Kim Boekbinder Head Bitch In Charge music video

New single Head Bitch In Charge by Kim Boekbinder released through Bust Magazine

"H.B.I.C. features a wildly modern aesthetic and a colorful cast that showcase gender fluidity, racial diversity, body positivity, and self-love.  This song provides an electric mantra that can serve as your next clap-back when someone is dogging your self-expression. Show ‘em how much UDGAF with your best resting bitch face and a coy “1) You think I’m bossy. 2) You think I look mean. 3) And you don’t like me. 4) I don’t care.” - Hannah Rose, Bust Magazine

This music video is directed by Kim Boekbinder & Jim Batt @jimbatt.

Lexi Laphor aka @femmeasfuck features in the video as a back up dancer. Further credits are listed below the video! Scroll down for more!

Produced by Shelton Lindsay and Numidas Prasarn @ohthatnumi

Styled by Shelton Lindsay @sheltiep

Chorus choreography by Pixel @pixelchickadventures

Duet choreography and witch choreography by ODNA @odna_choreography

Hair and makeup by @katiewedlund Dancers:

HBIC - @kimboekbinder Jezebel - @jezebelexpress Lillet St. Sunday - @lilletstsunday Pixel - @pixelchickadventures Shelton - @sheltiep Olga - @odna_choreography Taquirah @taquirahthompson Trisha - @james_joseph_iii Lexi - @femmeasfuck Katie West - @katiewest Cat - @newyorkcat Mina - @minouche975 Dauan - @dahouseof Amelia - @ameliaholt Eric - @schmalenberger Devika - @devika_bilimoria Nick - @flopilot Kathryn - @kathrynkuhn Miguel - @dizmology

Lexi laphor