This dreamscape shoot was shot by photographer Jackson Grant to accompany an online interview that focused on Lexi Laphor as a model and creative producer. Themes of cybernetic sychronicities and empowerment through online self construction and connection, as well as projection, illusion and the sometimes isolating nature of the cyber sphere, inspired this editorial. More images can be seen below.

Styling and creative direction: Lexi Laphor 


Goo Life - Oversized jumper dress

Saccharine Shrine - Knit jacket

Circus Virgin - Floral Lace Dress 

Nikki Lipstick x Yru - Night Call shoes 

Dreamburgerz - Cyber leggings

Typical Freaks - Patchwork sweater

Yippy Whippy - Earrings

Make up by Milli Sparkles

Photography by Jackson Grant

Lexi laphor