Yolo For Life Lookbook


Adina Viarengo is the talent behind the label that was first conceived and birthed in Montreal. Now bi-coastal by taking up roots in both NYC and LA, Y4L's second collection is radically different from the first one.

"The first collection was all about symbols. They are so loaded with meaning and I wanted to encompass people's nostalgic favorites and distort them to fit the far from idealic, but potent and freaky underground."

With occultish Disney renditions, sailor moon turned sporty, and the penetrative eyes of Sponge Bob the first collection rehashed pop culture, urbanising and giving something so embedded in psyche a chance to interact and play irl. 

Y4L's newest collection is a hypnotic departure from the bombardistic symbology of the first collection. Mesmerizing, even calming patterns and textures, and sleek, minimalistic designs mark this line. Marble black and grey continue a theme of disruption and distortion - think cyber glitch - yet instills a sense of mediative peace. The pattern almost oozes across the body and invokes a feeling of what is both visceral but also yet to come into form. Another pattern resembles a sporty hunting camouflage imparts a sense of patient awareness. White silky ruffles in combination with soft transparent fabric suffuses classical clarity. Contrasting subtle, ghostly prints in combination with industrial, durable chains and clasps give this collection a weighted depth paired with an etherial elusiveness. 

This look at Y4L's newest collection is styled and produced by Lexi Laphor, shot by Morgan T Stuart, and features Brooklyn based make up artist  @h00dratprincess' club kid-goth aesthetic with a let's-go-to-the-club-because-we-just-got-kicked-out-of-eden angst vibe.    

The collection will be dropped later this month and is premiered via Love You To Death Magazine! Stay tuned via Y4L's  instagram and website! 

Written and produced by Lexi Laphor. Photography: Morgan T. Stuart. Make-up: @h00dratprincess. Models: @femmeasfuck@h00dratprincess & @luxuryc4rc4ss.

Lexi laphor