Australian party Honcho Disko debuted for the first time in Sydney after running for almost 2 years in its base of Melbourne. This party is so unique for Australia as its queer performance element allows queer artists of all levels and backgrounds to showcase their talents and helps build up the queer artistic underground community.

Honcho Disko is held weekly in Melbourne, and the queer performance art scene has flourished there in part due to having a regular and consistent queer space to do so. Sydney has always had a strong queer performance art scene and the party was a great way to help bridge the gap between Sydney and Melbourne’s underground performance scenes. It was held at Newtown venue Leadbelly, and was a well received and vibrant night. Melbourne’s Honcho host Dandrogyny performed and MCed and various Melbourne performers such as Minnietaur and Callan as well as Sydney performers such as Betty Grumble and canoe as well as Dj Hip Hop Hoe. These were just some of the talents that graced the stage and proved that Australia has a lot of underground talent as well as an appreciation for it!

If you are living in or visiting Melbourne, you can swing by this performance art party on Thursday nights at The 86, Smith Street in Fitzroy, or catch the special Mardi Gras edition on the 24th of February. More details here. 


Written and photographed by Lexi Laphor



Lexi laphor