone right now. Unfortunately this is too often the flip side of Virgoean energy trying to assert or maintain independence in order to feel in control and safe. While in some aspects of your life you will benefit from all of your focus building towards more independence, independence does not always equate to feelings of security or control.

This month has and will continue to show you that focus, strategy and planning are integral in your life, especially right now, but that you could definitely use some support. Friends, family, peers, whatever form this comes in, come Libra season you will be reaching back out from your self imposed isolation. Everyone needs love and support, but if you suffer in silence you will not feel the love of those around you. Taking proactive action is key. Reach out to loved ones and do not be afraid to build interdependence in some areas of your life.  On September 22nd the Autumn or Spring Equinox falls and marks the last day of virgo season. You will soon be assisted by the chiller and calmer energy of Libra and will be able to better reintegrate back into your body and sense of social connection. Phew.

Panic, anxiety and, stress are overwhelming right now as we try to map out who we are, what we want, and how the hell we are going to all that we need. 


Right now, the moon, sun, mercury, mars and venus are all in Virgo. So no wonder we are feeling overwhelmed!


With all of these planets in Virgo, there's a tendency to get stuck in our heads. It's difficult right now, because the things we usually do to self soothe may not feel that effective. With all this time spent stuck in our minds and our thoughts, it's easy to loose a sense of connection. Panic or fear grows in our stomach as we worry into overdrive. It's easy to make ourselves physically sick right now with things like sinus problems, bronchitis, headaches and nausea as our body is stuck in a low key state of stress. For this week, there is little that can be done about this. Sleep, drinking lots of water and eating lots of vegetables may seem obvious, but will go a long way.

Virgo is making us go back to the basics and wants us to take note.

We have been focusing on our selves, on our work - in all forms- on our life. Actually taking note can help clear our head a little. Getting a notepad or diary to record to do's, thoughts and plans will help create a little less worry and a give a little more ease. 

 Mars and Mercury in Virgo

With mars and mercury both currently in Virgo, it is a time to be very careful in conflict.  Mercury in Virgo can mean brutally honest communication. It can seem like tough love without the love part. Be careful what you say at this time, because no matter how true you think it is, or how right you think you are, you could cause pain and conflict that is just going to add to your anxiety and stress levels!

Mars in Virgo can also lead us to bottle up dissatisfaction or anger until our grievances are so fueled that we come across as a psycho. It's on us to be responsible with our words and the way we communicate and storing it all up until we blow is not going to help anyone. Virgo when out of balance or in stress, can also become really manipulative. Whether out of a sense of control, or a desire to elicit certain feelings or understanding, Virgo in mars combined with Virgo in mercury could have us wanting to play god, with a bit of a superiority complex as we attempt to effect someones behaviour and feelings because we think we know best.

The New Moon 27º 

The new moon tonight wants to help fill our body with more ease. This is as about as comforting as Virgo season will get. For this new moon, stop and take some time to fill your body with breath. Stop and really appreciate how capable and resilient you are. Stop and take a moment to appreciate all that you HAVE done, as opposed to what is not on track, what you could have or should have done and what is left to do. The new moon in Virgo is going to give you energy to continue your work, and it's going to help everyone simplify and break things down into small, achievable parts. We may have felt like we have been broken down this month, or even this year. This new moon opposes Chiron, so we have been the last two weeks, and will continue to feel amplified for the next two weeks Chiron's effects. If you haven't read my Chiron report, now is a good time to do so, as this will be effecting us until December 5th. bringing up our oldest wounds and making us feel ultra vulnerable. 


New Moon Stars

Fixed star Zavijava at 24 27' Virgo.

Strength in character particularly qualities of leadership, loyalty, hard work, and attention to detail. Downfall: Manipulation through one's character or abuse of power. Signifies destruction which can be positive or negative. Can indicate change, growth or death. 


Fixed star Alkaid at 27 10' Virgo. 

Death, mourning, weather/climate related catastrophes and accidents. Also indicates a honor of service of those past and present. 

Fixed star Markeb 29 07' and Labrum 26 55'

Signifies heightened spiritual processes and psychic abilities. A time of initiation, purification and devotion. 

Fixed Star Regulus 00 04'

Fixed star regulus was discussed in the Solar Eclipse report as it was activated and is still effecting us with Venus' current placement. It may be influencing troubles in love, especially unhealthy attachments and violent detaching.


To Remember:

You have done the hard work! Being present in the present is difficult. But do not tap out now! Everyone is struggling this month in one way or another, and we can feel really alone and overwhelmed. Keep pushing through, planning and focusing on your future, for distracting yourself or practicing denial will only increase your anxiety and ensure you miss out on opportunities. You have one more week of Virgo season and the new moon in Virgo is here to give you the extra bit of wind in your sails. Do not lose your faith in yourself and your ability. You have done so much and right now, all you can do is maintain your best attempts. Stay honest with yourself and with others, but practicing more compassion with both is going to help you feel more supported. 

Next horoscopes released on the equinox,  September 22nd. 


Image from Bjork's new video  The Gate

Image from Bjork's new video The Gate

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